Five Powerful Secrets To Start Developing Your Psychic Abilities

When you’re diving into the world of developing your psychic abilities (a.k.a, your clair senses), you may not know exactly where to begin. I’ve talked about the different kinds of psychic abilities that we may possess (which we all have them by the way. Some of us just choose to cultivate our abilities more than others would like to).

As you learn more about yourself and how these abilities work, you may choose to develop your psychic abilities even further.

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From my experience, using my psychic abilities has led me into living my most authentic life. It has led me to marrying my first boyfriend that I’ve ever had in my life. I now work the career of my dreams making as much money as I want. I no longer engage with toxic people and have been able to live my life very peacefully.

People really can’t get past me with lies or deception because I’m able to pick up and sense their true intentions. I’ve been able to connect with my spirit guides better who help assist me with my manifestations, as well as connect with my Higher Self who knows who you truly are and knows what life you are truly meant to live.

My decision-making skills have greatly improved and I developed a deep trust with myself because of it. I also have been able to predict other people’s futures as well as my own. And these are just a few of the reasons why I believe people should develop their psychic abilities.

We were all born with these abilities, but unfortunately, society has deemed these as witch-y, evil, weird, you know, not “normal”. These abilities of ours were a gift from the Higher Power and, in my opinion, our Higher Power would love nothing more than for us to own this power of ours (if we choose to do so).

Developing your psychic abilities isn’t as hard as you think it would be. As I give you the advice on how to tap into this power of yours, do know that it may take some trial and error. We all learn differently and that’s especially true when it comes to developing your psychic abilities. And who knows, you may be able to resonate with all the ways I list off, which is also normal because some of us may be able to connect with all of our clair senses, instead of just one or a few.

You will have to learn more about how to listen to your intuition and what works best for you.

My tarot card collection that is forever growing

1. Use tarot cards

Using tarot cards is a great way to visually develop your psychic abilities. I know, especially for visual learners, they need to actually see something in front of them in order to understand something. Tarot cards are good for coming up with your own meaning to a question or situation.

If you ever go to multiple psychics, they may tell you the same thing about your situation, but pull out different cards or have their own meaning to certain cards versus the next psychic. However, it doesn’t mean that one psychic is right and one is wrong. It just means that people’s intuition perceives the cards differently, but they may all see the same thing happening into your future.

So tarot cards can help you connect with your psychic abilities in a visual way. This is especially good if you are very clairvoyant.

My advice for tarot cards is to find cards that you can really resonate with. I have heard rumors that tarot cards have to be gifted to you in order for you to use them, but that is completely false. I have so many tarot cards that I have bought and they have worked perfectly fine for me. Just make sure to sage them and infuse your energy into the cards, since other people may have touched them before you.

2. Record random thoughts and feelings

This tends to happen to me a lot that I think it would be for others to do.

Whenever you have a random thought about anything, whether that’s a person, a situation, a place, anything in life, I would write it down in a small notebook. Record any random thoughts that come to you or any random feelings that you may have experience, especially if it’s for no particular reason.

Sometimes it’s not always a psychic situation since we, as humans, have so many thoughts going on throughout the day. But, the key is to record them when you are generally doing something else and not thinking really at all (maybe doing a mundane task like chores or anything that puts you in flow state).

I know I’ve recorded random thoughts that came into my mind and when I would write them down, it would turn out that it was a psychic vision I saw (they come in really quick flashes, like a photo being taken). I was able to predict something happening whether it was for me or for someone else.

This is usually good for people who are more claircognizant and/or clairvoyant.

3. Get a feel for people’s energy

This is usually good to do with people that you don’t know, but you can also do this in a room full of people.

Whenever you meet someone or when you enter into a room full of people, ask yourself how do you feel emotionally and physically? Because what many of us may not realize is that our psychic abilities can connect through us physically and emotionally.

This is especially true for people who are clairsentient.

Let’s say you work at a place where you have to social with a lot of people (coworkers, customers, whoever this applies to). Of course, don’t judge them based off of how they look or their attitude (because we know people can fake it), but try to get a feel of their energy.

Sometimes we may get goosebumps around someone who has bad intentions. Maybe our stomach will drop when somebody is lying.

I will try to use my experience as an example to try to explain this better.

There was a time where I was in a really great mood and generally when I am in a good mood, I don’t mind socializing as much. Well, without going too much into detail about the person, there was a person who I was talking to and when I walked away from the conversation, I suddenly felt very depressed.

This person didn’t come off as depressed or anything to me.

In fact, they were very friendly and we even joked around a lot, but for some reason, when I went home that night, I was very depressed which I hadn’t felt in a long time. As time passed, it turned out that the person I was talking to was struggling mentally and no one knew until this person eventually had to say something.

This is what I mean by reading people’s energy.

This can take some time and, of course, some socializing, but developing this ability can help you read a person’s true self and true intentions.

4. Ask yourself yes or no questions (and feel it out)

This is like what I’ve mentioned in the previous advice, however, this exercise is more for reading yourself and not trying to read other people. Again, this is usually good for people who are clairsentient or who are just better at communicating with their intuition through their feelings.

Try and ask yourself yes or no questions. Ask yourself questions that are obvious to you, like where you work or your name or whatever other simple questions you know the answer to already.

Sometimes, our psychic ability can communicate to us in the form of a feeling, especially in our gut.

I’ve even heard our gut instinct is directly connected to our intuition. The more you associate with how you feel about something, the easier it will be to make decisions that are the most aligned for you.

Try to do this often, even if it’s trying to make small decisions for yourself such as, should you wear that outfit for the day, do you want to grab a coffee before work, etc.

Slowly make your way to bigger decisions, like should you ask that person out on a date, do you want to try out that class out, do you truly love the job you are working at, is this the home for you, etc.

5. Write down your dreams

Writing down your dreams can also help you develop your psychic abilities.

Have you ever had a dream or knew someone that had a dream that came true? Well, turns out that our dreams are the easiest way for us to connect with the Higher Power and other spirit guides of ours.

Sometimes your dreams may be very direct and clear about what is going to happen and sometimes, it can just be symbolism. This is going to depend on how you perceive your dreams.

That’s why it’s important to write down your dreams (even if you write it in your notes on your phone) first thing when you wake up because you may be getting a vision or a message. The more you write down your dreams, you may also find that you see patterns that will pertain to your waking life.

For me, I actually had a psychic dream about an old woman who had a book in her hand, and although I don’t remember her exact features, I do remember her telling me that someone on my dad’s side was going to pass away. She told me the amount of time they had down to the kind of dog that this person had.

My notes are always all over the place. Therefore, I only show what's actually important to the story
Taz (chihuahua in my dreams) (1 year old at the time)

This was before my family got this person the dog. In fact, I’m pretty sure this dream happened before the dog was born because the dog was barely one when this person passed away.

This dream was also the dream where I was told that I had spiritual abilities (before I truly got into spirituality and explored my psychic abilities).

So I’ve had very crazy psychic dreams. I know some people will get dreams of something happening the next day or even contacting people who have passed over through their dreams.

Dreams don’t always have to mean that it’s going to come true. Sometimes, it just may be symbolism for what is going on subconsciously or in your waking life.

Keep a pen and notebook near your bedside and when you wake up, immediately write down anything you remember from your dreams. See if you find a pattern and maybe look into what the dream can mean or what certain aspects of your dream mean. Maybe you see a lot of the same animals or maybe you dream a lot about the same thing. Look into what these things can symbolize.

That way, you can get used to cultivating your psychic abilities on a subconscious level.

Are you in-tune with your psychic abilities? How so? Share in the comment section below!

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