How To Listen To Your Intuition For Massive Success

Updated: 03/22/2024

Nowadays, a lot of people in this society are racing through their lives trying to “have it all together”.

Go to college. Get a degree. Go out and work. Have a career. Work for that promotion. Be married. Have kids. Work until retirement.

Although there’s nothing wrong with people striving towards those goals, it seems like we work our life through autopilot. Yet, this way of living has become the “norm” in this society.

When we live on autopilot, we stray away from our intuition. If you just knew how to listen to your intuition, you’ll more likely find true massive success that will ACTUALLY resonate with you!

The main culprit for this is usually because many of us live through the Ego.

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What is the Ego?

The Ego is the part of our subconscious that keeps us safe; mainly to keep us safe physically.

You see, back in the day, our ancestors didn’t have the comfortable life we live in. Our ancestors had to hunt for their food, seek for shelter, and basically lived to survive. This is where the Ego came in handy in case of predators or from other potential danger that could arise when our ancestors were out and about.

Nowadays, we are very blessed to not have to struggle as much as they did. We have access to food just by walking into the grocery store. Most of us have a roof over our head. We have advanced so far into technology that we have access to anything we want just by our cell phones. 

So really, we don’t have much in life to worry about. But, since we are so comfortable with our lives, our Ego likes to make us believe and give out ridiculous reasons on why we aren’t safe and basically put ourselves into this scarcity mindset.

And it can be in ways that we don’t realize we are doing this!

For example, some of worry about what people will think of us, thus, making us people pleasers and not living in our authentic self. This reason could come from the idea that people needed to stay close to their tribes for maximum survival, so it was best to not be disliked and abandoned by their people.

Another example: others may live in fear if we go after our true dreams. 

Possible reason for this: because they are afraid of failure and feeling not good enough to have the dream life. It doesn’t necessarily help that we live in a world where mediocracy is often rewarded.

You see how our Ego can prevent us from living the life we want or being the person we want to be?

And this, my dear friend, is where our intuition needs to come to play. 

What is intuition?

To put it simply, our intuition is the soft-spoken voice that guides us towards what is best for us in the moment. Usually this guidance never makes freaking sense and you don’t really know why you are doing it until you reach the results.

No matter what you believe in, what religion you follow, or if you even religious at all, our soul came here for a purpose, whether that’d be one large purpose or smaller purposes.

Our intuition is like the landline to our soul, where our soul speaks to us.

Once we learn how to tap into our intuition, you will find yourself living a life much better than what you can possibly imagine.

The thing is though, you have to allow yourself to be guided and not be fearful to follow what you intuitively know.

So, how do we listen to this soft voice of ours? Let me give you some suggestions.

1. Meditation

Yes, I know. This one is recommended a lot. You’re probably sick of hearing this by now, but there is a legit reason. Meditation can help quiet your mind and help you connect to your Higher Self in order to receive answers. 

We get so busy with out lives that we don’t really find time to ourselves. Society always thinks we should be busy with our lives, but it really does more harm than good. It makes us drift further away from our intuition and makes it a disservice to you in being our most authentic self.

It is moments like these where you can find out what it is you truly want in your life. 

The main thing is to quiet your mind.

You don’t have to get fancy with this. Yes, some people may have a whole set up with sage, incenses, and a fancy pillow to sit on, but you can do this just about anywhere.

You can lie down in your bed (if you don’t think you’ll fall asleep).

I’ve seen some people gaze into a candle or even sit there with a cup of coffee in their hands and allow themselves to be in the moment.

It can be as simple as just having a mindful routine that you go through where you allow yourself to be open to receiving anything that comes into your mind.

Sometimes, I get the most random downloads while I’m doing chores because chores is just mindless work. You don’t have to think about it to do it.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter how you do it.

If you are new to meditation, I recommend an app called Calm, which you can find in your app store on your phone. I have used this app even for therapy and have been for years. They have some free meditations you can try out.

If you really feel like you can be dedicated to it, you can buy a yearly subscription.

I also heard Headspace was pretty good. I don’t personally have that one, but I heard from others that it had some pretty good meditations on it.

OR you can try out our free meditation on connecting with your Higher Self and let us know how it goes for you!

I also have a Youtube channel that will have future meditations for many of your different needs!

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2. Follow those "nudges"

Do you ever get those urges or nudges to go do something you’ve never done before? Maybe it was joining a new sport? Taking up a new hobby? Trying out that new yoga class that people have been raving about?

Anytime you feel the need to want to go do something, especially when you aren’t sure why, it’s probably because your intuition is trying to guide you towards something that will be beneficial for you.

