12 Laws Of The Universe To Help You Manifest

Did you know that the Law of Attraction is only one of the laws of the universe?

That’s right, there are actually several laws put in place for us to use to our advantage, especially if you are getting into the world of manifestation!

Honestly, the list seems endless! There seems to be more Universal Laws that we keep learning about.

For the sake of simplicity, I will be discussing only twelve of the Universal Laws that will be important for you when it comes to manifesting your desires!

Table of Contents:

1. The Law of Divine Oneness

The Law of Divine Oneness is all about how we are divinely connected with each other and within Source (or whatever you want to call your Higher Power). This is why it is so important to live our best lives because this law helps give other people permission to do the same for themselves!

In fact, if you’re a science fanatic, quantum physics shows proof of this!

What you do to one particle is immediately done to another particle and information is share between both particles.

It has been said that when we desire something, whether that’s a healthy, loving relationship, massive wealth or even just living a life of luxury, it means that somewhere in this dimension, there is another part of us that is living that kind of life.

Basically, you really are meant to live the life that you desire!

I love this law because this universal law reminds me that what is possible for one is possible for all.

So, no need for jealousy here! It’s possible for you too!

2. The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is pretty obviously and the most common when it comes to manifestation (also can be known as the Law of Magnetism).

To put it simplicity, like attracts like (like a magnet).

You want the live an abundant life?

Act like you live abundantly and show gratitude for the abundance you do have and receive, even as simple as saying thank you for getting paid.

You want to be a victim of you circumstance?

You’re going to attract situations where you are going to become a victim of your circumstances. It’s as simple as that.

I don’t really want to go too much into this law since it’s the most common one when it comes to manifestation.

3. The Law of Vibration

Ever heard of raising your vibrations in order to live up to the things you want in life? Maybe you just heard the terms “good vibes only” or “just vibin”?

It turns out everything in this Universe is vibrating at a certain frequency and that the reason for this is because everything is energy. This means that your thoughts, emotions, feelings, and words are all vibrations that are constantly generating into the Universe.

Of course, when you read pretty much any book on manifestation, you’ll find that manifestation all comes with having a better mindset.

You can’t manifest by constantly being a negative Nancy!

I mean think about it, have you ever gotten anything in life by constantly complaining, being depressed, angry, or frustrated with life?

Of course not. In fact, I bet things probably felt like they were getting worse.

Negative thoughts bring negative things into your life. Positive thoughts bring positive results!

4. The Law of Cause and Effect

This law is one of my favorites and is all known as the Law of Karma.

What you put out is what you will receive back, so we should start being cautious of how we treat each other. The cause are the decisions we make and the actions we take. The effect is the results we get out of it.

The effect tends to be bigger than the cause. You get to decide whether you want to use this to your advantage or if you choose to let this destroy you.

This law isn’t to scare you or anything, but to help you be mindful of your actions.

And to also let you know that if you are going through times where it feels like you are being mistreated by somebody else, do not set out for revenge.

This will do way more harm to you than good. Just let karma take its course!

5. The Law of Inspired Action

Of course, we can’t just sit back and expect that our manifestation will just magically come to us. That successful business, dream body, or loving relationship won’t just pop up in front of you out of nowhere (although how awesome would that be?).

This is where we apply the Law of Inspired Action.

Keyword: inspired.

Yes, it’s true that physical action must be taken to bring something into our reality, but forcing for the sake of hustling and exhaustion is not required. This sort of behavior can actually be a sign that you have a limiting belief that states that you are not worthy or enough of obtaining the thing that you want.

Therefore, you must constantly have to prove yourself.

That’s why taking inspired action is important, so ask yourself often whether you are doing something because you feel called to do so or if it’s all about our Egos.

Example #1 (out of forced action): “I have to stay in this company and work hard because if I don’t, I’ll be a disgrace to my family.”

Example #2 (out of forced action): “I have to work more hours in order to make my way up into the company and get a promotion!”

Example #1 (out of inspired action): “I really want to start this business idea that I have even though it has nothing to do with what I am currently doing.”

Example #2 (out of inspired action): “I really feel like I need to get out of my hometown and move to this city even though I have no idea why.”

6. The Law of Transmutation

The Law of Transmutation is when energy is constantly in motion and being transmuted from one form into another. This is where our realities are constantly shifting and we have the capability to switch our realities so drastically.

It’s been said that when a very high-vibrational, positive person is in a room full of negative, low-vibrational people, that positivity becomes infectious and can spread amongst each other because we are constantly taking in each other’s energy. Higher vibrational frequencies have more power than lower frequencies.

This is why it’s very important to protect your energy from those you come in contact with.

Otherwise, if you aren’t careful, your energy can be affected also.

7. The Law of Mirrors

Also known as the Law of Correspondence.

