How To Make A Vision Board For The New Year (That Actually Works!)

Updated: 11/20/2023

Vision boards are great to make when it comes to the New Year!

You may have heard the usual common New Years resolution goals: to lose weight, to stop smoking, to make more money, maybe to travel or to try out new things.

Whatever resolutions people are making, vision boards are a great way for putting your goals out there and actually being successful at achieving them.

So in this blog post, we are going to be talking about how to make a vision board and a little bit of the subconscious programming behind it!

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Vision boards have slowly made their way to the mainstream now and for those who are visual learners and like to have a visual reminder of their goals, vision boards are great!

I have made vision boards for years now and I can definitely say two main things about them: everything on my board has always comes true or I ended up getting something better.  

What is a vision board?

In my own words, a vision board is basically a collage of pictures and words that represent what it is you want to bring into your life. This vision board can either be a physical board or a digital board.

You see, the real work is within our subconscious mind. 

In fact, our subconscious mind has around 95% influence over our reality. This is where we perceive the world, where our fears, belief system, and thoughts are. Basically, this is where our true programming stems from. 

Our subconscious mind doesn’t really understand the meaning of words (but you can still use them for the conscious portion of your mind, so it’s totally fine to still use them on your vision board).

Our subconscious reads visuals, symbols, and sometimes metaphors, hence why vision boards contain mainly visuals.

This also explains why most dreams don’t make sense and are expressed with symbolisms because dreams come from the subconscious.

So when you have this vision board put up somewhere where you can see it everyday, you are implementing repetition towards your subconscious without really putting much thought into it because our subconscious mind is THAT powerful.

Do vision boards work?

I can only go based off of my experience and although I am a huge manifesting junkie, I personally believe it all depends on the person.

Before you make a vision board, I would ask yourself what is your strongest clair sense?

Clair sense are known as our psychic abilities and we ALL have them. I’ve talked more in depth about clair senses in another blog post.

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Here’s a great tip: ask yourself what you had for dinner last night? What comes up first when you think about what you had for dinner?

Do you see it in your mind first? Your strongest sense may be clairvoyant.

Can you just smell the food cooking and recall what you ate that way? You might have clairalience.

Can you just taste what you had for dinner and feel the texture of food in your mouth? You might have clairgustance.

I would cater your vision board to your clair senses to optimize the most effective way to use a vision board.

For example: if you are wanting to take a trip to Paris and you feel more clairalience, maybe have images of a cafe with coffee and pastries in the picture. Basically, have images where you can just smell what the image shows.

Like I said, vision boards are great if you are a visual learner or just like to have a reminder of what it is you are going after. Also, if you have the belief that the vision board will work and everything will come (as it should) then yes, absolutely, vision boards work!

If you go into making a vision board having a scarcity mindset and not giving the board a chance to work its magic, then having a vision board may not work for you.

You also have to keep in mind that inspired action is necessary when it comes to manifestation overall.

My personal suggestion would be to have fun with it and to not be so obsessive about your goals. 

Yes, take inspired action, but also let loose and go with the flow.

What do I put on a vision board?

Anything that resonate with you!

Whether that’s your career, materialistic things, money, your love life, travel, health goals, fitness goals, you name it! There is no limit to what you can put on your board!

As long as the pictures and the words you find mean something to you and you feel good about putting them on your board, then that is all perfectly fine.

What if all my manifestations don’t come true?

Personally, I will put the same manifestations onto my next vision board the following year if it’s something I really want.

Sometimes, people will make a new vision board if everything on their vision board ends up coming true before the year ends.

There may be things on your vision board that you may not resonate with anymore and that is perfectly fine! Sometimes vision boards can help us discover what we want in our life and what we don’t want in our life!

Just because something doesn’t manifest throughout the year, doesn’t mean it won’t come true!

There will be certain things that you want that will take longer than a year so have patience!

So now that we answered some of the most common questions on vision boards, let’s dive into how to make a vision board for the New Year coming around.

1. Set the mood

Basically, do anything to have fun with this process!

Maybe light some candles, light some incenses, play relaxing, happy music, do whatever you want to set the mood. If you want to do it with your spouse or even a group of friends, that is perfectly great also!

I also suggest you do this when you are in a really good mood! If you try to do this during a time of stress or if you had a bad day or if you are sick, please make your vision board at a different time.

You don’t want that kind of energy put into your board so definitely lift your moodup before you start assembling your vision board!

2. Time to assemble!

Find pictures of your goals that you will love and resonate with!

One of the most popular ways people have gathered up images is by using Pinterest, especially when you can make a board of them and print them off that way (if you are doing a physical board of course). You can also do a simple Google search or even use magazines if you have any old ones lying around.

Some people also like to put affirmations, quotes, or words on their boards if it resonates with them (I know I do this). Again, you can search them online or even write them yourself (rumor has it that writing words helps you manifest your reality).

Words on your vision board can also help associate the feeling of receiving.

For example, let’s say you want to gain muscles and you have a picture of someone fit on your vision board. You may put words like powerful, strong, confident, etc.

If you feel called to do it this way, then do so!

You can do a physical board or a digital one. There is no right way of doing this.

If you do a digital one, you can find free collage apps or use free software such as Canvas to make your vision board. Some people will put their digital vision board on the background of their phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

If you do a physical board, you can use whatever form of board you want whether that’s cardboard, a canvas, a corkboard, I’ve even seen people get fancy with it and use one of those large photo frames to slip their pictures inside.

Again, do whatever you feel like doing! The most important part of assembling is to have fun with it!

3. Hang it up where you can see it!

This applies more when you have a physical board. If you have a digital board, it’s as easy as setting it as a wallpaper for your laptop or phone!

If you are making a physical board, I suggest hanging it up where you can see it everyday.

Remember, repetition helps our subconscious mind seep information better and that includes visuals!

Of course, I know there are people out there who may not want people to see their vision board so maybe some suggestions could be to have it hanging in your bedroom, your office, or maybe you can just have your board leaning up against the wall so that you can take it down and put it away somewhere temporary.

Or I guess if someone does see it and say something about it maybe inspire them to do the same and watch their life transform.

You never know!

What manifestations are going to be on your vision board? Share in the comments down below!

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