All About Energy Vampires And How To Deal With Them

I know it’s only September and I’m not trying to get into spooky season super early, but I really wanted to talk about vampires. I’m not talking about the ones dressed up in capes, paper-thin skin, and sharp fangs. I’m talking about the ones that are walking among us right now, without us realizing it.

What I am talking about, is an energy vampire.

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What is energy vampire?

An energy vampire is someone who takes away your energy without you consciously being aware of it. These types of people are generally people who either don’t believe they have the capability to gain their own or don’t know how to do so and choose to take from other people.

Basically, they like to pickpocket people, but on an energetic level.

The reason why it’s important to talk about energy vampires is because being around an energy vampire can deplete your energy so much that it may affect you on am emotional, mental, and sometimes even on a physical level. It may even prevent you from reaching your maximum potential, manifesting your dream life, being your most authentic self, and so on.

I have talked about how you can protect your energy (especially if you are an empath), so definitely check it out if you need more help on how to protect yourself.

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Energy vampires are also people who you would consider toxic if you have the awareness to realize this and I’ve talked about how to navigate these kinds of people in another post.

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Also, these characteristics are ones that I have personal experienced from energy vampires, but it may be different for other people. Now then, let’s get started on what to look out for when it comes to energy vampires and how to spot them from a mile away.

1. You feel drained around them

This is a very common symptom in energy vampires.

If you are hanging around someone, whether that’s a friend, a family member, or anyone else you’ve associated with and you feel more tired than what you felt before you hung around them, chances are, they were an energy vampire.

Again, energy vampires take our energy without realize it. The moment we interact and converse with them, the easier we make it for them. Now, there is a way around this if you do have to be around them for whatever particular reason.

You can either imagine surrounding yourself in a protective barrier of light where you are very specific on what the barrier is protecting you from OR you can also learn cord cutting techniques. You can do this in a meditation or you can also just visualize it.

Cord cutting is basically imagining a dark cord between you and the energy vampire and just cutting it between the two of you. Imagine the fallen pieces getting transmuted in light energy. That way, there is no more energy exchange between the two of you and you will no longer feel drained even after the interaction.

2. They complain and gossip a lot

Now, I understand that we need to have someone to talk to. I get that life can get the best of us and we may need to just express ourselves. But, if every time you are around this person, they are alwayscomplaining about something in their life, they’re probably an energy vampire.

Energy vampires don’t like to look at the bright side of things. Sad, isn’t it?

If they themselves are miserable with their life, they will for sure make sure that the people around them have a hard time as well.

Keep this in mind when you are around an energy vampire.

If you hear them complaining or gossiping to you, dissociate from them. A lot of “mmhmm” and “uh huh” might need to happen in order for you to get past their negativity.

Eventually, when you make it as boring as possible for them, they’ll leave you alone because they realize they aren’t getting any kind of sympathy or reaction out of you.

3. They guilt trip you when it doesn’t go their way

Again, energy vampires want something out of you.

So how else does someone try to get you to do something for them?

They guilt trip you.

You may hear this in the form of the family card where even energy vampires in your family will say you have to do something for them because your “family”. It can be that your friend will try to gaslight you and tell you that they may just be “looking out for you” or may list all the things that they have done for you.

It could be in the form of blackmail or other ways to try to make you feel bad.

Regardless, all of it is taking away your free will.

If you are dealing with someone like this, again, probably an energy vampire.

4. They don’t take responsibility

If you are around people who literally will not take any kind of responsibility and puts the blame game onto others, chances are, they are an energy vampire.

This is just a simple deflection of their behavior. Plus, energy vampires will usually see situations as one-sided and never in the other person’s perspective.

Don’t bother trying to make them see it your way.

In fact, you may end up wasting more energy doing so, which just makes it easier for the energy vampires to get what they want out of you.

Of course, there may be times where you will have to evaluate whether if something they did was an honest mistake or if it was done purposely. I would also advise you taking a step back and step into their shoes for a second.

Was it something you may have done? Or were they overreacting for no reason? Be careful not to devalue yourself and your feelings about the situation.

Feel it out within you and listen to your intuition.

You may have to gain a level of emotional intelligence to understand this concept. And if it is someone you know very well, pay attention to the times where they don’t take responsibility.

Regardless, don’t get those energy vampire’s behavior deteriorate you.

5. They think you always owe them

This is only understandable if you and the other person have come to an agreement of having to owe each other when one does something for the other.

This does not excuse people who do the bare minimal for you and try to use it as a form of manipulation.

Energy vampires will try to use anything they can to get you to do what they want, aka, take energy from you. To me, I will be controversial in this opinion, but I truly believe, that no matter who the person maybe, you don’t owe them a damn thing UNLESS, it was a mutual agreement.

I would definitely be careful when it comes to asking help from these types of people because they will make sure they have a grocery list of reasons why you owe them. I always believed, even to this day, what when you are doing something, it should be out of the kindness of your heart and not always expect something out of it.

Search all about the Law of Compensation and this universal law will give you a better understanding why it’s important to give without expecting anything in return.

6. They always seek attention

Getting attention= getting energy.

This may be pretty obvious, but if you are around people who are always trying to be the center of attention, they are probably energy vampires.

Now, there’s a difference between someone who can walk into a room without causing a scene or even saying anything and people’s eyes are drawn to their presence versus someone who brags out of Ego or tries to make themselves look good by lying or saying outrageous things.

It’s all in the energy and energy vampires will do anything to collect extra energy.

My advice: don’t pay any mind to them.

Have you dealt with energy vampires in your own life? Comment in the comment section below and share your thoughts!

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