How To Heal The Inner Child (+ Journal Prompts!)

When we look at people, whether that’s our parents, our elders, or even ourselves, we really are children at heart. This is true metaphorically and spiritually.

In the spiritual community, you may hear this part of us called our “inner child”.

It’s important to know that when it comes healing your inner child and making improvements in our life, we have to pay attention to this inner child.

It’s our inner child that plays the root part of our belief system and how we navigate our life.

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So, what is the inner child?

The inner child is basically the child within us (pretty self-explanatory there); however, it’s also where our subconscious is at. Our subconscious is where we can create the reality we want in our life, but it’s also the place where we perceive the world. When you are able to rewire the subconscious in ways where it can benefit you, you’ll be able to mirror those beliefs into your reality.

Our inner child is what helps set this foundation. The inner child is also where our unmet needs and unexpressed emotions are suppressed. Anything that we didn’t get as children growing up can manifest into our adulthood.

So let me just give you some examples.

Let’s say your parents or guardians didn’t express love or affection towards you for whatever reason. You may find that as you step into adulthood, you aren’t a very affectionate person when it comes to your relationships. It could manifest into self-love issues and maybe you’re someone who tends to be hard on themselves.

Maybe you wish to live abundantly, but you grew up in poverty and have been taught that money is scarce. You may be a chronic saver or a massive spender, depending on how you took in these money beliefs. Maybe you are in a job where it may make you a lot of money, but you aren’t truly fulfilled by it. Or the opposite could be that you have to stay at a “safe” job in order to make a decent living.

I always say that if you aren’t willing to heal these types of limiting beliefs, you are only going to be as good as your parents. And I feel like most people want to be the best versions of themselves and not be like our parents.

I’ve talked before about the Ego and our shadow and how this all affects the way we live our life.

The Ego especially lashes out in defense because it acts as the protector of the inner child. Imagine the Ego as the knight using our shadow as the weapon who is protecting a child from danger.

This can manifest in ways like: self-sabotage, avoiding pain or numbing it through drugs or alcohol, having a short temper, pretending like everything is okay when it isn’t, living in constant fear, having the inability to trust ourselves and other people, or even putting unattainable expectations and standards onto others.

At the end of the day, the way our parents raise and treat us is the way that we subconsciously take in.

That’s why it is so important to take care of these limiting beliefs when you are older. Although we can’t do much when we were kids, you do have a responsibility to take care of yourself when you are an adult.

Acting like a victim and blaming your parents just isn’t going to do you justice.

This is where inner child work comes to play. If we know how to heal your inner child, the Ego won’t have to protect the child as much and it’ll become much easier to heal your inner child wounds and rewire your belief system.

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How do you heal your inner child?

When it comes to doing inner child work, it’s important to integrate your inner child by basically reparenting ourselves and giving ourselves unconditional love and compassionate with no judgment attached.

Listen to yourself and express yourself. Let yourself be heard. Tell yourself it is safe to fully express your most authentic self.

Our inner child is where our innocence, enthusiasm, joy, play, and creativity reside. Remember what you used to do as a child and do more of it. Did you used to draw? Write? Sing? Dance?

Doing the activities you used to love as a child has always been the best way to connect with your inner child, but also don’t forget to compliment yourself, tell yourself you’re doing great, be kind to yourself, and love yourself.

When you do this, you’ll start to reflect these same situations into your reality.

People have been able to fulfill their needs, manifest their dream life, and be the best version of themselves just by listening to their inner child.

Journal prompts to help you

1. When you were younger, what did you have to hide within yourself in order to get loved and acceptance from your family/parents/guardians?

2. How would your parents/family respond to you if you were being emotional? Which Emotions were praised and welcomed?

3. How did you handle uncomfortable emotions growing up?

4. What behaviors were valued growing up?

5. What does your inner child need the most right now to be loved, safe, and seen? What did you used to do as a child?

6. What does your inner child need to hear right now?

7. What qualities/characteristics did your inner child have that you wish you had as an adult? How can you bring these qualities into your life as an adult?

8. What needs validation from your childhood?

9. What were you told as a child when it comes to love? Money? What did your parents/guardians want you to be growing up? What did you want to be growing up?

10. Who hurt you as a child? Can you forgive this person? Why or why not?

What are you going to start doing to heal your inner child? Feel free to comment in the comment section below!

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