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When it comes to psychic abilities, I feel like society kind of did a disservice to what psychic abilities are. I know, for me personally, I was first introduced to psychics when that show That’s So Raven was on.

Remember that show from Disney?


So that’s what I thought being psychic was about. I just figured someone just stands there all wide eyed and looked like they’re just staring off into space.

However, as I’ve progressed into my spiritual journey, I have found that psychic abilities are more about our intuition talking to us through our senses. Psychic abilities aren’t what we see on TV, or at least, not the most accurate way of describing it.

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Psychic abilities are also called Clair senses, with is another term for clear abilities. Although we don’t know it, these abilities have come up in our daily lives without us even knowing.

The crazier thing is that, we all actually have Clair senses and maybe are tuned into more than one!

And so, I wanted to tell you about what the Clair senses are and help give you examples on which ones you might possess.


Clairvoyance is the psychic ability that is most portrayed in shows and movies where the person sees images; however, it’s not usually as drastic and long. Clairvoyance is a flash visual, like a camera shot walking across your mind. It usually comes with no emotion attached to it.

So if you suddenly have an image about an ex talking to one of our best friends and you feel anger or frustration, chances are, that is not clairvoyance. This is more fear based thoughts than true clairvoyance. Not unless, you are sure you have gotten over your ex.

This is one of the psychic abilities I have. For me, I can be in the middle of a workout or doing some mundane task like chores and I will have a quick flash photo run through my mind for literally no reason at all. That’s when I know it’s a message from my Higher Self. For me, that’s how clairvoyance works plays a part of my life. It is usually when you least expect it.


Clairaudience can be a little more difficult to explain because it involves hearing a voice in your mind. Often times when we hear voices, we associate it with mental illness. The best way I can describe clairaudience is that it is usually your own voice. Most of the time, it will come in the form of words or phrases.

So I will use my own experiences for example:

Before my fiancée and I became a couple, we were coworkers who used to work in retail. We had met through a mutual friend and I knew about him as a coworker, but we weren’t super close to become friends with each other yet.

One day, I remember I saw him talking to one of our other coworkers and the phrase, “Oh that’s going your husband” randomly popped up in my thoughts. Obviously, it was my own voice and I had no idea why it crossed my mind considering I didn’t even know him that well. Not going to lie, even I thought it was weird and I didn’t start being obsessed about that thought. I just shrugged it off.

You know, whatever happens will happen.

Long story short, we grew to get to know each other more the longer we worked together, became good friends, and started dating. Then, five years of dating led to an engagement and now (as I currently type this), planning our wedding.

Another time clairaudience came through was before my fiancée proposed to me, I had the word proposal cross my mind. Again, it was my own voice and obviously very harmless meanings to it.

This is a safe level to experience clairaudience and you can experiment and follow up with words and phrases only if they are harmless and don’t involve harming yourself and other people. This applies to all the Clair sense that I will be talking about in this post and any of the ones I have mentioned before like clairvoyance.

Follow your Clair senses when you get positive guidance that gives you a feeling of clarity and relief. Do not act upon guidance that gives you stress, complicated thoughts or emotions, or bossy and directive feelings. That is not clairaudience or any of the Clair senses I will be mentioning.

In conclusion, clairaudience will be a comforting voice or simple words and phrases that pop up in your mind with no stress.


Clairsentience is like being able to easily feel people’s aura and energy. This sense is usually heightened when you are an empath. Sometimes you can even feel it to a degree where it feels physical. It will become clear, suddenly, and come in strongly as long as you don’t have anything physically wrong with you.

A common situation I have experience, as well as hearing it from other people, is when you feel it in your gut or a sick feeling in your stomach. Something like this usually happens when you have a bad feeling about someone or a certain situation happening.

Maybe you feel a weight on your chest about somebody you know or met. In more positive situations, you may feel a warm sensation in your body when you see two people in love or tingly about a precious moment happening between others. These are signs of clairsentience.


This psychic ability is an interesting one to have and one that I personally have never experienced myself. However, I will do the best I can when explaining this one.

Clairalience is where you receive symbol or literal intuitive messages through smell. Maybe you might smell a specific perfume when the spirit of a loved one is around.

Or you smell the beach and turns out later that day your family is taking a surprise trip to the beach.

Maybe you smell an apple pie for some random reason and you later come home to find that your spouse surprised you with a pie made.

It’s usually a clear sign through smell that will come to you in the form of a message. In my opinion, this type of Clair sense is a little harder to dictate. You might have to keep track of what was clairalience and what was just you reminiscing your memories of something or someone.


Again, clairgustance is another interesting ability that is hard to explain. I do not personally have this sense either, but I will do my best to describe it in my own words.

Sometimes you hear the phrase that something left a bad taste in their mouth and there is truth to it. It’s just hard to dictate because we taste things all day by eating. So, it would have to be a sudden taste in your mouth where you aren’t eating anything specific and maybe you just brushed your teeth.

For example, sometimes people can taste something rotten out of nowhere and it can indicate that someone or some situation has bad intentions.

Again, you will have to find connections on what you tastes relate to your situation or environment.


This sense is a very cool ability to have!

Clairtangency is where when you touch an object, you receive messages whether that’s about the origin of that object, the energy of it, about the owner, where it’s from, etc.

So let’s say you go to a thrift store and you try on this cozy looking sweater. You wear it and you feel a sense of safety and security from it. Maybe the sweater belonged to a lovely woman who took great care of her family.

Let’s say you go into a used furniture store and sit on a couch and feel off about it. It could turn out that the couch belonged to somebody from a bad relationship.

Some people with very advanced clairtangency senses have been able to touch objects owned by previous owners and can tell what kind of person the owner was or how they lived their life.

Everything around us is made up of energy. We are literal clutters of atoms in solid form. We are all connected through the same matter. Therefore, our energies get absorbed into the things we use and the things around us.

That is how we can feel people’s energies through objects. Unless you cleanse the things you use and wear, you can train yourself to intuitively receive information about certain things.


This is probably the most common sense to have and usually comes before the other clair senses. Claircognizance is the ability to just know something.

It’s like you don’t know why you know something and it turns out you were right about it or there was a reason behind it.

For me, claircognizance comes to me randomly and usually the other senses have to follow up in order for me to explain why I know something. It can be quite frustrating when you can’t explain to those around you why you know something. I advise that you figure out which senses come easily to you and use those other clair senses, along with claircognizance, to form the message your intuition is trying to tell you.

I’ve had this when it came to my career. I have always felt like I was meant for bigger things than just going to college and getting into your standard 9-5 job. It was hard for me to go against the grain and do what I was passionate for. Obviously, I received a lot of backlash along the way and felt a lot of self-doubt about my life choices. However, it turned out for the better. I ended up finding so much success and happiness in my life by following my intuition. All because I just knew something wasn’t for me.

If you ever just know that something isn’t for you or know that you were meant to take a different direction, I strongly encourage you to follow your intuition.

More often than not, you will be led down a path that can positively impact your life for the better.

What clair sense do you resonate with the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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