The Manifestation Routine To Transform Your Life

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Having a manifestation routine is ideal in order to put you on the pathway to success, especially when it comes to manifesting your dream life!

If you are a bookworm like I am, you will find that a lot of successful people talk about having some sort of routine, especially in their morning routine. It’s been proven that having a solid morning routine can help kick start your day off right.

So, I’m going to share with you the things that I have included in my manifestation routine that I hope will help give you ideas on what you can start doing in your routine. That way, we can all walk alongside the path to success!

Table of Contents:

1. Try to meditate first thing in the morning

Meditating first thing in the morning can be really beneficial with setting your mind right for the day, especially before you distract yourself with technology.

When we wake up, we are still in that deep state of sleep. Some of us associate this feeling as “just waking up” or “being groggy”.

However, this state is the best time to meditate your manifestations because it’s easier for your subconscious to take in your intentions in and implement them so they stick better. Plus, your mind is fresher from thoughts when you wake up, which makes it easier focus in on your meditation.

Sometimes people will meditate on their goals.

Maybe some people might just meditate how they want their day to go in order to get them closer to their manifestations.

Or maybe you want to meditate on some questions you have for yourself to help guide you into the right direction.

Whatever the case may be, meditation can help you start the manifestation process off right!

Plus, the typical benefits of meditation are an added bonus anyways!

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2. Start journaling

There are multiple ways of journaling, but for now, I will be talking specifically on manifesting.

It doesn’t have to be pages upon pages of writing (unless you have the time to do so and just want to). You can journal how you want your dream day to go, what it’s like living your dream life, maybe some goals you have accomplished.

This is also known as scripting. Scripting is when you write how your dream life goes in present tense; basically as if you are already living the life you want.

You can do this once or even multiple times if you want to. I’ve done it both ways and have manifested regardless of how many times I do it! After all, the Universe is always listening anyways, so even if you write your dream life once, you are still bringing your manifestations into reality.

Journaling has also helped people bring out unwanted emotions, which is why you hear journaling being a good coping mechanism. Another way I’ve heard people say this is brain dumping your emotions onto paper.

Don’t worry if you feel like writing negative emotions down will manifest into your reality. In my personal opinion, the Universe responds faster to emotions of high vibrations.

Plus, we’re only human. It’s no surprise that we experience negative emotions. As long as we are aware that our negative emotions don’t define us, you won’t have to worry about manifesting those negative emotions back into your life!

Feel free to let go of the crappy energy and refresh yourself with some journaling!

For the record, I suggest you keep your scripting journal separate from your “brain dumping” journal so you don’t have to revisit old emotions that no longer serve you!

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3. Use the power of visualization

Visualization has been proven to be a powerful tool for your manifestations.

When you get into the mode of living your life a certain way, being a certain type of person, you start to rewire your thoughts into becoming that person you want to be or living that life that you want to live.

Some people use visualization to visualize how their day will be, whether that’s being productive or whether that’s just having a great day in general.

Give it a try! Take time out of your morning to visualize the life you desire.

Get as detailed as you can!

How do you feel? What are you wearing? What kind of environment are you living in? Who are you with?

Again, this is great upon waking up and right before you fall asleep (especially right before you fall into the deep state).

4. Gratitude is the best attitude!

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational frequencies you can put yourself, which makes it fantastic for manifesting!

It’s even better when you are grateful for the small things in life because since the Universe grants you what you want on high vibrational emotions, it gives you more of what it is you are grateful for.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you want to earn more money. Start being grateful for the money you spend, even if it’s paying your bills. The Secret goes into depth on this method and basically talks about how the more you express gratitude for, not only the money you receive, but also the money you spend; you attract more abundance into your life.

It’s as simple as saying thank you (you don’t have to say it out loud unless you want to). Feel the gratitude of being able to pay your bills, buy groceries, receive birthday money, etc.!

5. Read and educate yourself!

For all you bookworms, if you want to be wealthy, read books about money, investing, or millionaires.

If you want to attract love, read about the five love languages, people who talk about successful marriages, or how to make your partner happy.

If you want to be fit, read books about fitness, nutrition, or cooking.

If you want to tune into your spirituality more, read about connecting with your guides, types of spirituality, the Universe/God, whatever you believe in.

Get the idea? Learn from the people who have succeeded in what you want in your life. This is perfect for people who don’t have others around them who have what they want.

The more you educate yourself on your manifestation, the more you will know what to do in order to get there.

Plus, educating yourself more will help you take action, which is important when it comes to manifesting. Obviously, the more confidence you have about something you’ve learned about, the more likely you are to take the steps to get there.

It’s as simple as you reading for ten minutes in the morning or even at night.

Find some time in your day to read a little bit even if it’s just a little bit!

6. Listen to motivational videos

You ever feel pumped when you watch someone make a great speech or watch an interview that makes you want to get up and change your life?

There’s a reason for that.

Often we take on the energy of others when we allow ourselves to do so. So sometimes when you are around someone very inspiring and positive, you feel inspired and positive.

This works the other way around also. If you are around someone who is very depressing, dark, gloomy, sad, then you end up absorbing those emotions.

Obviously, you have to do more than just watch videos. You need to take action.

But at the very least, listen to motivational videos will help you get into the vibration of the person you are watching.

There’s plenty of interviews out there that talk about manifestation.

Abraham Hicks, Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein, and so much more!

So instead of starting your day off scrolling through social media, watch a motivational video on Youtube and see how your life changes!

What will you start implementing into your routine? Let us know in the comment section below!

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