Oracle Cards That I Absolutely Love And Recommend

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So, over the last few years I have LOVED tarot and oracle cards.

I love the artwork, I love how unique each deck is, and it’s one of my favorite ways of divination when I need an answer to my question.

I’ve heard for some people; they are afraid of trying out tarot and/or oracles cards because of the stigma that has been created around them.

And the funny thing I find is that, people who follow the Bible, for example, use the Bible to help guide them and find answers, yet it is deemed to be fine versus a bunch of cards (which by the way, I haven’t been around many religions besides Christians and Catholics and I am not religious myself so I’m using the Bible as an example).

Seriously, how strange is that? That a book is safer to find answers than using a bunch of cards?

Tarot and oracle cards are just tools.

Tools DO NOT take control of your life.

The intention behind the tools we use is what actually makes the difference, so if your intention is to find some guidance, know that you will be able to receive your answers.

Now there is a difference between tarot cards and oracle cards.

Tarot helps you discover more details about a situation where oracle cards help you find the overall lesson and general meaning to a situation.

Both are great and I love using both in readings.

In this blog post, I will be talking more about oracle cards I have gotten that I really love because my tarot cards are catered more specifically to my taste (but if you want to know my recommendations anyways, let me know)!

Again, I just freaking adore the artwork that gets put into oracle cards. I know I love when people show me what they got.

Because for me, it just means I get to add more to my collection! Enjoy!

Table of Contents:

This deck have a unique sense of style with blended elements of traditional tarot and other ancient divination tools!

This is a great deck for all you astrology lovers and when it comes to looking for answers in your manifestations!

This deck maybe a lot smaller than your average oracle deck, but this deck would be good for receiving clarity on some tough situations. To be honest, I feel like this deck really keeps things raw and real!

I feel like this deck is fit for a witch so if you are someone who’s a practicing witch or someone who is really into magic or mysticism, then this deck would be great for you!

Not only are fairies adorable magical creatures, but I hear they offer a lot of wisdom and are great environmentalists of the planet. So if you are really into fairies, this deck is for you!

This deck is a little different than their Moonology Manifestation Oracle deck because I feel the original Moonology deck helps give you more clarity than just straight up taking action on your manifestations. This deck gives you more reminders and words of wisdom towards your situation. 

This deck was inspired by Native American heritage where it was said to believe that nature gave signs to determine people’s destiny. So if you are someone who resonate with this or someone who really connects with nature, you should totally check out this deck!

Another great deck to connect with your inner witch! This deck uses simple words that feel like they create a powerful punch!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. We are all energy. This is explained in science and especially true spiritually. Not only is this deck absolutely brilligant, but this deck showcases the power of energies and give you clarity on how to co-create your dream life!

I always say surrender is KEY to getting what we want from the Universe. This deck can help guide you into surrender mode and tell you what exactly you need to surrender to in order to receive your desires!

If you are a HUGE animal lover, this deck is perfect for you! Not only that, but the artwork on this deck is just BREATH-TAKING!

Does the term “starseed” resonate with you? I hear starseeds are incarnations of souls from other star systems who are born into the human world to help heal and inspire this planet. They are generally VERY connected to the Universe and have a deeper sense of knowing who they truly are. Sound familiar to you? This deck maybe the deck for you!

This deck has a unique blend of oil painting vibes and goddess energy aura. I also like that this deck has more variety of darker skinned women (as someone who is colored herself). The messages on these cards are very clear and can make it easier for you intuitively!

If you are a fellow goddess trying to step into your goddess energy, then this deck maybe the deck for you! I love this deck because it shares some of the background stories of each goddess and I feel like this deck is definitely the most elegant deck I own!

It’s been said that there are spirits in everything around us, whether that’s nature, the animals, and all of the lands. If you are a nature lover, this deck maybe a great fit for you in receiving guidance and clarity! Short, simple, and straight to the point!

Another great deck to connect with your feminine energy! When I bought this deck, I heard from other people that it was very popular because of how beautiful it looks! Honestly, any oracle deck made by Rebecca Campbell is beautiful in my opinion!

I like the variety of this deck and the guidance from specific spirit helpers, angels, ascended masters, and other spirit guides! It’s like you are getting help from an entire spirit team (which we all have by the way)!

Not only have mermaids been known to be mystical creatures, but I’ve heard they are also messengers of the spirit world. This deck has really helped me in all kinds of situations, from guidance, to making tough situations, to helping me find the actual truth behind closed doors, so if this resonates with you (as well as being a massive mermaid lover), this deck maybe the deck for you!

Another great deck for fairy-lovers! The artwork on this oracle deck is SO vibrant and beautiful! I just love the details that went into this deck!

I got this deck because I was so drawn to the name and the tagline. It is so important to lead your life authentically for YOU and not what anyone else says. I preach this all the time in my blog, my podcast, and in general. So I’m going to preach about how wonderful this oracle deck has been for me and the guidance it has given me to keep going!

Beautiful. Simply worded. And has a whole lot of magic vibes to it! I just love the nature references so much!

This oracle deck gives me English literature vibes which is interesting because I actually loved English in school, so if this type of vibe resonates with you, check out this oracle deck!

Every time I used this deck, I think “Oooo shiny”. Have you ever heard of “light language” before? I heard it’s a language that our soul understands. I’m not super in-dept with this topic since I don’t know how to speak light language (however I have heard people expressing light language in other forms like writing, painting, dancing, etc.), but I know it’s a beautiful talent. Check it out and while you are at it, check out this beautiful deck!

I love working with angel spirits and I really feel like they provide these wise words of wisdom every time I work with them. This deck is a smaller deck also, but the messages on the cards are longer and more detailed than your usual oracle cards. Great for someone getting used to listening to their intuition!

Another lovely oracle deck for all you lovely witches out there! This deck is very folklore vibes and can be great for someone who is a plant-lover! Simple guidance with simple wording!

Of course, another deck by Rebecca Campbell! This deck has a mixture of different types of card for confirmation, clarity, action, activation, and transmission! Again, a stunning deck with beautiful imagery!

This deck was inspired by the art of dancing and I just love the vibrant colors that the imagery portrays. These cards have simple phrases, yet carry so much wisdom and guidance. Are you a dancer? Do you just love to dance in general? Check out this oracle deck!

Another oracle deck for all you astrology lovers! If you are someone who gets real in-depth with astrology, this deck would be PERFECT for you!

Another oracle deck where I go “Ooooo shiny”. This deck contains a whole lot of activation from the Divine, using light portals, chakras, spiritual guardians, and so much more wisdom from the Divine Consciousness!

Just like the Oracle of the Mermaids deck, this deck has given me so much clarity and guidance in tough situations with the help of the fairies. Again, I also love this deck because it has helped me discover the truth about the situations in my own personal life!

This deck is great for simple yes or no questions. It literally gives you a straight answer, so if you need a straight answer to a question, this deck is for you!

So I just recently got this deck because I’ve been called to embody the feminine energy side of myself. So if you are someone who feels called to connect to your feminine energy (or maybe you ARE someone who sits more in your feminine energy), then this deck maybe a great fit for you! I love how the guidebook gives a background to each feminine figure and how their experiences can pertain to your life!

With the overall aesthetic of this deck, I always feel like I draw out so many powerful lessons and deep-healing. It’s like this deck gives off dark feminine energy vibes! I always feel like this oracle deck keeps it raw and real also! So if you are needing some clarity, assistance, and serious growth in your life, then check out this deck!

Which oracle deck do you feel called to? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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