6 Ways To Start Your Spiritual Journey

When it comes to starting a spiritual journey, there are so many ways and practices that people use to take care of their spiritual wellness. It’s not new that taking care of our spirit is just as important as taking care of our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

From my experience, when our spirit is fulfilled, we tend to look at life with more purpose in mind. Nowadays, spirituality has gained more recognition. And although I am thrilled to see more people wanting to take care of their spirit, I find that we should also be more discerning on what resonates with us and what doesn’t.

And yes, even including this blog post.

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For me, I officially started my spiritual journey back in 2018. I have no religious background and was not taught about religion in my family.

Spirituality was something that found me unexpectedly and ever since then, I have indulged myself in the world of spirituality to the point where I am choosing to work in the spiritual community.

So, take what resonates with you in this blog post because I want to share with you ways to start your spiritual journey!

1. Make soul-aligned decisions

One of the best ways you can start your spiritual journey is to make decisions that align with your soul’s intentions.

It happens too often that people make decisions based off of what people want from them, as well as feel pressured to make a decision that goes against their beliefs, which can often lead them to regretting it later down in life.

When we start to make decisions that truly resonate with us, we are less likely to live in resentment. It doesn’t matter if these decisions are small or large, you will find yourself much happier if you are making decisions that you truly feel are right for you.

Now, this also can mean going against the grain of society standards.

You may run into fear-based mentality or leave others disappointed with your decisions; however, what helps me truly feel good about my choices is that I have always believed that everything happens for a reason.

And that includes the good and the crappy.

When you’re going on a spiritual journey, growth is something you are going to find yourself running into very often. And getting uncomfortable is something you’ll have to get used to when you are trying to create growth in your life.

So, it’s important to note that if you want to achieve great spiritual growth in your life, then making soul-aligned decisions are important.

2. Find a way to connect with your spirit

Another way to begin your spiritual journey is to find ways to connect with your spirit.

Doesn’t matter if its praying, meditating, yoga, breathwork, practicing different forms of divination; whatever you feel called to do, do it if it resonates.

You see, our spirit (which has also been known as calling it the Higher Self in spiritual terms), is what guides us to our best versions.

Once you form a connection and get used to connecting with your spirit, you will discover a deeper layer of yourself that you never knew was even possible. And it is truly one of the coolest things I’ve discovered in my spiritual journey.

And don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel like you are connecting with your spirit. There are so many ways we use our intuition and senses (also known as clair senses) and it will take some time getting used to it if you aren’t well versed in these senses already.

And I promise you also, that your Higher Self is with you every step of the way.

You are truly guided, protected, and loved more than you think. And your spirit/Higher Self/spirit team are SO excited for you to begin this spiritual journey.

3. Find time for solitude

This can be tricky if you are a busy parent with children or if you just have a lot of things on your plate, but even if it’s taking a little extra time in the morning or even ten minutes before you go to bed, try and find time for solitude.

It’s our time in solitude that our spirit can connect and communicate with us the most because we are filtering out the noise that comes from our world.

The spirit is soft, calm, and quiet.

Now, if you are hearing the complete opposite, that is our Ego. This is what we humans naturally have that isn’t necessary a bad thing, but can steer us into making decisions that don’t align with our soul.

Ego is for keeping us safe from danger like our ancestors had to do from predators; however, it’s not so useful when it comes to wanting to live our dream life that will naturally come with taking risks and courage.

When you go on a spiritual journey, you might naturally find yourself drawn to solitude, especially when you become awakened to the bullsh*t that may have been going on in your life that you will begin to realize.

So, even if you have to find some alone time in the mornings, evenings, or at one point, throughout your day, do so.

Find time in the present moment.

4. Read books on spirituality

There are many books on spirituality nowadays.

Some worth reading and some may not be your cup of tea.

If you are curious on how people get started on their spiritual journey or how people practice spirituality in general, check out some books on spirituality to get a better feel on what you want to discover on your spiritual journey.

I definitely encourage you to be open-minded, because to me, I feel like it opens you up to spiritual experiences.

Find books that resonate with your spirituality. If you are religious, you can easily find books that go according to your religion.

Again, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t.

5. Work through your limiting beliefs

Another obstacle you may find yourself running into when going on a spiritual journey is running into some limiting beliefs.

The belief system we grow up with usually isn’t ours to begin with and going on a spiritual journey can make you realize that the things you believed aren’t actually your beliefs.

Our Higher Power comes from a place with infinite possibilities, yet, we were taught to believe that we are powerless, limited, and unworthy.

Yet, we are powerful creators! And even if you wanted to look at this from a religious standpoint, do you really believe your Higher Power looks at you as if you are not enough?

Of course not!

These limiting beliefs hold us back from truly living our best life, whether those limiting beliefs are around love, money, health, and much more.

I talk about limiting beliefs and some easier ways to begin the process of getting past these limiting beliefs in a blog post.

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Take time to tackle the limiting beliefs that hold you back in life, one step at a time. Remember, these beliefs you grew up with have stuck with you for years of your life, so it’s not always expected to eliminate them in one go.

Sometimes you can, depending on the person. For others, it could take repetition.

So, when you start your spiritual journey, make sure to do the inner work on your belief system. Make sure that the belief system you have is truly how you feel from the depths of your soul.

Do not carry a belief system you feel you are forced into. Follow your heart and listen to your spirit.

6. Follow who you resonate with

This should seem pretty obvious, yet sometimes people follow all these spiritual influencers that are very surface level or worse, put out misinformation.

And this is the same when it comes to religious figures.

So, make sure to follow who you resonate with. From someone who makes spiritual content, I like to put out the intention that whoever reads or follows my content will resonate with it and even if they don’t truly, there are no hard feelings from me.

At the end of the day, we will resonate with different types of figures.

Personally, for me, I never felt called to be baptized, not only because I was never religious, but also because I always felt there was more than one god/goddess.

For me, I believe in multiple spiritual figures and will honor different ones from time to time.

Honestly, even though this is going to sound super controversial, in my eyes, I believe most of us believe in the same thing, we just give it a different name.

Regardless, follow who you truly resonate with whether that’d be someone who shares content online or someone who works in spirituality professionally.

Have you been thinking about going on a spiritual journey? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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