How The Power Of Journaling Impacts Your Life

For the last week, I was having a bit of anxiety with some events happening in my life and what I found that helped me was journaling out these emotions I was feeling. After I had written pages of what I was feeling, I felt a wave of relief and calmness come over me and then remembered how journaling has helped me overcome so many difficult feelings in the past.

Isn’t it wild what the power of journaling can do?

I know when it comes to therapy, a lot of times people are told to journal out their feelings, what’s on their mind, and anything else that they need to get off their chest.

In my experience, as someone had a difficult time expressing emotions, I have found journaling to be quite impactful in my personal development. I personally don’t do it every day and anyone who journals probably does it differently than others.

So why does journaling work and how does it actually help you?

I will be going based off of my experiences and what the power of journaling has done for me, as well as how it has helped improve my life.

Table of Contents:

1. Journaling helps you be honest

Some people can’t afford to go to therapy or may not have someone they feel safe to express themselves to. And I get it. It can be difficult to be honest when you aren’t in a safe space to do so.

Journaling can help you be honest with yourself. We know how much we all want to express what exactly we want to say, but damn is it hard to do that when you aren’t sure how to say it exactly or how someone will react or maybe we just need some self-reflection.

With journaling, you are free to express yourself in any way you want without having to restrict your thoughts. And when you have a safe space to express yourself, it lifts the weight off your shoulders. I promise you that you do not want to bottle up your emotions.

Doing that can really damage your mental, emotion, and yes, even your physical health.

There’s a reason disease is called dis-eases

Not only that, but again, in my experience, the more you are honest with yourself, the more you can be honest with the people around you.

And honesty in our relationships is so important!

2. Journaling helps your ideas flow!

If you’re someone who’s a creative or maybe some kind of business person, journaling can actually help you flow with some ideas!

I personally have done this before when it comes to business ideas and it actually worked out quite well! The key is, is to not think about it too much and write down anything that comes to mind even if it doesn’t make sense.

So, the first thing I would do when I wake up is make a list of 5-10 things.

And yes, it is best to do this right after you wake up and start your day because your thoughts won’t be all over the place with whatever it is you are doing for the day.

And yes, the ideas can be really random.

I’m pretty sure on my list I said something about cat pillows even though I would never make pillows nor sell products like that.

But not all your ideas are going to click with you.

This is just to get your mind going on what interests you and what doesn’t. This is especially good if you are really good at listening to your intuition. Sometimes, we find our intuition will be pulled to a certain idea and if you write down your ideas, it will be easier to see what ideas you may have your eyes set on.

3. Journaling helps release emotions energetically

If you’re into the spiritual and esoteric world, you may want to know that journaling helps release emotions energetically.

Sometimes, we may not need to go to therapy. It may be that we just need a place to release emotions energetically.

Have you ever worked out angry and then felt better afterwards?

Or maybe you just needed to punch a pillow or maybe you’re one of those people who angry cleans. Point is, you probably felt a lot better afterwards and suddenly, those feelings of anger are gone.

Well, that my friend, you just released your emotions energetically. Journaling can help in the same way and that includes helping with intense feelings like anxiety or sadness.

I personally feel like when you write out your feelings in a journal, you release your emotions out into the physical world and therefore, you release these emotions from your body.

If you can’t transmute the energy, you minus well transfer it out of your body.

4. Journaling helps you gain clarity from Higher Self

Journaling can help you gain clarity from your Higher Self or any other of your spirit guides. This is also called automatic writing.

Generally, what you do is if there is something that you need clarification from it, then asking your Higher Self through journaling is an easy way for your Higher Self to get in contact with you.

Before you do try this method out, make sure to set out the intention to only contact guides that have your highest good and compassion. You most certainly don’t want to come in contact with a spirit that doesn’t have your best interest.

You are also representing a vessel for spirit to come through you, so it’s important to protect yourself and set boundaries. You can set the intention, visualize yourself protected by a white, loving light, or even do a prayer.

Do whatever works for you, just as long as you are protect. That’s all that matters.

Write down what it is you want clarity on and just let your hands write what comes to mind. Literally don’t even think about it. Maybe even lighten your grip on your pen and just let your hands flow with whatever words pop up into your mind.

You have to do this in a place of no judgement. Don’t overthink it.

As I learn more about connecting my Higher Self, I’ve notice that the voice of my Higher Self is different than just me being in my own head. The Higher Self will usually have a calmer, more neutral tone and comes from a place of love and compassion.

If I’m trying to gain clarity from an emotionally charged mindset, this is most likely not the Higher Self.

So, keep in mind that when you do journal to connect with your Higher Self, it’s important to be in a mindful (almost meditative) mindset.

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5. Journaling helps you recognize patterns

Journaling helps you recognize patterns, especially in moments where we may not realize it. What I mean by this, is that when we are in moments of being emotionally charged, we may not realize how we behave and react.

So, if we keep track of our emotions and how we react to certain situations through journaling, it can help show us how to handle certain situations better.

Look back at some of the things you journal. Do you see a pattern happening over and over again? Do you need to make some changes in your life? Do you need to take something out of your life? Cut someone off? Do something different?

What kind of patterns are showing up in your life?

Because often, especially if you ever want to learn more about the Universal Laws (specifically The Law of Correspondence/Mirrors), patterns show up in our life because of what is going on internally.

Everything in our reality is a reflection of what is going on inside of us, so situations and people will be projected onto us in different forms.

Figure out what kind of patterns keep happening for you, gain the awareness, and start taking the actions to change your belief system.

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6. Journaling helps show your progress

I imagine that if you ran into my blog, you are probably looking into more ways to improve your life.

Well, journaling can also help show your progress!

I’ve looked back at some of my old journals and it really amazes me how much I have improved as a person. My mindset has massively shifted, even compared to a few years ago. And truly, for me, it gets better and better.

I love looking back and seeing how much I’ve grown as a person. And sometimes, when we are in the journey of personal development, we may not realize how far we have come.

So that’s why I encourage you to journal, even if it’s just talking about your life, where you are, and even where you want to go or who you want to be. Because when you have records of this, it really encourages you to keep going with whatever it is you are trying to improve in your life.

Think of it as someone looking back at their progress pictures and seeing how much their body has changed!

Use journaling to do the same thing, but with your mindset.

The power of journaling can really showcase how much you have grown!

Do you journal at all? Share in the comment section below!

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