Welcome! My name is Carol Antoinette.

After years of studying self development, spirituality, and the Law of Attraction, I really wanted to share the wisdom that I have learned and implemented into my own life that has allowed me to live my dream life! I’ve created Here To Be Inspired to create a space to inspire people to reach their fullest and highest potential!

My Story

For the past few years, I honestly thought my world was crumbling around me. I had an amazing scholarship to an animation school that I thought I was going to go for and it turned out, I still needed thousands of dollars to make it for even one semester (yes, even with the scholarship. I totally thought I was set for life).

My ego was hurt and I ended up working a regular 9-5  job without even trying to go back to college because I had a hard time finding the money to go to college and no one really wanted to co-sign with me on a loan, especially when I came from a family who struggled with money all their life.

I sat back and watch people my age thrive in their educations and create long-lasting relationships when I hadn’t even had a relationship my entire life at that point. 

People at my 9-5 job told me things like “Oh you’ll be here forever”. “You going to move up in the company since you’re not going to go anywhere, right?” It would be small side comments like that, that I thought I was going to be stuck in retail for the rest of my life. I felt so lost and embarrassed which ended up turning into depression and anxiety.

I literally remember being in my room, yelling up at my ceiling, (which for the longest time I did not believe in any Higher Power. I was a non-believer at the time, but I was so desperate that I had surrendered my beliefs at this point), and cried that I would do absolutely anything to get out of my situation.

Ironically, I had ended up dating my first boyfriend not long after I surrendered. Although I was still struggling mentally, a few years later, my boyfriend forced me into therapist (thank goodness by the way).

I will NEVER forget the moment that lit that lightbulb in my head.

Throughout one of my sessions, my therapist sat there and looked at me in the middle of our session and said something along the lines of “I don’t know why, but I feel like you should check out ‘The Secret’. I have a feeling you will really like it.”

Now, THAT is an example of using your intuition!

Before she suggested me this, I was getting Pinterest posts about the Law of Attraction, which I had never searched myself so I didn’t know why it was showing up on my Pinterest. Not long after, I bought the book and read it almost in a day. I was HOOKED on the topic of the Law of Attraction. I practiced the Law of Attraction myself and started to see results INSTANTLY. I was seriously shook. I never thought that for a second there, I was going to attract anything good in my life, but to put the Law of Attraction in motion, I was starting to see proof that there really was someone looking out for me and that my mindset was VEEEERRY powerful.

Eventually, I found myself attracting and becoming the person I envisioned myself to be.

I dated my first boyfriend in 2016, got engaged to him in Feb of 2021 and married him on August 13, 2022.

Became ripped and found a passion in heavy lifting.

(Left) 2015 (Right) 2018 (a year into my fitness journey)
2021 (most recent photos taken)

I found myself going back into my hobbies that I used to do in my past (like writing, drawing, painting, basically anything that keeps me creative).

My mindset changed drastically and I was able to wake up everyday finding reasons to be grateful for, which was a HUGE step than crying in my room everyday telling myself that I was so “unlucky”.

My goal for this blog is to empower those who have lost themselves and need an awakening, both spirituality and mentally. I want to show people that you are much more powerful than anything in this entire world. You truly are the creator of your world and you are capable with doing absolutely anything that you put your mindset to. There are so many people out there in this world who have proved this theory over and over again. I have dedicated myself for YEARS now, that I was going to be that proof.

To this day, I keep up with these inspirations and of course, was inspired to help make a difference in people’s lives.

Thus, I create a blog about spirituality and self-development.

I truly hope you find some wisdom in this blog that resonates with you 🙂