1. Manifestation Workbook

Manifesting your dream life should be FUN and that means giving yourself permission to dream BIG.

This manifestation workbook will help you do just that!


This workbook includes:

-Scripting sheets

-Manifestation checks

-Lack vs abundance worksheet

-Habit tracker

-Angel numbers cheat sheet

-Laws of the Universe sheet

-Monthly Intentions worksheet

-Dear Universe worksheets

-Two cup method instruction worksheet

-5×55 method worksheets

-Vision board worksheets

-Gratitude sheets

-Affirmations worksheets (in career/success, health/fitness, love/relationships, self worth/self esteem, and wealth/money)


Download the manifestation workbook and start your manifestation journey now!

2. Self Discovery Workbook

Discovering yourself in your personal development journey can help you SO much such as helping you find what it is you want in life, getting organized, setting BIG goals, and just living an incredible life!

This self discovery workbook will help you do just that!


This workbook includes:

-“My Ideal Life” scripting sheets

-SMART goal worksheet

-Action Brainstorm worksheet

-Habit trackers (x3)

-Escaping the comfort zone worksheets (x2)

-Limiting belief graph and limiting belief worksheets (x2)

-Fixed vs growth mindset imagery graph

-Working on your mindset worksheet

-Accountability worksheet

-Cookie Jar (helps you acknowledge your accomplishments) worksheet

-Vision board worksheets

-Daily reflection worksheets (x2)

-Weekly reflection worksheets (x2)

-Yearly reflection worksheets

-Bucket List checklist

-Notes page


Download the self discovery workbook and start your self development journey now!


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