Fun Ways To Discover Your Life’s Purpose

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When it comes to finding your life’s purpose, we’re conditioned to have it all “figured out” by the time we get to the end of high school. In my opinion, that is way too early to have anything figured out at that age!

We don’t really get the chance to explore ourselves more at such a young age because we’re far too worried about small things that don’t usually matter anyways.

Because of this societal conditioning, you hear about all these young adults go into massive debt for a degree they don’t even use.

And you may just be one of them.

I talked about my story on here before where I was planning on going to college for animation, but couldn’t go because of financial reasons.

Long story short, I decided to take a year gap and just never even tried to go back to college because I was so afraid of taking on loans and having debt. I came from a family where many of them struggled with debt and had taken loans out that they are still paying to this day. I saw that happening to them and didn’t want to be in the same stressful situation as they were so I opted out and got an entry-leveled job.

Now I get to write what I’m passionate about and take on so many passion projects, literally all because I listened to my intuition and decided that college wasn’t really for me. I found that I was planning on going to college because I felt like I had to, not because I wanted to.

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Life isn’t always about having to find what your life’s purpose on this planet is, but I know a lot of us are going through life feeling lost and depressed about it.

Trust me. I fell into that hole when I didn’t know what to do next after deciding not to go to college.

So I want to teach you ways where finding your life’s purpose doesn’t need to be stressful.

In fact, you can have a lot of fun with it and you should have fun with it! And who knows, maybe it’ll lead you to your dream career or maybe it’ll just be a fun hobby!

It’s all in your perspective.

1. What did you like to do in the past?

Look back at your life and remember what you all did for fun.

Did you like to draw? Did you like to write? Did you like to build?

What kind of activities sparked your interest?

Generally, we subconsciously are drawn to things that we either may feel truly passionate about or maybe it could just be a hobby.

Regardless, I encourage you to do the things you used to love to do, even if it isn’t your life’s purpose. When you are doing something you enjoy, you get into the flow state, which is basically you being put into a trance. In this trance, you may feel inspired, encourage, have an amazing business idea, or maybe you just feel less stressed.

For example, I used to draw a lot. I thought I was meant to be in some kind of art field, which was why I thought about going into animation school. I’ve also worked as a graphic designer freelancer and felt not as passionate as I thought I would about it after a few years.

Turns out, it was more of a hobby; however, my design skills were excellent at attracting an audience to my blog and helped me gain computer skills that were great for building a website and gain traction.

Hence, this blog was created!


Your hobbies don’t always have to be your career or passion, but it can lead you down the right path and help you find your purpose!

2. What have you always wanted to learn?

If you walked into a library, what kind of books (that have nothing to do with entertainment) would you like to learn from?

Is it gardening? Landscaping? Medicine? Cooking? Business? Investments? Real Estate?

The possibilities are endless.

Follow that nudge that you feel called to.

For my example, I got heavily into self-development after hitting my rock bottom. I went to therapy and got introduced to by The Secret which also inspired me to get into spirituality.

Now I am always learning about spirituality and self-development, which led me to becoming passionate about teaching it.

I truly feel like I am on track with my life’s purpose.

Follow what it is that you have been urging to learn about. You might just surprise yourself, not only with some knowledge, but what you truly feel passionate about.

Again, if it’s something you are just curious about, do it anyways. After all these years of learning about how the world works, I found that there is no such thing as coincidences.

There’s most likely a reason for you wanting to learn about that specific topic.

3. What did you want to be growing up?

Yes, yes, we got asked this question a lot when we were little.

But, there is a lot of truth to this.

See, when we were young, probably from the time we are born to the age of seven, our subconscious runs mostly on the theta wavelength. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist, has testing this theory out and has shown now many children from those age ranges take in their environment.

Now, this is also basically the gateway to what your soul really wants in life. I mean, you’re not even a decade old at that point yet; you haven’t really grasped the reality around you.

You’re not worried about bills, loans, or mortgages. You’re more excited about having fun and being happy.

Having fun and being happy are the keys to showing you what your soul truly desires. Your soul thrives off of having fun and being happy. Spiritually, those are some of the highest vibrations for you to live your best purpose and live abundantly.

However, a lot of people ignore this.

They go on to careers that they feel will make them stable and tie them over to retirement. You may hear them talk about how they dread to go back to work and use the weekend as an escape to party, drink, basically forget about work until they have to wake up in the morning and do it all over again.

How is that any fun? Why, as adults, did we decide to stop having fun?

The real world doesn’t have to be dreadful and you don’t need to feel like a drag either!

If you really want to discover a career that will truly fulfill you, (forget about the money because it will come later if you are in alignment with your life’s purpose) then what would that career be?

What did you want to be growing up?

It’s funny in my case because my mother has a laminated paper of whom seven-year-old me was. I talked about what my favorite shows are, what my favorite color is, you know, talking about what a kid likes to talk about.

At the end of my paper, it was talking about career. Guess what seven-year-old me wanted to be when I grew up?

A teacher.

Now that I looked back at it, it never even came occurred to me about wanting to be a spiritualteacher/life coach.

I thought I was talking about elementary, middle, or high school teacher.

Seven year old me really did know what my heart truly wanted.

So don’t take what your younger self wanted to do for granted. You might be surprised that you may still resonate with your desires.    

4. Urge to try something new? Do it!

I’ve talked about this before and I’ll keep talking about it again. If you have the urge to try something new, do it. I don’t care if it’s taking a class, going to a new restaurant, starting that new project, just do it.

Often times, we don’t realize that things lead to another and you find yourself taking opportunities that benefit you in the long run. It doesn’t have to lead to your dream career, but it can sure help.

And who knows, you may find your dream partner that way.

Maybe you end up making new friends.

Maybe it ends up benefiting you mentally.

Our intuition likes to urge us to try new things that usually benefit us in some way, even if it’s just to be stress-free from our busy lives.

Don’t be afraid to try new things out because you never know where it might lead you!   

What advice in this post helped you in finding your purpose? Comment down below!

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