What To Expect In 2022: The Energy Of Venus

At the time I am writing this blog post, we are still currently in Venus Retrograde until January 29.

However, 2022 will still carry out the energy of Venus (2+0+2+2=6. 6 is the number ruled by Venus).

Before the new year came around, I’ve been getting messages from Spirit on how to adjust my life. It turned out to be beneficial for me!

Now I’m seeing how Venus’s energy is playing out in other people’s lives in their own way.

So, because of this, I was inspired to talk about what this New Year will bring us.

I haven’t really talked about astrology in my blog, but I do believe that the more you learn about it, the more you realize astrology can actually play a huge part in your life.

This includes how you can best live your life, how you best deal with situations, what to look out for, your life’s purpose, manifestation, and so much more!

It is a lot more in-depth than those horoscopes you read in magazines and newspapers.

I highly recommend taking a look at your natal chart in order for you to get to know yourself more and how you may be affected in the year of 2022.

Table of Contents:

If you are into Greek mythology, then you probably know that Venus is the goddess of love.

Venus lives in the divine feminine energy role, which is also important to cultivate in the year of 2022. We all have divine feminine energy within us, no matter what you identify as.

This is one of the Universal Laws.

The divine feminine energy can also represent beauty, nurture, abundance, creativity, intuition, and the list goes on.

I’ll only talking about how Venus can potentially affect you in certain areas of your life by categories.

Feel free to read all of the categories or even just the ones that resonate with you!

1. Love & Relationships

This year, you may find yourself being a lot more loving and compassion towards yourself and those around you. If you have been working on yourself by rewiring your belief system, keeping your frequency high, and have been working on this area in your life, you may be rewarded with more love and kindness back to you.

If you are single, you may find yourself in a relationship that uplifts you more or if you are in a relationship, you may find yourself wanting to deepen the love between you and your partner.

If you and your partner are trying to have a baby, you may find yourself being able to get pregnant or your partner get pregnant.

I know personally, there have been a lot of people engaged or getting married (me included) this year so if you’ve been waiting for a proposal, you may get that.

It’s also important to practice self-care and self-love to yourself, not only because it’s absolutely necessary, but also because it’ll benefit you in the long run mentally, physically, and spiritually. More rest time for yourself can actually make you more productive and more available for those around you.

If you come from a mindset of lack or negativity, you may find challenges in dating or experience difficulties in your relationship between your partner or the people around you such as family and friends.

You may have a low self-esteem or your confidence may not be up to par for your liking.

We know raising our vibration is important for living a high vibrational life. So if there are areas in your love life with yourself and your relationships that need improvement, I suggest diving into those problems, reflecting, doing shadow work, going to therapy if needed to be, and making the changes you need in order for you to have a more positive perspective in this area of your life.

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2. Abundance

Since we are entering into the divine feminine, you may find a change in your finances and wealth.

If you have a healthy way of looking at money, you may find yourself receiving a raise or getting a promotion. There may be an increase in clients or sales if you are someone who has a business.

You may receive money as a gift or through an inheritance.

Abundance can come in the form of receiving great deals on things that you want or desire.

If you demonize money and don’t have a healthy perspective of money, you may lose money through debt, medical situations, or lost in other material things. When your frequency is low, you may find yourself worrying about money, bills, or receive unexpected news that involves spending money.

Money is just a form of energy so what we put out is what we get back. If you want to be on the frequency of attracting abundance, you must cultivate a mindset of abundance.

You may have to dive into what limiting beliefs you have about money and rewire them. There may need to be action taken in order for you to receive abundance whether it’s a side hustle or an idea that you’ve been getting that may help you attract more wealth.

You may need to better your relationship with money and save it or use it more wisely.

This is going to look different for everyone depending on what their mindset is about money and what they are doing in their life specifically when it comes to money.

Overall, abundance mindset equals enjoyment. Lack mindset equals dissatisfaction.

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3. Beauty

Throughout this year you may be focused on your beauty both internally and externally.

This may be the year where you focus on your physical appearance. You may start working out or trying out new styles that resonate with you more.

You may feel the need to pamper yourself or give yourself more “beauty sleep”.

Beauty can also mean finding more of the beauty within this world. You may find yourself having a strong desire to travel to different places whether that is in another country or somewhere within your area. I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt the need to connect with Nature more since Mother Nature is also part of that beauty aspect.

If this is an area where you haven’t been working on it, you may find yourself feeling more insecure about yourself or treating and thinking about yourself poorly.

It’ll be good to start some positive affirmations about yourself and focus on the things that you do like about yourself. You can also try methods such as hypnosis or emotional freedom tapping.

Nature can also help stabilize you, especially when you go barefooted in the dirt.

This is also known as grounding, which can help you feel more connected and in-tune with your inner self.

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4. Intuition

If you are an intuitive person, you may find that your intuition has heightened and your psychic abilities have strengthened. You may find yourself being able to be more trusting with yourself and more discerning of what others believe you should do.

There may be some spiritual awakenings happening within this year and a lot of light will come out of the darkness.

Trusts will be revealed and people will be reborn.

You may also find that your intuition will try to lead you down a path where you will be
your most authentic self
. Don’t be surprised if you feel some nudges here and there to try and go for things you never thought you would do.

Being in stillness is also great to be in since the divine feminine energy thrives on just being present.

So meditation and other forms of mindfulness will be your best friend!

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5. Creativity

If you are a creative individual, you may be inspired to be more creative in your projects.

This can come in all forms such as drawing, painting, writing, sewing, making music, anything that gets your creative juices flowing!

Creativity may come in the form of ideas, especially if you do business making creative content.

You may find yourself finding creative ways to do things in your personal and professional life to make it easier or more fun for you.

6. Nurture

Venus has a nurturing, almost motherly, energy to her.

So if you are a mother or soon-to-be mother, you may find yourself stepping more into your feminine energy role (if you are not already).

Some of you may find yourselves working on your personal development, whatever that may mean to you.

Maybe that’s being easier on yourself and giving yourself more grace.

It could be finally doing the shadow work on your inner child and nurturing that inner child more. After all, we find the most growth in facing what we have been suppressing since childhood.

Maybe you are investing more into some kind of therapy or practicing more healthy coping mechanisms.

You may find yourself wanting to help more and be of service to people. This can be as simple as donating, helping out in shelters, giving advice (when people ask), whatever that may mean to you.

If you are in a lower frequency, you may feel a lack of self-care and self-love for yourself. You may be really hard on yourself and have a negative perspective on how your life is.

You may be overly protective and overbearing to your kids, like the term helicopter parent.

People at a lower vibration may find themselves living in fear, especially in the unknown, than in trust and divine guidance.

Again, this will all differ from person to person depending on how you choose to live your reality through the perspective of your mindset.

Always keep in mind that you can always change your reality. That change starts from the power of your mind.

Remember that truly feeling and being at a higher frequency is key to riding this Venus wave and will help you manifest the life you truly want for yourself!

How will you benefit in the year of Venus? Share in the comment section below!

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