Five Ways To Manifest Love And Your Dream Soulmate

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To manifest love, it is a lot more than just going on blind dates or swiping right on Tinder. People who struggle with finding a relationship don’t realize that it’s not about searching for the right person; it actually has to do with going within.

Now, I know that’s going to sound cheesy and you maybe rolling your eyes as I say this.

But when it comes to manifestation, you are a reflection of your reality. So if you don’t feel great about yourself as a person, than the people you face in dating will be attracted to the kind of energy you are putting out.

Plus, the less obsessive you are about finding the right person, the better you’ll manifest the perfect one.

Where energy goes, energy flows!

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When I manifested my fiancé, I practiced all these tips and now I’m currently in the process of marrying the man of my dreams who was actually the first boyfriend I ever had! Many people get surprised when they hear that I am marrying my first boyfriend ever, but it definitely wasn’t luck!

I manifested the person that I wanted without realizing it until I researched more about manifestation.

When manifesting, it is important to be specific on the partner you want to attract in your life, but I wanted to make sure we talk more about the inner work. I didn’t want to be repetitive about manifestation because I assume that if you are reading this post, you probably know some of the basics of how manifestation works.

So, I’m going to tell you five ways you can manifest the love of your life!

1. Practice self love

Like I’ve mentioned before, practicing self-love will help reflect what you want in a relationship. When it comes to self-love, people don’t really think about it because they may think it feels selfish or maybe they have other priorities.

But I do want to let you know that self-love is an absolute must, especially when it comes to manifestation!

So if you want somebody who is romantic, practice romanticizing your life!

Buy flowers for yourself, take yourself on romantic walks, buy yourself some lovely lingerie, do whatever you can to romanticize your life even if it’s the smallest things.

Here’s another example: if you want someone who is adventurous, travel to different places, whether that be by yourself or with a friend! Try out new things or explore places that you’ve never been at.

Generally people who are trying to find the person of their dreams don’t realize that you need to live your life as someone who wants those things you want in a partner, which is why these people have issues finding a good relationship!

So, how are you supposed to attract the love of your life if you don’t feel the love within yourself?

Whatever it is you want in a person, be that sort of person for yourself!

2. Do some inner healing on love

This is also known as shadow work or inner child healing.

When we were kids, we take on everything in our environment between the ages of 0-7.

Joe Dispenza, a widely known neuroscientist and author, talks a lot about this in his book Breaking the Habits of Being Yourself. I highly recommend this book if you really want to get into the science of the subconscious mind!

For now, I will put it in simple terms.

The reason for this is because our minds live in the delta and the theta wavelength where our subconscious lies and absorbs information the easiest.

As we get older, we represent the information we take in as children. So if you had trauma with love, whether that may be from your mother, father, or other people around you, you end up living your life with these issues as we get older.

So let’s say you grew up not receiving love from your father or maybe you didn’t grow up with a father in your life, this may result into, what society might call, “daddy issues”. 

This is just an example though. A situation like this can manifest in different ways in your life.

And of course, as we get older, we live our lives less in these subconscious wavelengths and more in the conscious portion of our lives. So we don’t really realize these traumas until we actually start to heal them.

This is where shadow work and inner child healing comes in!

To do this healing, it will require you to tap into your subconscious, which can be achieved through meditation, hypnosis, EFT, or maybe even some journaling. Yes therapy can help, but I would also advise you to combine therapy with the subconscious work in order to receive the best results!

You can find many videos on Youtube about how to do shadow work, especially around love!

3. Feel good about yourself!

When you are feeling good about yourself, both mentally and physically, love will be attracted to you!

So if that means you want to doll yourself up and look good, then do so!

You want to get your nails and hair done, then go for it!

Feel sexy about yourself and love the way you look!

It doesn’t always have to be an everyday thing, but don’t shy away from making yourself feel good!

This isn’t to impress anyone or make someone like you, obviously you are beautiful just the way you are. However, when we feel good about our self (however way you want to achieve that), our energy becomes magnetic for the people who want to make us feel good about our self!

And if you are in a relationship where your partner doesn’t make you feel like royalty, whether that’s lack of compliments or lack of whatever love language you go off of, then you might have some work to do in your relationship.

You, as well as your partner, should be your number one hype person for each other!

4. Let go of attachment

Let me tell you something, if you get all obsessive and needy about someone, do you think they would be willing to stick around?

Probably not.

Don’t be the crazy ex and that involves manifesting the love of your life.

Manifestations are more likely to happen when you let go of attachment and you just trust that the right person will come to you!

That’s why the ways I’ve listed off so far focus more on the inside than what’s going on in your outer world. When you’re too busy working and focusing your energy on yourself, you won’t be so worried about finding the right person, which makes it so much easier to manifest what you desire. 

This might be the hardest part for people because we as humans want things now, but if you want your manifestation, you need to realize that it’s all in divine timing and not our timing.

Manifestations work the same way as people.

The Universe won’t give you something you want if you’re going to constantly obsess about being in a relationship or worse, jumping into the next relationship without doing any inner work on yourself.

It’s a recipe for disaster. You’ll end up wasting more of your time if you’re going to jump relationship to relationship.

I advise to wait it out and trust that what is meant for you will be meant for you. As long as you feel worthy of love, you will be worthy of being loved.

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5. Tap into your divine feminine energy

Tapping into the divine feminine energy is all about receiving and that includes love itself!

To tap into your divine feminine energy, cultivate the ways I’ve mentioned as well as doing thing such as resting when you need it, embracing sensuality, prioritizing yourself over other people, especially if you have limited energy.

Fill your cup before you can fill others.

Tap into you intuition because the divine feminine energy is all about knowing. That doesn’t always have to involve love, but it can also involve cultivating who you actually are as a person, following your purpose, and feeling like a total god/goddess!

You can also do meditations on tapping into your divine feminine energy.

I’ve also done and mentioned breath work, which is a breathing technique that helps you feel your emotions on a subconscious level. In fact, breath work can also help in healing childhood wounds and traumas.

The more you can live in the divine feminine energy (which is in all of us no matter your gender), you live in the receiving mode.

Perfect for receiving the love that you deserve!

What will you start doing to manifest a partner? Share in the comments below!

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