How To Connect With Your Higher Self

When you first get into spirituality, you’ll often hear about people connecting to their inner guidance to find the answers they seek, also known as your Higher Self.

What is your Higher Self?

I’m basically going to tell you what your Higher Self is my own words, but feel free to do more extensive research if you feel called to do so. Your Higher Self is this spiritual being that is you on a soul level. This spiritual being knows what resonates with you the most, what you are most passionate about, knows aspects about you that you might not have realized yet, and so much more.

Think of your Higher Self as a wise teacher who guides and teaches you about yourself and your life.

It sounds pretty cool, right?

Honestly, if everyone tapped into this power, this world would be a lot happier.

But you don’t have to choose to live a mundane life. You can start tapping into this power and watch how your life unfolds in front of your eyes.

How can you connect with your Higher Self?

Connecting with your Higher Self isn’t as complicated as you may think. It fact, it’s actually quite simple and I’m going to teach you ways to do this.

Table of Contents:

1. Putting intention behind it

Intention is a powerful way to help you connect with your inner guidance. When we make intentions, we make declarations and when we make declarations, by the universal law, our declarations are obeyed.

We have a lot of power as beings to put intention behind our desires and those intentions are what manifest into our physical reality. So the same can go with connecting with your Higher Self.

So maybe when you wake up in the morning, say out loud or in your mind that you are putting the intention of connecting with your Higher Self that day. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t see your answers right off the bat. Let go and detach from the outcomes and just let it come to you in divine timing.

There is no such thing as time in the Universe, much less the spiritual world, so the things we put intention don’t always come in our timing.

Sometimes when you put intention behind connecting to your Higher Self, you may feel sensations in your body, random words or phrases popping up in your mind for no reason, you may feel drawn to do things differently or try out new things.

Setting intentions may come to you in subtle ways, which is a pretty normal way that spirits like to communicate with us.

Let yourself go with the flow when you set these intentions and watch where you end up.

2. Look for the signs

Our Higher Self, as well as our other spirit guides, has the ability to give us signs in our physical world. Now, these signs are going to differ from person to person because we all perceive signs differently in our minds.

So, for example, I like to use angel number as a way to receive guidance because that is one of the signs I most resonate with. Sometimes I may see a stray animal or I might hear something from a show or from lyrics of a song that will answer a question I’ve thought about for a while.

Looking for signs will require you to use your intuition and reflect what a sign may mean to you.

Another fun thing you can do is if you want confirmation about a question then ask for a sign, no matter how ridiculous it sounds.

One time I had a question to ask my Higher Self and the sign I asked was to see a rainbow dog. It was probably one of the most ridiculous signs I’ve asked my guides, but you will be surprised what your guides come up with.

I think it took about a week before I received my sign.

I pulled up in my grocery store parking lot and I had noticed that the vehicle I parked beside had a sticker on the back of their window that was a colorful, tie-dye looking German Shepard sticker on the corner of their back window.

It definitely gave me a good laugh and I really enjoyed the sign that Spirit gave me.

So if you think spirit won’t find a way to show you a sign, oh trust me, they will!

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3. Be in stillness

Another way to connect with your Higher Self is to be in stillness. Now, personally, I always recommend meditation, but meditation can come in many different forms.

For example, you can go on a quiet walk and still be in the same meditative state as someone who sits there in silence.

You still have to find what kind of meditation works for you the best, but for me personally, I do like to do a little prayer and ritual before I sit down to do my meditation.

Honestly, anything that you can do to be in stillness will work.

Being in stillness helps us quiet our mind and connect to our soul because like I said before, our soul talks to us almost like a whisper. It really is very subtle and if you aren’t used to quieting your mind, you might have hard time hearing the guidance within you.

This will take practice and getting used to, but it’s not impossible, no matter how distracted you may get. Don’t be hard on yourself if you get distracted during your meditative state. Be gentle with yourself and slowly bring your focus back to your breath or your walk or however you decide to meditate.

Start with small intervals. Maybe start with five or ten minutes a day and work your way up if you feel called to do so. You’ll start to get the hang of silence and you’ll find it will get easier to do so as long as you put the intention of trying.

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4. Get in flow state

Spirit also has the tendency to talk to us in weird, random times, especially when it comes to being in the flow state.

Flow state is when our mind is in a trance-like state and time around us doesn’t exist. We’ve all been in this state plenty of times before.

Have you ever found yourself creating something or doing mundane tasks and you find time just flying by, not realizing that hours may have gone by?

Have you ever driven to work and one moment you remember getting into your vehicle and driving off and the next you’re suddenly already at work and can’t even remember anything on your route to work (especially a route you are used to driving)?

These are examples of you being in flow state.

Being in flow state helps our Higher Self contact us because it bypasses our conscious mind, which is busy in the moment of flow state, and help us receive messages in the subconscious part of our mind.

So try to get yourself in flow state as much as possible and if you receive any random messages, take it as your Higher Self trying to contact you.

5. Have faith and trust

When it comes to connecting with your Higher Self or any spiritual beings for that matter, it’s important to have faith and trust the guidance.

One way you can keep track of this is by journaling.

Journaling out anything that comes to your mind and just write it down OR you can even use the “Notes” app on your phone to record anything random that pops up in your mind.

This can be a good way to help you figure out how your Higher Self likes to communicate with you. It will also help you trust the process of receiving messages and how they come up in your day-to-day life.

I have a folder of notes for my dreams and for my meditations.

I’m very clairvoyant so I tend to get the most answers in my dreams, since I get vivid dreams every night.

Generally, when I look back at my dream notes, I can read between the lines and see a message that my Higher Self left behind.

So doing this will help you build trust with, not only yourself, but with your Higher Self.

Have faith and trust to the process. Connecting with your Higher self takes times and patience, so surrender and trust that the messages you receive are for the highest good!

Are you in tune with your Higher Self? If so, how do you receive guidance? Share in the comment section below!

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