Reclaim Your Power Back By Energetic Cord Cutting

Over the years of doing inner healing work and dabbling into energy work, I realize the importance there is to energetic cord cutting.

You don’t think about it at first because, having an interaction is just a normal thing to us on a surface level.

However, over time, I find that when it comes to the interactions we have with others, we form a deeper connection with each other on a spiritual plane. You may hear these connections called energetic cords.

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What are energetic cords?

I will explain energetic cords in my own words and in my own unique explanation.

You see, there’s a universal law called the Law of Oneness where we are all connected. I won’t go too deep into this law because I’ve explained it in another blog post, but it pertains a lot to quantum physics.

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But basically, these connections that we have with each other is connected on an energetic level.

So, if me and you were to have a conversation or an interaction, we would be forming an energetic cord.

This has also been the case for anyone who has tried astral projection, where you might be able to see the silver cord that connects your soul to your body.

You see? We are always connected.

The thing is, what a lot of us forget to do is cut these connections with each other when they no longer serve us.

This is why people have a hard time getting over the past, getting over what someone has done to them in the past, where you may find examples of the “crazy ex”, or the overbearing client that needs your assistance on your off hours.

Why is it important to cut energetic cords?

If you are needing to heal some deep-rooted trauma from your past or if you just need to cut the cord from a crappy interaction with someone, then it’s important to cut those energetic cords to prevent the situation or person from draining your life force energy.

I mean, think about it for a second.

The more energy you put into someone or something, ESPECIALLY when it’s out of your control, you’re going to grow tried, resentful, you may end up not having the energy to even make step forwards in life past this crap connection.

Especially if you are an empath, your energy needs to be protected a lot more because as empaths, we are a lot more susceptible to people taking our energy.

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Freeing yourself from this connection will help you in forgiveness work, inner child healing, and overall, live a life that you get to authentically fulfill.

I do also want to mention that whenever you do a cord cutting ritual, it’s best to keep your distance from whatever situation or person you are cord cutting from in order to avoid reconnecting the cord, at least for a while.

That way, it gives the energetics time to settle and for this new profound change to take place.

Sometimes you feel something immediately, sometimes it may take time.

Give yourself grace and practice self-care after energetic cord cutting

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Now then, let’s get into how we can start cutting these energetic cords.

1. Visualization meditation

Visualization can be a powerful tool to help you cut energetic cords. Even if you don’t have time to sit down and do a visualization meditation, you can always do a sleep meditation before you go to sleep.

In fact, sometimes a sleep visualization meditation can actually be more effective since you are entering into theta state: the state where you have better access to the subconscious mind.

Aka, the root where trauma, limiting beliefs, and behavioral patterns sits.

I’ve personally found a few great ones on Youtube that I will share with you below, but you are free to choose any other meditation that you feel fits your needs better!


Remember that putting in the intention of what it is you want to let go is the utmost important.

Make sure you are clear on what it is or who it is you want to cut the energetic cord from.

2. Candle Ritual

If you’re a witch-y sort of person or you just like to have a physical representation of cord cutting, then doing a candle ritual might just serve your needs.

You may have to go on Youtube and find out how to do one, but it doesn’t take a lot of material to do.

Just make sure you perform the ritual in a safe container that is non-flammable because obviously, you’ll be lighting some candles and tying them with a string (aka, the cord between you and whoever or whatever).

The flame will get pretty big, so make sure you perform this in a safe space!

You may also get material from your local metaphysical store or even online at an affordable price!

Regardless, I actually really liked the candle ritual and will definitely be doing it again whenever I need to do a cord cutting ritual.

I will link to a Youtube video that I used for my cord cutting ritual (especially since I was still a little new at it). Again, feel free to choose to perform the candle ritual in whatever way you want to.

3. Ho’oponopono

In my experience, ho’ponopono has been the most powerful method for me to cut energetic cords from people. This tradition is a Hawaiian practice that has been used for forgiveness, reconciliation, and for one to take responsibility for their own actions.

The prayer goes along these lines:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

Now, the part where I said we take responsibility for our own actions might anger those who felt like they have done nothing wrong in the situation. Or worse, have been a victim in situations that were abusive, invasive, or completely out of their control.

So, why should victims be the one to say “I’m sorry”?

Let alone, ask for forgiveness when it should be the other way around?

Like I said, this Hawaiian practice teaches us to take responsibility for ourselves, which includes our feelings, actions, thoughts, as well as our reactions towards situations and other people.

In the end, we get to choose who we want to respond to people, situations, and our past.

Otherwise, we allow the following to take control of our personal power and take away our precious energy, thus, putting us further and further away from inner peace and tranquility.

Remember when I said that we are all one and connected on a spiritual plane?

That means that change starts within ourselves and that involves forgiveness.

Granted, you are not obligated to reconnect with someone who has done you harm or wrong; however, forgiveness is more for you and your inner peace.

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This practice has gotten more widely known after, a student of ho’oponopono, Dr. Hew Len had cleared out a ward of mentally ill patients using this practice.

I’ll spare you the story here and send you an article about his story. It is absolutely fascinating and I encourage you to read it in hopes that you will also cultivate this practice.

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No matter if you work as an energy healer, an empath, or just need to work on some inner healing, taking time for energetic cord cutting will make a massive difference in your wellbeing both mentally and spiritually.

It’s time to give yourself permission to let go and reclaim your power back!

What was your experiences with energetic cord cutting? Did it make a massive impact on your life? Share in the comment section below! 

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