What Is An Empath? How To Know If You Are One

I remember back when I was in therapy, I talked about how I felt about people and particular situations that were going on in my life, even if they didn’t pertain to me in any way. It almost made me feel like I was going nuts. I thought I was just too “emotional”.

And when I told my therapist this, I remember her telling me, “Oh, you’re an empath. That’s why.”

I had no clue what the hell that even was.

Quite honestly, I was almost offended because it didn’t sound like something that was a good thing. However, the more I dove into my spiritual journey, the more I came to realize that being an empath was an actual thing in the spiritual community.

It started to make more sense as I’ve learned more about spirituality and connected the dots on psychic abilities and how listening to my intuition came natural to me.

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What is an empath?

In my own words, an empath is someone who has the capability to take on the feelings and emotions of the people around them. Empaths are generally highly in-tuned emotionally and often have a very strong intuition.

I believe the reason why spirituality finds being an empath as a gift is because you have the rare ability to look at people’s perspective in a different way in a loving and compassion way. A lot of people live through their Ego and although the Ego isn’t a bad thing, living in the Ego comes from the wounded portion of ourself and people who are empaths can see past the Ego and live through their Higher Self.

Empaths are generally people who came here to this physical world on a mission to change the world for the better, big or small, doesn’t matter.

You may have heard empaths also be called starseeds, lightworkers, indigo children, and many more names in the spiritual community.

There are many indications on whether you are an empath or not, but I will be going based off my experiences as a fellow empath and what I’ve been told from other professionals.

1. You feel other people having bad days

Have you ever gone into work or hung out with someone and you just instantly knew that person was having a bad day even if they haven’t said anything yet?

Chances are, you just felt the energy of that person’s emotional state. This ability can be handy if you are trying to be there for someone, but I do want you to keep in mind that when you are feeling someone having a bad day, do it in a space where you are able to provide.

If you, yourself, do not have the space to provide this kind of energy (because someone having a bad day does come from a low vibrational place), I do suggest setting some boundaries, protecting your energy, and maybe even just telling that person that you are only there to listen to their problems, but not solve them.

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This ability is also called clairsentience, where you have the ability to sense a person through feeling it throughout your body.

I do talk more about psychic abilities in a different blog post that you can check out.

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2. You have a hard time being in crowds

Could it be social anxiety? Could it be you’re introverted? Or could it be that you’re just an empath who takes on people’s energy and emotions too easily?

Empaths tend to be introverted (not all of them though) and may feel really drained whenever they leave an event or when they’re around big crowds. It’s because they feel people’s energy easily and tend to get overwhelmed by it all. So, if you are someone who needs a lot of alone time to recharge yourself, you may just be an empath.

No shame in limiting your social time.

Just try to remember to protect your energy and only let out what is needed so you aren’t so drained after these interactions. I know I tend to feel a lot more tired after the holiday (or maybe that’s all of us) and even when I was trying on wedding dresses and I had people come with me. I, most definitely, needed a lot of alone time after that and I literally didn’t want to hang out for weeks.

That is just me though. Every empath is different. Find what works best for you!

3. You have a hard time fitting in

Now, I’m not saying this to be quirky and trendy. I mean genuinely, you feel like you have a hard time fitting in. So, making friends might have been harder for you, you may have had a hard time relating to people, or maybe you were just the strange child of the family.

If empaths aren’t careful, they tend to take on the personalities of other people (a constant problem I still deal with to this day). So, if this sounds like something you do, chances are, you are an empath.

My reasoning for this is because, since empaths have a different way of thinking and perspective, they don’t fit the societal standards of normal. Thus, they tend to stick out like a sore thumb.

But honestly, who wants to be normal anyways? Look how time has changed and now everyone is literally calling themselves an empath (though I’m not sure how true that actually is).

Take being an empath as a badge of honor, because you never know when people are going to make it the next trend. So don’t get caught up in trying to fit in. At this point, trends are constantly changing.

Just be you my little empath.

4. You have a really good bullshit radar

Chances are, if you’re an empath, you probably have a really strong bullshit radar. And I say it this way because that means you’re really good at decerning what’s actually true and what’s not.

I wouldn’t be surprised if people have a hard time getting anything past you because you can probably sense the bullshit from a mile away. It comes in handy though, especially if you find yourself around emotional manipulators.

This is also because empaths are pretty intuitive. I’ve also heard people say that empaths can read you like a book. And if you want to get really esoteric, I have also heard that empaths can see right through your soul before they even know themselves.

If you have a gut feeling about someone or someone said something that you have a feeling isn’t true or even if you have a bad feeling about anything, chances are, you are an empath.

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5. People come to you for advice

If a lot of people tend to come to you for advice, there may be a chance that you are an empath. Like I’ve said before, empaths have the ability to look at things in different perspectives than their own, so they become damn good at giving good advice.

I also feel like as an empath, people feel more safer around you because as empaths, they tend to have a lot more compassion for people, especially if you are someone who have been through hard times. You might also have the patience to be able to fully hear someone out and actually take in what they have to say then just throwing out your closed-minded opinion.

So, it’s nice that people trust what you have to say, but you do need to be careful and set boundaries if it gets to be too much. You definitely don’t want people to be codependent of your advice. And sometimes, it can be draining and your energy is precious, as well as your time.

So please make sure to create healthy boundaries!

6. You’re very sensitive

I got a lot of shit for being “too sensitive” growing up and now I know why.

If you’re an empath, you are probably very sensitive and this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a backbone. Being sensitive is a gift that comes from your intuition and with this gift, you can actually make quite an impact onto the world and other people if you choose to do so.

Being sensitive can also mean that you are pretty in-tune to your psychic abilities and even spirit guides. And sometimes, it may not even be you. As empaths, since we take in our environment easily, your sensitivity could be an overload of other people’s energies coming in or somebody else’s emotions.

So, you being sensitive may not even have anything to do with you at all. It just looks like it because we take everything in so easily. This can start to create anxiety, sensory overload, and emotional burnout so make sure to take care of yourself!

So, did you find out if you are an empath? Share in the comment section below!

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