The Difference Between The Higher Self Vs Future Self

Gather around everyone because today’s blog post involves a little bit of a story time.

And yes, this blog post is still going to be about the Higher Self vs future self, but I knew we would need a little bit of a background story on why I decided to talk about a topic like this.

So, let’s get started.

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A few years ago, my husband and I got married and had our honeymoon in the woods at a beautiful cabin in the state of Colorado. Considering we would be surrounded by nature, I felt this would be a perfect opportunity to meditate.

After all, we weren’t getting many chances to meditate in nature considering how busy our lives were and the location of where we lived was definitely not ideal for a quiet place to meditate.

One peaceful, lovely day, I went out on the porch of our Airbnb and decided to meditate. My husband thought it would be a great idea to join me that day.

Now, keep in mind that my husband isn’t too involved when it comes to spirituality. He isn’t someone who learns anything about it nor has he really invested any spiritual journey. He just loves and supports me for what I love to teach and that’s about it.

Sometimes, he will meditate with me just for fun and this just happened to be one of those days where we felt like joining me.

I am going to make this long story shorter because I feel like one day, we will come together and make a podcast episode out of it, but basically, he had an interesting experience with meeting my future self.

Now, I knew about the Higher Self at the time, but had never really looked into what my future self was. I thought I knew how I wanted my future to look, and what he told me turned out to be far grander and different than what I imagined.

I literally had no idea that he was having this conversation with my future self during meditation until afterwards, I opened my eyes after meditation to see this very baffled look on his face.

This experience was the first time he had ever talked to a spirit and what my future self told my husband completely surprised the both of us. It has completely changed the direction of our life to this very day.

Again, I am saving the rest of this story for a podcast episode, but from what he had told me and putting together my own experiences, I have found a distinct difference between the Higher Self vs future self.   

I wanted to share with you the differences, so that you know how to navigate both versions of you.

1. Your guide vs your ideal version

I’ve talked quite a bit about your Higher Self where your Higher Self is like a guide to you. This version of you is here to serve you and guide you towards your future self.

Your guide can sometimes look like you, but personally, I haven’t actually been able to see my Higher Self as me. I have had a few encounters with my Higher Self where my Higher Self looked more like an angelic being because I could distinctly remember wings in the background.

I actually have no idea why my Higher Self took the form of an angel considering I have no religious background (which I’ve talked about in my first podcast episode). I also didn’t really have a lot of knowledge on angels and I’m not super well-versed in any Archangels or whatever other angelic beings out there.

One of my theories could be because I am a Virgo (my sun sign at least) and the Virgo zodiac sign is represented as the “harvest maiden” or the “fertility goddess” and sometimes has angelic wings depending on what origin story you go by.

And since this is my Higher Self and my authentic truth, I’m going to roll with that theory.

Now, with my husband’s Higher Self, I have had a few encounters with his and his Higher Self does look like him in my mind’s eye.

So again, your Higher Self will have its own unique representation of you based off of your beliefs, your spirituality, your perspective.

For example, if you go by Christian beliefs and you believe in Jesus, then your “Higher Self” will take the form of Jesus because that is what you believe in.

The Higher version of you will take on whatever form you want them to take because they go based off of your beliefs. All your guides want is for you to acknowledge them and have a connection with them.

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So, they will take on whatever form you resonate with to get your attention.

This is, again, my other theory that there is no right or wrong in spirituality or religion. But again, we can talk about that another time.

Now, your future self is the ideal version of you.

Not a better version of you.

Not the perfect version of you.

The authentic you that is your true essence.

This is who you are at your core.

Sure, your future self may have different habits or behavioral patterns, but that version of you is still you. They just have a different perspective on life, just as anyone would after going through challenges, obstacles, and life lessons.

2. Soul aligned vs choice

Your Higher Self is the soul version of you. This is the version of you that also carries past versions of you because in spirituality, we believe that our soul lives on forever. We believe it doesn’t just end after death and that our soul is always on a journey. This also means that we have lived many different lives.

Now, your future self is a choice.

Imagine it like this.

Have you ever played those games where certain choices you make get you different endings?

The different endings are your future self. It is the version of you based off the choices you have made to get to that version of you.

Now, this also means that you have choices where you can work towards getting the “best route” the “best ending” or the “bad route” or the “bad ending” or even the “ok ending”.

Now, I personally wouldn’t get scared by this because, if you’re reading my blog posts, chances are, you are already working or already on your best route.

Look at it this way. If you are reading this, you have some level of self-awareness, which is the key to getting you where you want to go in life.

3. Elevated self vs lower self

Your Higher Self is the elevated self of you.

This is your guide that can see what routes you need to take to reach your future self. Time doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm, so your Higher Self sees and knows more than what our future self would be able to see until they actually reach the future.

Our Higher Self knows how we are, what we are going to do, what we think, and you know, has an elevated level of wisdom.

With your future self, your future self is still the physical, human self of you. This is the version of you that goes though the challenges, the struggles, and the obstacles to get to where they are.

Your future self understands the reasons why you have to go through certain trials because they are the embodiment of who you are meant to be and the potential you are capable of reaching.

I feel like it’s important to learn your own way to connect with your Higher Self, so that you can be guided towards the future version of you that is your true self.

Check out my other blog posts, podcast, as well as my freebie library to get started on working towards who your version of your future self is and how to better connect with your guides to get to your true self!

Did this help you learn more about the differences between your Higher Self and future self? Share in the comment section below! 

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