3 Ways To Trust And Surrender To The Universe

It is in our nature as humans to know everything that is going on. We always need to know what the next step is, we need something now or we may feel like we will never get it again, and we need to look like we have it all together.

Sound like you? It’s ok because me too.

Often times, it’s hard to trust and surrender to a Higher Power (which I will refer to the Higher Power as the universe in this case, but feel free to insert your own Higher Power) because it involves us stepping into the unknown and into uncertainty. I understand that being in this space can be daunting and pretty uncomfortable.

But do understand this, from someone who has been taught by many spiritual mentors, getting comfortable with the unknown is important for your growth and especially when it comes to manifesting your desires.

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It was the moment that I surrendered and embodied this type of energy was when I was able to manifest my desires.

I mean, think about the things that have manifested into your own life. Did you ever know the exact details? Did it come to you in the form of a surprise?

It’s being in the version of you who already has everything that you want that doesn’t sit there and worry about the details because “it’s already done”. It’s like you are so certain of the outcomes that you get what you want anyways.

But let’s try to make the process a little bit easier for you. I’m going to be talking about three ways to trust and surrender to the universe.

1. Get distracted

One of the easiest ways to get you to surrender more is to get distracted.

This is advice that is also given in the manifestation community when you are learning to detach yourself form your manifestation.

So, if you are in a situation where you can’t seem to release control from a situation, focus on something else.

In fact, focus on the things that are thriving in your life. Is it your career? Your fitness goals? Your family? Your relationships?

There has to be something in your life that is thriving, so instead of getting so caught up and attached to a situation that you cannot change, let go of control by putting your focus into something else.

This way has been absolutely fantastic for me, because I know how it feels when your mind is hyper focused on this one particular situation or goal that I have in mind.

There is always something in your life that is thriving and if you really feel like you can’t think of anything that you thrive in, first off, do some inner work (check out my self-development category on my blog for this) because there might be worthiness issue, but secondly, try finding things that you enjoy doing.

2. Be open-minded to other possibilities

I know, I know.

People get annoyed when they hear this because they’re so focused on something going one way and one way only, but let me try to put this in a different perspective.

Sometimes, when we are so focused on something having to go one way, it doesn’t leave our Higher Power room to work its magic on a way that will fit us even better than what we originally thought. Thus, this can make it harder for things to go the way we want them and we get stressed out even more.

It’s important to be open-minded to other possibilities and be flexible. This doesn’t mean you don’t believe that it will happen the way you want it. In fact, it can help with releasing control even more and make it could happen the way you want it.

The more you resist, the more the situation persists.

So, make sure you are open to other possibilities in case that one way you thought of doesn’t work out (usually it’s always for the better).

Remember, things are always happening for us, not to us.

3. Enjoy the process

Now what fun is getting the results if you don’t enjoy the process itself?

This is where some people get caught up in when they are just rushing through the process and at the end of it, yes, they got what they wanted, but it didn’t feel as fulfilling as they thought it would be.

In order to trust and surrender to the universe, it’s important for you to enjoy yourself. Sometimes, things aren’t coming your way because you aren’t having fun with the process, so why would the universal intelligence give you the results if you aren’t having fun with it?

So, enjoy dating around and trust that you’ll find that special someone.

Enjoy the process of building your business.

Have fun trying new workouts and buying cute gym clothes.

Enjoy the process fully and you won’t even be worried about what is at the end of the tunnel.

You will find that you will naturally let go and surrender.

What do you like to do to release control and surrender? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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