I get these a lot and honestly, it drives me crazy at first. It’s like someone tapping the glass of a fish tank except the fish tank is my mind.

But, these nudges have helped my personally in finding my husband, creating a career, and losing weight, so it was worth following those nudges!

So, if you ever feel the need to try something new or to go after something, but have been making excuses for these feelings, I STRONGLY encourage you to go after that nudge.

Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s better to try than to not try at all. Nothing in your life is ever a coincidence. Sometimes the things that don’t work out in our life show us what we actually want in our life.

Here’s a fun way of finding out what you like: let say you walk into a library. If I were to sit here and ask you, if you wanted to learn more about any topic, what would it be? No limitations. No rush. No putting pressure on yourself.

Don’t think about it too hard. Say whatever comes to mind first, even if it sounds outrageous.

Let’s say you want to learn more about fishing. Start to explore that thought more. You don’t necessary have to read about it, but you can probably start going to aquariums, go fishing yourself, or even go swimming in your local lake.

My point is, is to explore that idea and see why it is you want to learn more about something. You just might end up learning more about yourself than you realize.

3. Feel it in your gut

There was probably a time in your life that you had a bad feeling about someone and it turns out you were right, am I correct?

This is another way out intuition connects with us. The ego likes to preoccupy our mind most of the time, so our intuition has other ways of connecting us through our body.

This feeling can also come in the form of chills and goose bumps. Feeling your intuition out like this may take some practice and time, but it is possible.

You can start off with something small, such as asking yourself if it’s a good idea to wear that outfit to school. If you feel a sense of lightness or butterflies or some kind of giddy feeling in your gut, then wear that outfit. If you get a sense of dread or heaviness, than skip out on that outfit and find something that you feel more comfortable in.

Try asking yourself some ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. See how it makes you see in your gut. Again, this can come in other ways.

If you get chills about that person asking you out on a date, don’t go then.

If you feel like trying out that sport in school lights you up, go for it.

Practice feeling that gut intuition and get used to that feeling.

4. Observe your surroundings/what you consume

Let me ask you this: if you wanted to be rich, would you take advice from your parent who struggles with money?

If you wanted to be fit, would you take advice from the friend with health problems?


Consume content that you want to strive for.

If you want to be fit, then follow people who you strive to look like. If you want to be rich, start reading about other rich people’s lives and how they lived their lives. Your intuition can help guide you towards what will work best for you. Your intuition LOVES when you consume content that is more beneficial and positive for you.

So those friends that are always complaining about life, cut them out of your life or at least spend less time with them.

Instead of sitting in front of the television, read inspiring books.

Consume content that will align with your goals and align with the highest version of yourself so that this can open up doors for you into new opportunities!

5. Pay attention to your dreams

This is for the people who can remember their dreams.

Dreams are the easiest way for the intuition to bypass the ego and give you powerful messages. 

Sometimes dreams can just be a reflection of what our subconscious takes in throughout the day, but there are plenty of people out there who have gotten messages from spirit guides, their loved ones who have passed from this physical world, met their Higher Self, or saw the future through their dreams.

I’m a massive dreamer and I dream very easily. I have dreams written down of my husband proposing me (I had to do my best not to call him out so it can be a surprise) and I even had a vision of a camper we were going to purchase (that I didn’t know we would get until later on in the future).

I’m not saying all my dreams tell the future, but it helps to decipher them and figure out what my subconscious is processing.

One of the best ways to remember your dreams is having a dream journal by you. Have it open with a pen ready so that when you wake up from your dream, you can write down what that dream was about. Your note app on your phone works as well!

I hear it’s best to interpret the dream in your own way because your intuition interprets messages differently than how other people interpret. Pay attention to patterns and see if you can bring the pieces together to create a message that stands out to you.

6. Use tools to connect with your intuition

This is for all my esoteric readers!

If you ever feel some kind of attraction or “pull” when you see a bundle of tarot cards or a crystal, chances are is that your intuition wants you to get it. We’ve talked about the whole “nudging” feeling when it comes to trying out new things. It’s the same situation as this.

There can be a little bit of controversy when it comes to these types of items, but I want to clarify that there is nothing scary about these things.

They are just a tool and nothing more. They have no power to ruin you or your life unless that sort of energy is coming from you.

For me personally, I had an attraction to all of the above, but it was mainly tarot cards. My intuition really comes through by using tarot cards.

Make sure you sage them before you use them so that any energies from the person who made them or selling them is off and only infused with your energy!

Keep following your intuition and your life will turn into a massive success story!

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How are you going to start listening to your intuition? Comment down below!

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