Learn How To Become Bulletproof To Your Failures

I know running into failures is one of the hardest pills to swallow.

Over the years of trial and error, I’ve had my fair share of failures and at first, I will admit that I took those failures very hard. However, it’s gotten to a point now in my life where I realize that those failures have majorly benefitted my life.

I find that often, our society tries to label us through our failures, yet, you will find that the most successful people have failed many times and nobody even thinks about blinking an eye at them because they “made it”.

There is so much fear around failures and because of this fear, so many people never live up to their true potential.

I look at my failures from a different perspective and I feel like this is so important because once you shift your mindset on what failure actually means, that is where true success emerges and we evolve to the highest version of ourselves.

So, I’ll be sharing with you those reasons, as well as teach you how to become bulletproof to your failures!

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1. Failures are a blessing in disguise

Have you ever heard the phrase “failures are a blessing in disguise”?

I find this to ring very true, especially with many situations in my own life!

I like to think of my failures in this way: if I hadn’t failed on this, I wouldn’t be able to get sometime even better.

Let me give you a hypothetical situation.

That failed relationship that you left can have led you to a beautiful, loving relationship.

If you had stayed in that failed relationship, you could have led yourself down a path of misery. You could have been living in resentment towards the relationship and that resentment you live with could affect those around you: whether that’d be your children, friends, or other family members.

So, not only do you hate your relationship, but you also created a terrible relationship with those around you. And this actually happens more often than not.

I actually have seen a lot of people marry these types of relationships due to many different reasons: abandonment issues, fear of loneliness or unworthiness of doing better, financial reasons, the excuse of staying for the kids, and the list just goes on.

If you are one of those people who gained the courage to leave a failing relationship or marriage, I just want to say to you as the reader, that I am so proud of you and that you absolutely deserve better.

That failure was a blessing in disguise and you’ll come to realize why down the line.

2. Failures help you appreciate your highs

It’s a lot harder to appreciate the things you have and the things you accomplish if you are always getting what you want.

And I know that sounds great, right? I think a lot of people love the sound of always getting what you want every time.

But the people who always get things handed to them, often may experience dissatisfaction and never actually appreciate the things given to them. They seem more disinterested and really don’t truly appreciate the things they already have in life.

So, failures help you appreciate your highs, so that when you do reach success and you do reach your goals, it feels like the best feeling in the world.

Everything in life has polarity and failures help you realize the polarity of experiencing your lows, but appreciating your highs.

3. Failures help you learn lessons

Obviously, in order for you to get better at something, you have to learn the lessons so that you can move forward and improve yourself.

Failures help you do this and that’s how successful people become successful because they took the things that didn’t work out for them and they improved it.

I know not everyone likes to learn a lesson, especially when it comes from a failure, but I’ve always firmly believed that we are born to learn many things in our lifetime and that involves life lessons.

And some of us even have karmic lessons, but that topic can be saved for another blog post.

So, if you find yourself coming across a lot of difficulties in your goals, know that they are there to help you learn the lesson and adjust to making change!

4. Failures make you mentally stronger

When you are someone who gets used to failures, you will become extremely resilient and mentally stronger, which is important for self-growth.

This reasoning is pretty obvious, since failing is something that bruises our egos. However, when you are able to get back up and try again, that’s where the strong-minded people come from.

I will always be grateful for my failures, because I became such a confident and powerful woman out of it. I would have never thought that little me could imagine I’d be the kind of woman I am now, all because I chose to never give up even with my failures out there.

If you have to get anything out of your failures, receive the benefits of having a stronger mindset because a strong mindset will go way farther in life. And with that type of mindset, anything is possible for you!

So, thank your failures for keeping you the strong, bad*ss that you are!

5. Failures show you what you don’t want

Sometimes, our failure can show us what we don’t want in our life and that is A-okay.

Remember when I talked about life having polarities? That involves knowing what we don’t want in life to find what we actually do want for ourselves!

And sometimes, we have to fail to see that.

I know, from my experiences, it took a lot of failures to find my career and overall life’s purpose. I’m so glad that I didn’t stick to one thing in my career because I know now that it wouldn’t be the career for me.

I honestly could have been in a career that I was not satisfied in and lived like that till I was on my death bed, but luckily, I had the self-awareness that what’s not for me, isn’t for me.

Now, before you do start to burn things to the ground, I would highly recommend having some self-reflection on your failures because sometimes, people take their failures to heart and give up way too soon on their dreams.

Get very clear and reflect on whether the thing you are failing at is something you truly want in your life. You have to know what your dream life looks like, not your mom’s, not your dad’s, not your friend’s, your dream life.

Definitely check out my other self-development blog posts, so that you can get clearer on what it is you want out of your life.

Also, check out the other blog categories because they have some pretty valuable information when it comes to manifestation and topics in a spiritual perspective if you are someone wanting to go on a spiritual journey!

What failures were the BEST thing that happened to you? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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