How To Balance The Masculine And Feminine Energy

Updated: 6/21/2023

Lately I’ve been working on balancing my masculine and feminine energy since I’ve always been a woman who embodied her masculine energy side more due to my childhood and the societal pressure of having to always be “productive” and “on the go”.

Nowadays, I’ve been called by my Higher Self to embody the feminine energy, which is still a working progress to try to find ways to embody the feminine energy.

It’s definitely not something I’m used to and I don’t have a lot of people in my personal life who really embody their feminine energy in a way I can understand, but have been finding my own way of working with the divine feminine energy with my divine masculine energy.

During this time, I got inspired to talk about the masculine and feminine.

So, I’m going to be talking about what these energies are, what do they mean to me, and help give ideas on how you can embody these energies into your personal everyday life.

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So, what is masculine and feminine energy?

These energies also play the role of the Universal Laws called The Law of Balance. And just like this universal law indicates, these energies have less to do with genders, but more to do with bringing a balance into this world.

This is why you have the polar opposite in this world. You heard of the yin (feminine energy) and the yang (masculine energy), the sun (masculine energy) and the moon (feminine energy), the light (masculine) and the dark (feminine).

You see what I mean?

Everything in this world has a balance even in mother nature.

So, let’s start with the feminine energy.

The divine feminine energy involves a nurturing vibe. Often, this energy is more prominent in a lot of mothers naturally, but obviously, you don’t have to be a mother to cultivate your feminine energy. I find that there is so much power in the divine feminine where you are just magnetic to your desires.

Unfortunately, for a long time, there has been a misconception about the feminine energy being “weak” even though it is far from that.

And this is mainly due to our ancestors having to be in constant survival mode in the past.

Nowadays, people are still operating in a mode of survival, even though we are far more blessed with easy access to our needs like food and shelter than how the past was.

There is less need to survive and more space to thrive, which is where the feminine energy comes into place.  

What is the feminine energy known for?

The feminine energy is often known for:

-Going with the flow and ease of life

-Is more on the surrendering and receiving side

-Makes decisions through intuition

-Creative energy

-Sexual and sensual

-Expressive and emotional

-Likes to just be and accept who you are as you are

Like I’ve mentioned before, I am still cultivating my divine feminine energy and getting used to being less rigid and beoming more flow-y.

Although it is a powerful and wonderful feeling to be in the masculine energy, I find that (especially women) have a harder time stepping into their feminine energy due to how society programmed us to always be productive and goal driven.

Again, beautiful qualities, but what society doesn’t tell us is how to nurture ourselves. We are less taught on self-care, self-love, and just being present in the moment and truly enjoying the present moment.

Coming from someone who is more in her masculine energy, I find that I was experiencing a lot of burnouts, lack of boundaries, and unfulfillment because all I kept doing was keeping my eyes on the prize, but finding myself not enjoying the process itself.

Now, I am taking time to co-create these two energies into my life.

Here are ways to embody the feminine energy

Some of the ways you can start embodying the feminine energy are:

-Finding time to relax and do nothing

-Making it mandatory to schedule a self-care day throughout your week

-Journaling your thoughts and emotions

-Meditation or some practice of mindfulness

-Romanticizing the simple things in life (even as simple as making your morning cup of coffee)

-Giving yourself space for creativity

-Making sure you are making decisions truly align and resonate with you

-Allowing yourself to receive help in whatever areas of your life you need help with

-Expressing your sexuality

So now that we’ve talked about the feminine energy, let’s talk about the masculine energy.

The divine masculine energy has massive drive and action behind it. This energy is great for achieving goals and getting things done. It’s the masculine energy that gives support and protection to the feminine energy. You most likely see a lot of people sit in their masculine energy nowadays, especially when we live in a fast-paced world.

What is the masculine energy known for?

The masculine energy is often known for:

-Being goal oriented and goal driven

-Is more on the giving side

-Follows logic more

-Focuses more on tasks at hand

-Protective in a knight in shining armor kind of way

-Likes structure in life

-Always on the go

If you’re someone that needs to be able to get things done and achieve your goals, you’re going to want to cultivate your masculine energy.

Sometimes, people who have a wounded masculine energy are often found as controlling, overly critical, judgmental, heavily sit in their Ego, manipulative, and have a fear of failure.

So, keep in mind to heal your masculine energy to avoid these kinds of traits.

Regardless, the masculine energy helps things go smoothly and by cultivating this energy in a healthy manner, it can make your life way easier for you. I also love how the masculine energy helps give us something to strive for and find our sense of purpose.

Here are ways to embody the masculine energy

Some of the ways you can start embodying the masculine energy are:

-Keeping a planner or a to-do list for the day

-Create a plan of action towards your goals

-Create structure in your life by having a morning routine

-Strength training/lifting weights

-Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself

Balancing these two energies is key to creating harmony in all aspects of your life no matter if it’s spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or even physically.

So, I highly recommend taking time in your life to find what areas need more masculine or feminine energy.

And of course, there is such thing as having a wounded feminine and masculine energy, so it’s important to reflect and heal those aspects of ourselves!

Also, don’t forget to check out my podcast episode on how I have been personally balancing these two energies in my personal life!

Which energy do you resonate with the most? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know how you are cultivating the masculine and/or feminine energy! 

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