Misconceptions People Have About Spirit Guides That Will Blow Your Mind

I’ve been debating on whether I wanted to write about the topic of spirit guides because one, the topic of what spirit guides are like has a wide range of different perspectives throughout spirituality, so it can be tricky to really cover all of those perspectives.

And two, it can also tread into a little bit of controversy for people who follow a particular religion.

But lately my spirituality blog posts have been getting more recognition as of lately and it made me want to write a little bit more on spirituality (hence, the topic of spirit guides came up), which is pretty surprising because I figure spirituality isn’t something many people were particularly interested in.

Yet, I still write about it regardless of whether it’s something popular or not because I am very passionate in that area. Spirituality has been something that has really made me view the world in a different way and I ended up learning so much more about myself than I actually realized.

Spirituality has also steered me into a completely different career direction and I found myself having a lot of passion in the spiritual community.

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So, I’m going to start off by saying I have absolutely no religious background.

I’ve talked about this on my podcast in my first podcast episode when I introduced myself and a little bit of my background story.

My mother was baptized as Catholic, but she never followed the religion and didn’t baptize us because she believed religion should be the children’s choice when they are old enough to understand.

I am fully aware that I will trigger anyone who follows a particular religion and I’m here to tell you with much love and compassion that I couldn’t give a F-ing crap about your trigger and I encourage you to find the reasons why you feel that way about me.

Chances are, you’ll learn more about yourself that way than you realize.

With peace, love, and respect, of course.

In my personal opinion, because I have no religious viewpoint, belief system, or anything that can possibly hold me back from expressing my viewpoint on spirituality, I believe that this mindset has allowed me to have many different experiences when it comes to spirituality.

Although I have a very open-mind when it comes to spirituality, people have tried to shove their religious viewpoints down my throat and I find myself doubting some of the things they say, especially when it comes to what spirits are.

I’ve had some interesting experiences with spirit guides that have change my viewpoint on what spirit guides actually are and I’m about to share with you those misconceptions.

So, let’s talk about the misconceptions people have about spirit guides that will blow your mind.

1. Spirit guides want to be worshipped

Take the word “worship” out of your vocabulary.

Spirit guides don’t care nor really want to be worshipped. They actually want to work with you as like partner-in-crimes or be there for you like a friend would.

The thing that I find a little strange is that religions tend to think that we need to worship spirits in order to be on their good side and I find that just silly to me.

Spirit guides want to be respected, yes, but it’s just not necessary to bow down to them and pray for their blessings.

Now, I have worked with other spirits like goddesses/gods (because in my opinion, I believe in more than one god/goddess. Again, this is an area where I have an open-mind to experience different spiritual experiences) and if you ever ask for their assistance with something then they’ll want something in return, whether that’s an offering or doing something for them in return.

But, how is that really any different than how you would treat a friend?

Look at it this way, if you just kept asking a friend for things without giving them anything in return, what do you think is gonna happen?

They’re probably going to get fed up with you and not help you anymore.

So again, spirits aren’t asking to be worshipped. They are there to be beside you as a team. How you live your life and go about the world is a team effort between you and your spirit team.

2. Spirit guides have strict views

Ha! That’s funny to me.

If spirit guides were in human form, they would be the most chill friend you ever had.

They are just flowing through life having a good time with you. In fact, they feel like us humans take life waaaay too seriously and worry faaaar too much.

Spirit guides don’t really have any sort of viewpoint on how you should live your life. I know religion likes to make people believe that, but it runs much deeper than that.

After all, we chose to be here on Earth, so whatever we do with our lives (whether that’s good or bad), that is our free will. Spirit guides cannot interrupt free will.

Now, there are some universal laws placed where both parties (you and your spirit guides) can establish some kind of boundaries and agreements, but your life is still yours to live.

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You can choose to be whoever you want to be, act however you want to be, and live your life the way you want.

They cannot interfere with some of the choices you make in life; however, you can experience some hardships as a way to learn a lesson if it’s a lesson your soul chose to come here for.

And yes, they will help you learn this lesson if you chose to do so, but this isn’t out of punishment at all.

Everything in our life happens for a reason truly.

3. Spirit guides should be feared

When I thought about this particular point, I thought about Judgment Day, which if your Christian, you know what Judgment Day means. And I’m here to trigger you with my viewpoint on this fear-based mentality.

Spirits don’t want you to fear them. You shouldn’t be afraid of them; however, sometimes they will “scare” you into getting your sh*t together.

And, of course, us humans hate being uncomfortable. We will b*tch, moan, and complain if anything remotely terrible happens to us.

Spirit guides will give us a little bit of tough love in order to steer us in the right direction. We tend to let our egos drive us into a fear-based mentality, so I wouldn’t be surprised of our spirit guides have to instill a little fear into us in order to get us going on the right path.

Regardless, I encourage people who ever experience a “fearful spirit” to look at it from a different perspective.

Is this spirit here to teach you a lesson? Is there something in your present life that you are not getting that you need to get past? Are you becoming fearful over a certain situation?

Ask yourself what could be the reason that this spirit has come into your life and what is this spirit guide trying to do for you?

Chances are, there is a reason, you just aren’t seeing it yet.

4. Spirits are these zen, divine beings

To be honest, some of them are kinda goofy.

And I would say they are zen in a way where they are never in a bad mood like how we humans tend to get. It’s like nothing you say can break their mood. They literally never get mad.

Either they laugh things off or they get really sarcastic.

Personally, I deal with the most sarcastic ones.

I actually was kind of surprised on this one because I also imagined them as these zen beings in these white robes or something in that nature and from what I’ve heard from them, they show up in a way where they can easily communicate with you.

So yes, I’m sure people’s spirit guides have presented themselves as religious figures, like Jesus for example, just because whoever they are working besides only believes in Jesus.

So, in order for spirit guides to get this person to listen to them, they will probably present themselves in a form where this person will pay more attention to them.

Does that make sense?

Personally, I believe I have a Higher Self and my Higher Self is what guides me towards the best route to take when it comes to living my best life.

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I have been able to contact my husband’s Higher Self as well, but his Higher Self shows up in a different form to him than it does to me.

For me, his Higher Self looks just like him, just the only difference I felt was the behavior. My husband jokes a lot and is a little goofy where his Higher Self is more cool-headed and strangely, a smooth-talker.

You’d think that’s not your partner at all, at first, but as my husband and I get further into our life (as well as our spiritual journey), we realize we are a lot more like our Higher Self than we thought.

Maybe, we’ll have to talk about these experiences in a podcast episode.

My point is, is that spirit guides represent themselves based off of our beliefs and our mindset around spirituality. So, the idea of having a debate of what religion to follow is completely pointless because everyone is going to see spirit guides based on how they see these beings. Our spirit guides just cloak themselves in different costumes to get the attention of the person they are trying to communicate with.

There wasn’t even a right answer to begin with.

Are they this holy than thou being? No, not necessary.

Are they literally the happiest beings you’ll ever encounter? Yup.

So, there’s no need to overanalyze how spirit guides show up. It’s however you want to see them.

Have you ever had an encounter with your spirit guides? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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