Everything in reality is a reflection of what is going on with us internally and we attract those certain patterns because of our internal worlds. This can be reflected though other people in different forms.

For example, do you find yourself being in relationships where you are constantly being cheated on? This situation can be a reflection of your lack of worth and love with yourself, therefore, your partners will treat you with less respect.

Do you find yourself being used by people? Maybe you find yourself around a bunch of narcissists? This situation can be a reflection of how you treat other people.

It’s important to do a lot of self-reflection on yourself in order to attract the kind of people you want to be around. Not many people want to do this, therefore, they make themselves learn their lesson the hard way.

 Do yourself a favor and take time to sit down and evaluate who you are and what you want in your life. Use this universal law to help you attract the things you want in life and get rid of limiting beliefs you have around certain subjects.

8. The Law of Compensation

The Law of Compensation is kind of like the Law of Cause and Effect except this law pertains to money, prosperity, and blessings.

This law is about the things you give, you will receive back. So, this can involve donating a certain percentage of your income to a charity or maybe you give some kind of value and in return, you receive massive abundance.

You can also be financially rewarded for showing up as your Higher Self, which is something people are often afraid to do.

There are so many people in this world that will just take and take and take without giving anything back. You can never get away with always taking from others without giving anything back, especially with the people who try to use others for money.

It’s better to give value without anything back because you are more likely going to be compensated anyways.

9. The Law of Relativity

The Law of Relativity is when our soul incarnates with certain lessons to master in each lifetime. You might face these lessons through challenges or opportunities, depending on how you choose to see it.

This can be learning how to forgive people, learning how to love unconditionally, maybe even practicing gratitude. It can be something bigger such as how to step into your authenticity, building generational wealth, or even changing your family tree.

These lessons were chosen by us before we were born in order to strengthen us, release limiting beliefs, helping us expand, and so much more!

So instead of looking at your lessons in annoyance, ask yourself “What is this trying to teach me?” “What kind of lesson am I supposed to learn from this experience?”

Asking yourself these questions can help you shift your perspective around any challenge, obstacle, or opportunity coming your way! Remember that everything is happen FOR us, not to us. It is to teach us and serve us a purpose, so your perspective is everything.

Avoid using labels since nothing has meaning besides the meaning, we give it.

10. The Law of Polarity/Contrast

The Law of Polarity (or Contrast) is when everything in this Universe has a polar opposite. This law helps us appreciate the ups and downs in life and can even help us get clarity on the things we do want.

So, let’s say you are in a job that you thought was supposed to be your dream job.

You got into a great college, got your degree, and received a job right out of college that makes pretty decent pay right off the bat.

Sounds awesome, right? Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

But let’s say overtime, you start to feel undervalued. Maybe your boss is an asshole. Maybe you don’t get along with your coworkers. Maybe you’re working longer hours and you aren’t getting that promotion that you were promised.

This job is turning out not to be exactly what you wanted.

You realized that you always wanted to have a business online. That the reason why you really took this corporate job is because that was expected of you from your parents.

You start your business and within a few years, you are making your corporate salary as your monthly salary. Now you are living the life you always truly wanted.

You just want through the Law of Polarity. You went through a situation that you didn’t desire and found what it is you were truly passionate about.

So don’t always look at your lows as bad. They are there for a reason and if those lows didn’t happen, you wouldn’t appreciate the highs in your life as much as you should.

11. The Law of Balance (Gender)

This law doesn’t actually have anything to do with gender, but more that everything is composed of masculine and feminine energy. Think of the yin and yang symbol.

These energies balance each other out in the co-creation process. So masculine energy has more to do with action, willpower, and persistence while the feminine energy has more to do with surrender, patience, and flow.

You can’t sit around and do nothing and expect that money to be flowing to you. You have to take action and be persistent with getting the process going.

You also can’t be in hustle mode either. At one point, you just need to be patient and go with the flow instead of feeling like you always have to be working on something.

So, there is such thing as being too much in your masculine or feminine energy. It’s important to look at which energy you are more easily in and take the opposite energy and incorporate it into your life more.

Find that good balance.

12. The Law of Patterns (Rhythm)

The Law of Patterns (also known as the Law of Rhythm) talks about how everything has seasons and cycles, exactly like nature.

We all have biological cycles and if we ignore the pattern, it will happen to us over and over again.

Often times, we get so hard on ourselves if we aren’t very productive around certain times of season. Maybe we are less productive in the wintertime than we are during the summertime.

And this is absolutely fine!

We aren’t mean to always be on the go 24/7. That’s like expecting nature to always be sunny. Just like nature, we have our own cycles that we thrive off of.

Learn more about your cycles and what kind of patterns come up around certain times.

Plan accordingly to your needs!

Which Universal Law interested you the most? Share in the comment section below!

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