I’m the creator of Here To Be Inspired, podcast host of The Inspired Podcast, and have a huge entrepreneurial spirit!

I manifested travel

I’ve always known deep down, life had more to offer than the typical societal norm.

I could never relate to what was considered “normal” and I’ve always felt that  there

was more to life than what meets the eye.

I never truly knew what I wanted to do in life. I did everything right according to society

by getting good grades, getting a scholarship to my dream college, and projecting

this perfect image that many people expected of me.

It was until I found that I couldn’t afford going to college (even with the scholarship)

that I decided to go against the grain and take a year off to see if I actually

wanted to go to college or was that just expected of me.

However, after that year gap, I felt like college wasn’t for me.

This caused a lot of heartache and confusion for me to handle, especially when 

my peers were thriving in career, relationships, etc.

I got massively compared to and bullied on how I was living my life.

I will admit, it created a sense of unworthiness and it felt like I wasn’t doing enough.

I manifested travel

I was desperate for the Universe’s help. I felt like my life was falling apart.

I remember vividly crying out in my bedroom to a Higher Power (which in this case, I didn’t believe in one) that I would do absolutely ANYTHING to change my life. I was freaking desperate

Soon enough, when I claimed this, my boyfriend, (who is now my husband) came around in my life. What’s funny about this interaction, was that I had never been in a relationship before in my life.

Not throughout school or at any other time in my life. I never cared to be in one, but he was different.

I remember the first time my intuition spoke to me and heard the phrase, “That’s your husband.” when we were just co-workers together at a retail store. I barely even knew the guy!

I followed that voice through and in the end, we got together and got married August of 2022. We have been together since March of 2016.

My husband really supported me throughout my trials and errors. He was loving, kind, non-judgmental, and really encouraged me to be my authentic self and go after the things I wanted.

Together, we had to conquer a lot of hardships, against life and people who were either not supportive or judgmental of our relationship.

It was definitely not easy, but it was worth it in the end!

Photographer: Christopher Reistroffer

@reistofferdesign on Instagram

(Some of the jobs I’ve had)

Top left: working in retail

Top right: my graphic design logo (freelancer)

Bottom left: warehouse worker

Bottom right: woodworking product with business logo in the background

I was finding out who I am and what I wanted to do with my life throughout most of my twenties.

I have worked many different jobs, as well as tried many different business ideas. From working retail jobs, bartending, freelancing, having a woodworking business, ghostwriting, and I believe at one point, I was trying to start a crafting business. Trust me, I’ve done it all. 

None of them fulfilled me, I was working so many hours for a decent paycheck, some of the jobs/careers I’ve had I was treated terribly, and I was becoming mentally exhausted. I really thought I was meant for greater things. I had drive, ambition, and I was always willing to learn. So why was my life the way it was?

Well, one day when I was in therapy, my therapist had asked me a random question about whether I have heard about the Law of Attraction. Of course, I had no freaking clue what that was and she gave me a brief description on the topic and told me I should watch the movie.

That little voice of intuition that I’ve heard before told me to check out the Law of  Attraction.

Now, I’m not too much of a movie girly, but when I heard there was a book, I immediately bought the book with what little money I had.

This book was called “The Secret” and from then, I was hooked on the topic of manifestation.

I tested it out for myself when I had a woodworking business with my husband and I was trying to sell products that just wasn’t selling for months. 

And it worked!

Since that moment in therapy, I was obsessed with the topics of spirituality, manifestation, and personal development!

Over time, I’ve played with the idea of manifestation and have manifested so much in my life! Manifestation led to me going on a spiritual journey and I have so many crazy spiritual experiences that I would love to share on the podcast!

Therapy had me reading personal development books and now I’m obsessed with learning more about the mindset! I heavily advocate that it’s our mindset that projects the reality we live in!

I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and have overcome generational health issues that my family has gone though. I’ve been bodybuilding for several years and have continued to this day! I’m in the process of becoming a calisthenics athlete and a yogi! 

I travel full-time with my husband on the RV lifestyle and I see the world like I always wanted to. We are currently working on going out of the country and experiencing more of this beautiful world!

I find myself really loving the life of an entrepreneur. It was scary to take that leap of faith, but I was used to so much trial and error already from previous failed businesses.

It was like the Universe was preparing me to live this life!

I have this blog, a travel blog, a YouTube channel, my podcast, and I post on my Instagrams for my travel blog and my personal blog as much as possible!

I’m sure one day, I’ll start up more endeavors! 

After all, creativity is my strong suit!

Some of the certificates I’ve taken (and many more to come)

Now I want to inspire you with what I’ve learn over the years

I take my teachings and help those in search of answers. I continue to take certifications, read, learn as much as I can, and implement what I’ve learned into my life so that I can share my knowledge with you!

As a 3/5 profile in Human Design, I’m basically destined to go through trial and errors; however, I do it so you don’t have to as much as I have!

 I want to inspire those to be their authentic self and reach their highest potential because life is truly too short to not have fun with it!

I want to be your guide, your inspiration, your teacher, your hype girl, your cheerleader, whatever you want to call me because I truly wish I had someone who could have taught me this stuff early on in my life.

If that was the case, it wouldn’t have taken most of my twenties to learn this knowledge! So, I hope my content resonates with you!

The biggest lessons I’ve learn over these years is that you are truly capable of what you put your mind to. Never give up on yourself because you are your best investment!