Seven Misconceptions About Manifestation That You Need To Know!

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When I first heard about the Law of Attraction, I had learned about it through The Secret just as many others have learned about it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I DO love The Secret and I do recommend it if you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction (though I assume if you are here, you most likely know about it already).

However, there are definitely some manifestation misconceptions that The Secret doesn’t really talk about. There are also people out there that may spew out manifestation misconceptions themselves. It might be hard to tell which ones are true and which ones are not.

Although I have been learning about manifestation since 2018 and have been implementing it into my life, I do want to preference that I am not an expert and I go purely off of my experiences or have learned from other people’s experiences.

I do love talking about the Law of Attraction, but I notice that I never really talked about the misconceptions about manifestation.

Please note that there are probably many more misconceptions out there, so please feel free to do more research and take in information that you feel is right for you.

Table of Contents:

1. You must never have a negative thought

It is completely impossible to not have a negative thought.

We have tens of thousands of thoughts per day and most of them come from the subconscious. You are bound to think a negative thought here and there.

Obsessing about having a negative thought will only give it more power.

It’s important to know that you are NOT your thoughts or your mind. When it comes to manifesting, your mind is the tool.

See, if you wanting to manifest a home, you wouldn’t be obsessed with manifesting a hammer, would you? No. You would be more focused on manifesting the home.

So, when it comes to your mind and your thoughts, you are using your mind to build the life you desire. There’s no need to obsess about the thoughts that come up through your mind as long as you still feel worthy of obtaining what it is you desire.

If you don’t feel worthy of your manifestation, there is a deeper issue rooted into your subconscious that needs to be addressed and you will have to take the steps into rewiring your belief system.

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Your manifestation will go based off of what your most dominant vibration is. So, if you are generally in a really good mood and you are taking the action to process and release negative emotions that come up, you’ll be good!

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Don’t give those negative thoughts so much power!

2. You must always focus on your manifestations

Now, there is a difference between taking inspired action and just straight up obsessing about it.

While it’s good to always have a desire for something, you don’t want to put your manifestations up on a pedestal because you end up creating more resistance towards your manifestations.

Imagine if you had a friend that was constantly obsessed about you or let’s say you had a lover who was literally obsessed with you. Sounds unhealthy right? You probably wouldn’t want to be around those types of people.

Well, your manifestations are no different. This is something that even I am still working on.

Generally, if we are really obsessed with our manifestations and wonder if it’s going to come true, it’s usually an unworthiness issue. Otherwise, we would have more faith in the Universe that what is yours will be yours and you wouldn’t be worrying about it.

3. Manifestation is a daily ritual

I have talked before in my blog posts many ways to manifest, when it comes to your love life, money, career, etc. I have even talked about how to have a solid manifestation routine.

However, when I share these tips, these are meant to be tools. When you use these tools, the energy that you perform them in matters. These tips are not the answer to your manifestations and just because you do them doesn’t mean that you will get them if you don’t truly feel and believe you can obtain them.

Manifestation is happening 24/7. Your life right now is a manifestation of where your mindset is. It’s not some daily ritual that you even have to do, although it can sure help you get into the flow and the vibration of your manifestations.

So, if you like doing rituals and you want to do them to make your new reality feel more realistic, go for it. But don’t just do the rituals and then go back to having a crap attitude about your life because the rituals won’t do you any good.

4. People only manifest material things


I mean if you want to manifest material things, that is totally up to you. It’s really all about what you desire and what kind of world you want to create for yourself. You can even create experiences, travel, a lover, pretty much anything in your life.

I know a lot of manifestation gurus talk about money and although I love money (and you should to because abundance is our birthright), I actually want to have more experiences and travel, therefore yes, money plays a role in this.

You can manifest literally anything you want in your life so you want to be in a world where you have a lot of luxury things, that is awesome!

If you want to be in a world where you experience culture and eat amazing food, that is awesome also!

You manifest the life you truly desire!

5. Your manifestations are your destination

Not quite.

It’s really more about how you will feel when you obtain your desire. I wouldn’t look into your manifestations as a destination because we are always expanding on the things we want anyways.

So sometimes once you obtain something that you manifested, you usually want more and want to expand, which there’s nothing wrong with that. Since we are a part of the Universal Intelligence, we are designed to expand just like the Universe is always expanding.

So, it’s no wonder why when you get something that you manifested, you want more, whether that’s more money, a better career, more travel opportunities, whatever it is you desire.

I also want to preference that your manifestations shouldn’t be your source of happiness. Manifesting relies more on how you are already happy and worthy (keyword there) before you receive it.

Therefore, if you make your manifestations your source of happiness, it’ll feel like you are endlessly chasing happiness.

6. You have to feel good 24/7

If this was the case, millionaires would be happy all the time. People who have the partner of their dreams and are married to would be happy all the time. That person who has the hottest body you have ever seen would be happy all the time.

It’s just not possibly to feel good all the time.

We came into this world to have a human experience which includes feeling the shitty feelings. In fact, if you force yourself to feel good all the time, it can actually lower your vibration in the long run.

The main thing you want to remember is that you feel worthy of the life you desire no matter what mood you are in.

7. You can manifest only certain areas of your life

I’ve seen it to where people have an easy time manifesting the love of their life, but have a hard time manifesting money. Some people may actually be really good at manifesting money, but may not be good at manifesting long-lasting friends.

Manifestation applies to all areas of your life. It doesn’t pick and choose what you can have and what you can’t have.

If you have problems manifesting certain areas of your life, chances are, you have limiting beliefs around those areas of your life.

Therefore, you will have to take the time to rewire your belief system around the areas that you don’t manifest as easily.

What other misconceptions have you heard about the Law of Attraction? Share in the comments below!

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