How To Do Forgiveness Work And Truly Free Yourself

One of my most popular blog post lately has been around forgiveness, which is ironic considering that the time I’m writing this blog post is getting close around the eclipse season.

And from what I heard from astrologers and people who love to study astrology, the solar eclipse season can bring up massive transformation and healing, depending on what zodiac sign it falls under.

Nonetheless, it seems like a lot of people have some heaviness in their heart space and in my personal experience and opinion, I feel forgiveness is something we are here to learn in this lifetime, as well as something we will always come back to.

Just like I said in my other forgiveness post, forgiveness is more for you and not for other people. If you feel the need to say sorry to someone, then by all means, feel free to as this is your free will.

However, there is no obligation.

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Any resentment, hatred, or other negative emotions are something that the person who is feeling these feelings has to deal with, not necessary the other people who caused it.

It’s better to take your power back then to wallow as a victim.

And any one of us is capable of taking back our power.

Table of Contents:

I’ve talked about WHY you should do forgiveness work, but I rarely talked about HOW to do it.

So, I’ll be talking about forgiveness work on the more subconscious and spiritual level. If that is something that doesn’t really interest you, then this post isn’t for you.

Now then, let’s talk about how to do forgiveness work and truly free yourself

1. Cutting cords

It’s said to believe that when we interact with people in our life, we form an energetic cord. It could be a stranger, a friend, a family member, anyone.

As a Reiki practitioner, I also have to learn to cut the cords of clients because I can’t allow them any opportunities to suck the energy out of me (especially when I need to use it to practice Reiki).

There was one time my Reiki master had to really cut the cords on a client because they kept obsessively wanting her services and were heavily codependent on her (which is not healthy for either parties if you ever been in a codependent relationship with a spouse, friend, or even family members).

So, if you have some ill-feelings towards someone, that person has the capability to suck the life force energy out of us through these energetic cords.

Now, if you are well-versed into your spiritual journey, you would know that your life force is where our vitality lies. It’s our spiritual health and can even be used for manifestation purposes.

So, when someone has their life force energy sucked dry, you may find that person lacking energy, ambition, and drive. They may think lowly of themselves or other people.

It’s kind of like they are living a soulless life.

They may have a hard time getting what they want because they don’t have the life force energy to achieve their desires.

You get the drift…

Forgiveness work can be doing a ritual that involves cord cutting, which I have given examples in another blog post about energetic cord cutting that I highly suggest you check it out.

My only other advice I want to leave off with energetic cord cutting is to (if you can) keep your distance from the person you are cord cutting, as interacting with them too much can reconnect the cord.

Keep your distance or limit contact if you can, and please, please, please, practice self-love and self-care because you might feel tired from the process.

This is normal and you’ll start to realize that in due time, you actually end up with more energy than you could have ever imagined.

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2. Ho'oponopono

Ho’oponopono has been a popular form of forgiveness work that originated as a Hawaiian tradition.

The practice uses these phrases:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

This method of forgiveness centers around taking responsibility for yourself and your feelings towards a person or situation.

Although this Hawaiian practice had been around for centuries, it has expanded worldwide by a student, Dr. Hew Len, who cleared out a psyche ward of mentally-ill patients by using this practice without ever meeting these patients.

I will provide an article about his story because it has truly shown how powerful this tradition is.

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If you want to incorporate Ho’oponopono into your forgiveness work, you can also go on Youtube and you’ll find many meditations on this practice. You can even find sleep meditations if you can’t find the time to sit down and do this work.

Just make sure to set the intention of who you want to forgive before you go to sleep, if you decide to do a sleep meditation on Ho’oponopono.

3. Eft (known as Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT can be another way to practice forgiveness work, as this technique has been known to relieve negative emotions through the meridian points of your body.

This technique is practiced in Chinese medicine through the work of acupuncture, so you’ll find that acupuncture hits similar meridian points of the body.

You can use this technique to practice forgiveness or forgiving certain people or situations in your life.

One of my favorite Youtubers that I know a lot of people go to and love is Brad Yates.

He was the first one who I learn about this practice from and I believe he still posts Youtube videos around EFT to this day!

Check him out and search up his EFT videos around forgiveness!

Check out: Brad Yate’s Youtube channel

4. Heal your inner child

Sometimes, one of the reasons it may be hard to forgive is because the inner child of us never received what it is we needed most.

If you had issues with your parents and your parents weren’t able to provide you the support that you need, especially mental or emotional support, you may have a hard time with forgiveness.

Many children end up taking after their parent’s behaviors. So, if you had a parent that never said sorry or cared about your feelings or worse, emotionally or mentally manipulated you, you will also embody this same behavior if you are not aware of it.

It can follow you into adulthood and affect the relationships around you.

Especially as we get older, we have the responsibility to heal this portion of us, which is going to start with your inner child.

Inner child work will be important here. You may want to journal about it, which I have journal prompts on my other blog post around inner child work.

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You may also do this in meditation since our inner child will come from the subconscious programming within ourselves.

Whatever resonates with you, inner child healing is important in forgiveness work.

Once you forgive yourself and the situations you had been through, you will be able to forgive others just as easily.

5. Shadow work

Shadow work, shadow work, shadow work.

This is a practice that many people avoid because it involves facing the harsh truth about ourselves.

Our shadows are basically shoving our skeleton in our closet and trying to ignore that it’s there. The problem with that, however, is that the things that we shove in the darkness will always come up to the light.

I know that we want to pretend like it never will, but it does.

These shadows come up in our limiting beliefs around money, our relationships, how we perceive ourself, religion, spirituality, you get the point.

Our shadows come from wanting to be loved, accepted, and validated, which I’m sure many of us can relate to any of these points or all of them.

I don’t want you to reject these shadows, I want to encourage you to accept these shadows and love them.

I have journal prompts on shadow work from another blog post I wrote around this topic.

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And I have advice on ways you can practice shadow work as well, so I won’t go too deep into this topic. All I want you to know is that shadow work can help you in your forgiveness work.

Similar to inner child work, shadow work can help you accept and love the dark side of yourself and co-exist with this side of yourself.

Instead of avoiding these shadows, you are accepting them, loving them, and just embracing this side of yourself.

Remember that this side of you isn’t bad, you were just made to believe it’s a bad thing just because your ego thinks it should be.

And just like the ego, which in my opinion, is the part of us that is helpful for our survival, our shadows are just as important and helpful when it comes to self-awareness and healing.

Once you realize this, forgiveness work becomes much easier to handle because you learned to love all parts of yourself.

And quite honestly, I truly feel that this will make you that much unf*ckable.

What kind of forgiveness work do you do? Share in the comment section below! 

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