The Lessons You Learn About Spirituality

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I want to be as raw and real as I possibly can for those who are interested in spirituality or want to start their spiritual journey.

When it comes to spirituality, it is not always going to be rainbows and butterflies. In my experience, so far, it has been a lot of ups and downs, confusion, and sometimes you might feel a little deception on the way you were living your life.

You’re not going to walk around as this enlightened person who doesn’t feel an ounce of negative emotions.

It’s also not this toxic positivity where things are always going to move smoothly for you.

It’s not about the crystals, the tarot, the psychics, or whatever people want to label as “voodoo” these days.

Spirituality, in my words, is something that we all walk, with and without you knowing.

Being a human is spiritual.

Having mood swings is spiritual.

Living your life abundantly and freely is spiritual.

Your desires and your wants are spiritual.

We’re all spiritual. We all came from the same Source.

We are all one (also know as the Law of Oneness which is one out of the twelve Universal Laws).

So if you ever run into somebody who wants to tell you that you aren’t being a “child of God”, or that “you need Jesus” or whatever Higher Power they want to say that you are not a part of, truly disregard their ignorance.

It’s actually bullsh*t. We are connected to each other more than you think.

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But we won’t get into that portion too much. After all, you’re probably here to learn more about spirituality and my experience.

I’ve learned a lot through spirituality. It has made me learn more about myself and this world than I could have ever imagined and it keeps getting better as the years go by.

So, let me share my journey and the seven lessons that spirituality has taught me.

Lesson #1: We all have a purpose

Yeah I know, this is going to sound cheesy, but hear me out.

I’ve read a lot of spiritual books about this, so it’s not something that I’m making up, but I will describe purpose in my own words and what my beliefs are about it.

You have absolutely free will to have your own belief systems.

After all, I encourage you to do so.

Anyways, I believe our souls sign a contract with our spirit guides on the experiences we want to have as a human and even what our purposes are. We don’t generally remember this when we are born. In my opinion, it’s usually because we are here to have a human experience so our guides don’t want us too be too caught up into working our purpose until the time is right.

I have heard of people having faint memories of other lifetimes they’ve had so it’s definitely not very surprising if you get déjà vu about certain experiences or if you are drawn to certain things in your life, there is usually a reason for that.

Regardless, we were all born with a purpose, big or small.

So if you are ever one of those people who are freaking out about what your life purpose is and not sure if you have one, we were all born like that.

Trust me, you aren’t alone. We’re all in the same boat as you.

Some people aren’t even living their truest purpose anyways.

It’s not a coincidence that you are here and if you wake up tomorrow, alive and well, than you absolutely still have a purpose of being here on planet Earth.

It just takes time and getting to know yourself on a deeper level, which I advise going through some shadow work, doing methods such as meditation or hypnosis, or even journal about it and giving yourself some self-reflection in order to learn more about yourself.

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Lesson #2: You trust yourself more

Wow, can I just say, spirituality was definitely made me have some deep self-trust within myself!

It’s not all that surprising because spirituality teaches you how to develop your intuition, which is the inner knowing of yourself (that we all have by the way) that truly knows what kind of life you desire to live.

I’m truly grateful that spirituality has taught me this because I’ve grown up with many people telling me I shouldn’t do this or that or tell me what I am or not capable of.

In fact, I’ve pissed a lot of people off throughout my life and I still continue to do so.

But the reason why I have the confidence to do this is because I know who I am as a person. I know my intuition and myself so well that I have no fear when it comes to taking risks.

I get many people telling me that they wish they can do the things I do, but what they don’t realize is that they have that exact capability within them. And it’s within you too.

When you have such a deep trusting bond with yourself, you almost feel unstoppable, especially when you learn more about spirituality.

Once you get to know yourself on a deeper and spiritual level, you are more likely to stick with your goals and desires.

Hence, not giving a f*ck what people have to say.

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Lesson #3: We are literally magic

If you know about manifestation and how it works, then you know you’re a literal walking magician. That’s how I can at least describe it.

There’s actually scientific evidence that we are the creators of our reality.

A good place to start is reading Joe Dispenza’s (a well-known author and neuroscientist) books Breaking The Habits Of Being Yourself or even Becoming Supernatural.

Both are amazing books if you need more evidence and are a science freak.

We are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and spirituality has taught me this.

