The Benefits Of Breathwork That Can Change Your Life

Many people have said that the benefits of breathwork made massive improvements in their lives. Breathwork is like another form of meditation, except it can bring you instant results!

Want to know more about it? Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Fellow readers, I’d like to introduce you to breathwork.

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What is breath work?

In my own words, breathwork is an active form of meditation that involves breathing techniques. There are a few different forms of breathwork out there, but I will go based off of my experience.

In my experience, breathwork starts with breathing into the belly, then into the chest, and letting it out, kinda like an “ah” sound. I’ve done breathwork sessions that are as little as ten minutes and as long as forty-five, which both times have still gotten me the benefits.

Some people do this with a teacher, some people do this in a guided session, and some can just do it on their own time.

For me, I found breathwork through a teacher that I’ve followed on Youtube for years.

Her name is Leeor Alexandra. She sells a guided breathwork course at a very good price and that was my introduction to breathwork.

Another person who I have followed and listened to is Wim Hof who basically also teaches breathwork. His guided breathing techniques are basically a faster and shorter form of breathwork.

Regardless, I’ve done both of these people’s breathwork and had amazing results!

Breathwork allowed me to regulate my anxiety and feel any feelings that I have suppressed in my past. I rarely ever get stressed and I’m an overall happier person.

So, I really wanted to share the benefits of how breathwork has completely changed my life, as well as other people’s lives:

1. You heal your childhood wounds

When you enter the world of spirituality, you will often hear about how important healing your childhood wounds are, whether that’d be trauma, abuse, etc.

Breathwork has been known to help the emotions suppressed from the past come up to the surface. Often, we are told to not cry, suck it up, whatever else society tells us to do.

This really does more damaged than good.

Generally, your traumas start to come up in your adult life, which can really delay you into growing into a better person.

Breathwork has allowed me to feel these suppressed emotions and I’ve been able to handle situations better than I would have if I had not addressed these feelings (also comes in the form of being “triggered”).

If you need any reason to do breathwork, do it for the child in you. Do it so you can heal and grow in your dream self.

Your inner child will thank you.

2. You regulate your mood and calm your thoughts

Obviously, meditation is known to calm your mind and level out your emotions. So breathwork gives the exact same benefits; however, it works much faster than the usual “sitting down in stillness” type of meditation.

Since breathwork deals with a lot of deep breathing, everything else that is going on in your body decreases; lower blood pressure, slower heart rate, slower breathing.

Thus, you put yourself in a calmer state of mind. It becomes a lot easier for you to think clearly and make better choices for yourself. This is especially good for people who struggle with anxiety.

As someone who was diagnosed with anxiety years ago, I find that breathwork puts me in a trance of calmness. It makes it so easy to think more clearly and I don’t freak out as much about situations as I used to.

This has been true for people who struggle with the same thing, as well as other mental illnesses like: depression, addiction, PTSD, etc.

Take a look at Wim Hof’s guided breathwork meditation and take a scroll through the comments, while you’re at it, and read about other people’s stories on how breathwork changed their life for the better!

I guarantee that it will lift your spirits!

3. You connect with your Higher Self

Breathwork is an easy way to bypass your Ego and get deep into your spiritual core, also known as your Higher Self.

Some people have experienced spiritual awakenings and have received guidance on certain aspects of their life, especially if you put the intention behind it.

For me, I have definitely received a lot of answers through breathwork, especially when it comes to making big life decisions. I really feel like I’ve been able to connect with my guides more and my intuition has gotten stronger and more accurate.

If you are someone who is on a spiritual journey or even if you are just lost in life, I highly suggest starting breathwork and seeing how your life plays out!

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4. You become a superhuman to pain

Ok, ok, hear me out.

We, as humans, have been conditioned to avoid pain, whether that’s physical or mental.

When things get to hard for us, we tend to want to run away from our problems. Some people do this with distractions such as drugs or alcohol to numb the mind.

This is even true physically. You might know or be one of those people who stop running after a few blocks or complain about being too sore to try to workout the next day, even though you didn’t workout to your fullest potential.

For example, Wim Hof, also know as the Iceman, is known for being a superhuman for being able to withstand freezing temperatures. If you search for him on Google, you’ll most likely find a man half naked meditating in the snow or somewhere cold.

Sounds outrageous right?

Actually, he talks about the scientific evidence to this and he has proven to be accurate!

He talks about how breathwork has changed his life completely and how it can physically cure your body! It’s very interesting!

This is a prime example of how our minds restrict us from going beyond what we have the capability to do so.

Breathwork allows you to tap into that potential so you are able to make decisions on the things that scare you. It will also allow you to go beyond your fears.

Sometimes, I do breathwork right before I take a cold shower. I’m able to withstand the temperatures of a cold shower that most people would be uncomfortable doing.

I also do this when I overthink on certain areas of my life, such as investing, business decisions, or other things that I’m too scared to do. I bypass the fears and limiting beliefs and have been able to make choices that have benefited me whether that’s financially, physically, or mentally.

I’ve even heard women do this during labor and have been able to bypass the pain of labor without any epidural!

It’s incredible what our bodies can do once we pass our overthinking brains!

5. You get high off of life

Not only does breathwork help you feel calm, collected, and more in-tune with your spirituality, but who wouldn’t want to feel happier with life?

I’ve learned from a therapist that meditation gives off the same high that smoking weed does.

Now, I don’t smoke, but I’d rather feel high off my own breath. Not only is it more natural, but hey, it’s free!

Breathwork helps release endorphins, which are the prime chemicals for reducing stress, anxiety, and pain.

This is especially great for people who struggle with addiction, such as smoking weed, cigarettes, or taking any other type of drugs.

I’ve heard many success stories of people who were addicts and have sobered up through the power of breathwork. They have gone off drugs completely for years and have made other positive impacts in their lives!

I highly suggest you try it out for yourself!

It’s a great opportunity to turn your life around!

Have you ever done breathwork before? If so, how was your experience? Share in the comment section below!

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