Ways The Universe Connects With You

When it comes to the ways that the Universe connects with you, we all will have different ways of seeing it. The reason for writing this post is because I received exciting news on my career goals and although the sign may not mean much for others, it has a HUGE meaning to me.

So in this post, I would like to share ways the Universe offers a helping hand to us.

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Truth be told, we aren’t alone, especially not spiritually.

Many of us aren’t aware that we have the power to connect with the Universe (for the sake of this post, I will refer to the higher power as Universe, but you can call it whatever you want).

The thing that people aren’t aware of is that the Universe will communicate to us in different ways that sometimes can go unnoticed. It’s important to learn how the Universe communicates with you so that you can have the proper guidance towards whatever it is you want in your lifetime.

Everything is made up of energy, so we have the capability to ask the Universe for guidance, to help manifest our dream life, help us live more abundantly, and just so much more!

Not only that, but it’s nice to deepen your faith with Infinite Intelligence (also known as the Universe).

So, here are five ways on how the Universe communicates with you!

1. Through your intuition

I’ve talked about how your intuition works before.

Our intuition is connected through our Higher Self with is also connected to the Universe. Think of it as you being the employee, your Higher Self is your manager, and the Universe is the big boss only everything that’s said to you is actually for your highest good and not because of a scummy corporate company treating you as just another number.

There are multiple ways the Universe communicates to you through your intuition.

You may experience a gut feeling about something.

Maybe you just have a very strong sense of knowing whether that is about a certain person or about how you should live your life.

There could have been a split moment where you visualized yourself doing something big, going somewhere new, or being a certain type of person.

Whatever it may be, I strongly encourage you to follow what you intuitively feel. You just might find that it will lead you into something magical!

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2. Through synchronicity

This can range from talking about someone and you receive a text within a few hours or you talking about them and the person just happens to be walking by.

If you are a very spiritual and esoteric being like little ol’ me, I find my synchronicity through angel numbers.

In case you were wondering, angel numbers are numbers that come in a sequence.

(Examples: 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1111)

It is said that angels can speak to us in synchronistic ways.

So if that is something that resonates with you, I suggest that you keep an eye out for synchronistic numbers!

If not, see if you find yourself talking about something or someone and suddenly, you see or hear about it that person or that thing you were talking about.

It’s not really a coincidence!

Chances are the Universe wants you to be paying attention to what it is trying to communicate with you!

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3. Through inspiration

Inspiration can come in many different forms. It doesn’t always have to be in the form of your next business idea or what to make for your next project!

It can come from being inspired to try out new things.

Maybe you were inspired to go to that seminar.

Or maybe there was a certain hobby you’ve been curious to try.

It could be maybe you wanted to try out that new cooking class in town.

Whatever it may be, the Universe will usually inspire us to try things out, especially when it’s out of our norm.

So if you have a sudden urge to try something out or if your curiosity peaks to learn something new, I highly suggest you follow this feeling! It doesn’t matter if you don’t really get much out of it because nothing in this world is a coincidence.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new hobby that will keep your mind off of your boring, mundane job.

Maybe you’ll make some friends that inspire you to better yourself and your life!

Honestly, you’ll never know until you try!

You may not realize it now, but later down the line, you’ll probably see why the Universe inspired you to go after something!

Don’t be afraid to be curious!

4. Through desire

When you have a desire to do something or be a certain way in your life, generally you will feel a very strong desire to do so. This is the Universe’s way of pushing you towards a direction that will bring out the highest potential in you.

I know for me, when it came to my career, I was so set on starting some kind of business. I had no idea why either since no one in my family are entrepreneurs, but I had this burning desire to just do it.

Now, I have ventured off into the entrepreneur world and have failed quit a few times; however, I knew that deep down in my heart, I was meant for something more than just retail or some mundane 9-5 job.

And this isn’t to insult anyone who like the 9-5 world, but for me personally, I have such a huge ambition and drive to help the world in anyway I can. So when I learn more about business, I get really excited about it.

It just so happens that I have a talent for writing, so starting this blog has really fulfilled me in a way that my teachings can bring value to those in need of them.

If you have a burning desire to go start that creative project, do it.  

If you have a desire to move to a new country, do it.

If you want to ask that person out on a date, I encourage you to do it.

Follow those desires and see where you end up!

5. Through coincidence

Now, I know I’ve said before that there was no such thing as coincidences and I still stand true to that!

Whenever there is times in your life where you feel like something happen to you at the right moment, it’s really the Universe giving you a helping hand! We just assume that they are coincidences because they come in so unexpectedly.

But like I’ve said before, everything is always in divine timing. The Universe will help you out in unexpected ways because the Universe knows that you’ve been asking for those signs!

So, look back into your life and think about the times where a coincidence led you to where you are right now, both good and bad. Those coincidences could have helped you learn more about yourself, led you down a path that is more fitting to you, or maybe even has taught you a valuable lesson that you carry around to you to this day!

Chances are it wasn’t a coincidence.

It’s just the Universe working it’s magic on you!

In what ways has the Universe given you signs? Let us know in the comment section below!

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