Five Ways To Manifest

When it comes to manifestation, there are so many ways to manifest. Some are more popular in the manifestation world, some may be a little weird, some are more personalized, but regardless, they all work the same way.

The main thing is to make sure you can back your manifestation up with the intention of doing so, believing it to the fullest, and of course, taking inspired action when you need to!

I know it can be a little overwhelming at first, but there’s absolutely no need to stress about it. Manifesting your dream life should be fun for you!

So, I’m only going to teach you a few out of the many that I have done that have actually worked for me over the years.

Feel free to try them out and see what works best for you!

Table of Contents:

1. Scripting

I’ve talked about scripting your life before and I can for sure tell you that it most definitely works!

Scripting is a form of journaling where you write about your dream life in present tense, so basically as if you are already living that dream life. When you script, it is better to be as detailed as possible.

I know for me, I scripted my fitness journey even before I really knew anything about manifestation. I would talk about wanting to go to the gym and although I didn’t have the money to really get a gym membership (which I do now), I still took the action of buying some weights from Walmart and that helped me jumpstart my fitness journey!

Of course when I scripted, it took about another two years before I actually started to get into fitness due to me putting out excuses and being too busy with work and blah blah blah, you know, excuses.

This is why I say to put in inspired action when you need to.

Some people have done it just once and some people will script everyday. Personally, I have done it both ways and still have gotten the same results! Do it however many times you want because the main thing to remember when you script is to put intention out there and to feel like you already have it!

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2. Vision board

Visions boards are one of the best ways to manifest if you are someone who is more of a visual manifestor! Over time, it seems the mainstream has picked up on using vision boards to achieve your new years resolution goals.

To make a vision board, find some pictures that show what it is you desire. It can be pictures you searched on Google, in magazines, or even a board you can make on Pinterest! You basically are making a collage of all the things you want to manifest.

I’ve found that making a vision board varies from person to person. I know for example, some people have it to where their career is in a group and their fitness goals are in another group (which is how I do it also because it’s more organized) and I have seen people put words on their vision boards to show them how it will feel to achieve those goals on.

I don’t want to tell you a certain way of doing your vision board because everyone does it in their own way. You can search on Youtube to see what resonates with you the most.

Don’t worry if there are some things on your vision board that either does not manifest or things that you don’t really want anymore.

Manifestation takes time and if it’s something you really want, just move that manifestation over to the next year! Also, there will be some things on your vision boards that you really won’t resonate with anymore and that is totally normal!

I know there’s many things on my vision boards that I don’t resonate with anymore and quite frankly, that just makes more room to manifest the things that do light me up!

I personally don’t think it matters if it’s a physical board or a digital one. I think as long as you are able to see it, you’ll manifest regardless!

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3. 5x55 Method

Do you remember when you were a child, if you did something wrong in school, you’d have to write down whatever it is you would stop doing in sentence form and have to do it several times?

That’s basically what the 5×55 method is; however, this isn’t a punishment and I hope my example didn’t make you feel like it will be!

Basically you write down a sentence of something you want to manifest in present tense and you do it 55 times each day for five days.

So for example, let’s say you are trying to manifest clear skin. You may write something like:

I have clear, beautiful skin.

Or if you are manifesting a job, you may write something like:

I work in a place that I love the most.

This method is great if you are good at remembering to do it everyday for five days. Doing so will help you seep this manifestation in on a subconscious level, especially if you keep telling it yourself over and over and over.

Plus, it’s been proven that writing things down helps you remember information better, which is why it’s so easy for your subconscious to take it in!

Give it a try and see what unfolds!    

4. Two Cup Method

Here’s another fun way to manifest!

Basically what you do is you take two cups and on one of the cups, you write on a sticky note your current reality and on the other you write what your dream reality will be.

So let’s say you are living paycheck to paycheck and you want to manifest more abundance.

On of the stick notes, you would write your current reality as “lack of money” and on the other sticky note you want to write your dream reality which would be maybe something like “I have more than enough money”.

Pour water in the current reality cup and hold the cup of water. Think about your situation and how it feels to be in it.

Now you will pour the water from the current reality cup to the dream reality cup. Hold the cup of water and imagine how it will feel to have what you want.

So in this example, how does it feel to be abundance?

How does it feel to never have to worry about bills again?

How was it feel to have more than enough?

Really tune into these emotions and then, drink the water.

It’s that simple!

The reason why this method has become so popular and works so quickly is because water has the ability to hold memories, energies, and emotions. We know that our bodies are made out of 70% water so this method works well with changing our frequencies.

Dr. Emoto, a scientist, has tested the theory of water having this ability by having two cups of water and telling one cup of water positive affirmations and the other water negative affirmations. He froze these cups of water and it turns out that the cups of water froze different.

One cup of water froze very beautifully, as if you were looking into the details of a snowflake.

However in the other cup, the water froze very chaotically and very distorted-looking.

So give it a try and always remember to have fun with it!

5. Gratitude journal

I’ve talked about practicing gratitude so many times and the reason for this is because gratitude is one of the highest vibrations to manifest what you desire.

The trick to this is to be thankful for already having what it is you desire. So basically, you want to write in the present tense.

Let’s say you want to manifest your soul mate. You might talk about how you are so grateful for having the partner of your dreams. You may talk about what they look like, how they act, how they treat you, what they like to do, etc.

I would keep a notebook handy when it comes to writing out your gratitude. Again, I believe you can do it as many times as you’d like. You can do it everyday or you can do it once if you feel like the Universe will listen the first time.

So give it a try and remember to really feel the emotions when you do this!

Have you tried out any of these manifestation methods? Comment down below and give us more ideas on ways to manifest!

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