I’ve manifested my dream life and continue to do so to this day.

And I have said the craziest things on what it is I want in my life and knowing that I can manifest anything I want has helped me have the confidence in knowing that what I desire will come to me.

And the same goes for you too.

In fact, I started my spiritual journey by learning about the Law of Attraction by reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

Now I show people that they are capable of the life they desire too.

Read more about me in my about section of the blog if you’d like to hear more about my journey. I also try to talk about my experiences in my other blog posts (depending on what it is I’m talking about).

Anyways, you are freaking magic and I encourage you to use that magic to create the magical life you’ve always wanted to live!

Lesson #4: We are never alone

If you were thinking about going on a spiritual journey (or if you are already on it), you would know that we truly are never alone.

You have a whole tribe behind you: your Highest Self, angels, gods, goddesses, ancestors, ascended masters, and so many more spiritual beings.

Your tribe loves to see you thrive and if you ask for guidance, they will help you out!

Some of this guidance might be intuitively or physically, such as a sign or through our intuition.

For example, I ask for angel numbers often and it’s gotten to the point where my guides know that angel numbers are something I will know is a sign for me.

You may ask something that can resonate with you.

Maybe it’s an animal or an object. It can be anything you want!

Just know that you are never actually alone. It may be lonely on a physical level, but spiritually, you have sooo much support and a whole team cheering you on!

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Lesson #5: Spirituality is a very accepting space

The more I find people that are into their spirituality, the more I find how loving and accepting spirituality is. It’s like you create your own little family, which can really help for people who feel like outcasts, especially with their blood relatives.

And sometimes, you will feel like an outcast when you start your spiritual journey.

Honestly, this is one of the hardest lessons that people face when it comes to starting their spiritual journey, but it can also be the most liberating if you stick with it.

You will find such inner peace within yourself and a lot of people may not understand that concept. And that’s ok.

Some people choose to follow what they’ve been taught because it makes them comfortable.

Some people may not understand because of how they grew up and may have been placed with limiting beliefs that prevent them from having an open mind.

It’s ok for people to not understand you when you decide to get into spirituality. However, on the positive note, you will find yourself making room for people who do get you.

Spirituality heavily focuses on having love and compassion, so you will often find a lot of genuinely happy and encouraging people in this community.

It’s not like with religion, where you have a separate group that have the same practices.

Spirituality is more of an individual practice that you feel resonates with you the most. Not all of us are super witch-y, psychic, crystal lovers (although we love them all regardless).

It depends on what each person is into.

You may run into a few bad apples here and there. Yes, I know some people out there might not have good intentions, but I encourage you to listen to your intuition when it comes to who is genuine about their spirituality and who is not.

Lesson #6: It’s very diverse

We all want more diversity right?

Well, spirituality does that pretty well!

Like I said before, some people are healers, psychics, yoga instructors, monks, preachers, teachers, you name it!

Honestly, I feel like I learn something new about spirituality when it comes to my studies because it’s so diverse. There’s so much to spirituality that you are definitely more than likely going to find something that resonates with you if you decide to dive more into spirituality.

Definitely do your research when you start your spiritual journey and only practice what you truly resonate with.

If you want to start meditating everyday, go for it.

Want to do start doing breathwork, do it.

Want to try out yoga, have at it!

Do what feels right for you!

There is no right or wrong way to start your spiritual journey!

Lesson #7: There’s so much more to this world

Spirituality has taught me that there is so much more to this world than we actually realize, such as other realms and spiritual beings.

After all, we haven’t even been able to explore the entire Universe!

I have heard that our dimension here on Earth is like a slower version of other realms that are on a higher frequency than we are. Now, I personally have never been able to get to these other realms (yet, maybe one day), but if you are into manifestation, you might have a better idea of what being on a higher frequency means.

It’s like your manifestations happen at lightning speed.

So if you ever wished your manifestations came sooner, imagine being in these other realms.

Hey, take this information how you like.

You can roll your eyes and ignore this idea or maybe you are interested in the idea. I don’t really care what you chose.

But if you are on a spiritual journey, you are probably more open to the idea that there is more outside of our world than what we think. It’s really cool when you think about it!

If you are someone who likes to know more about other worlds and beings, than going on a spiritual journey just might be the excitement you need!

Have you been thinking about going on a spiritual journey? Share in the comment section below and let us support each other on our journey!

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