How To Properly Use Affirmations To Manifest

For the past year, I’ve been in the depths of my Human Design studies and found something that quite interested me when it comes to affirmations.

Whether you’ve been a manifestation fanatic or just getting into manifestation, you might have heard many people talk about affirmations.

And I’ve talked about this before myself that affirmations are a way for people to implement repetition towards their subconscious mind. After all, when you are constantly exposed to something, you have an easy time remembering it.

Now, not everyone may like affirmations and won’t resonate with them in a way that most others will.

However, what I found interesting in my Human Design studies, that really stuck with me, is that many of us who try to use affirmations aren’t even using them properly.

Did you know that we each have our own way of saying affirmations?

Stay with me here, let me explain.

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In Human Design, we have a center for manifestation purposes called the throat center. This is similar to where the throat chakra lies if you know about the chakra system.

This is where our voice is at, how we express ourselves, and where you can get a sneak peak of our inner world.

If you aren’t sure of your human design chart, check out Jenna Zoe’s website and get your chart there!

For people with a defined throat center

If you are like me who is someone with a defined throat center, we have a fixed energy to our throat center.

If you ever dabble yourself in Human Design, pretty much anything filled in with color is a fixed center. This is where you have a fixed and consistent way of doing things.

So, for people with a defined throat center, you have a fixed way of expressing yourself.

Thus, you are better off going off of what gates are highlighted in your throat center.

And there is more depth to the gates of the throat center; however, we are solely putting our focus on affirmations.

(If you are interested in learning more about Human Design, leave your comments in the comment section!)

Each gate represents the voice of the throat center. These are the certain ways that each gate can represent an affirmation.

So, if you are someone who has affirmations that say “I am rich”, “I am successful”, “I am in the best shape of my life”, when you have Gate 56 highlighted in your chart, then you really aren’t using affirmations that will truly resonate with you on a deeper, subconscious level based off of your Human Design.

You see, our souls naturally follow our Human Design, even since birth, yet, because of the influences of society, our guardians, and other people in our lives, we start to steer away from what we are naturally attuned to.

So, with all these people telling us that this affirmation will work and that affirmation will work, it doesn’t necessary mean that another person’s subconscious will perceive the affirmation in the same way.

(I’ve done this mistake in my manifestation workbook which I advise you cater your affirmations to your own design! This workbook was created well before I dove deeper into Human Design).

Instead of affirmations with “I am”, if you have, let’s say for example, Gate 56 highlighted in your chart, you will want to use affirmations such as “I believe I can become a millionaire” or “I believe my body will get in the best shape of my life” or even “I believe I will find my soulmate”.

These will resonate on a much deeper frequency than the usual “I am” statements.

For people with an undefined throat center

People with an undefined (or even an open throat center) have a more fluid way of expression. In fact, if you are around anyone else with a defined throat center, you can actually borrow the energy of how they express themselves.

You mainly adapt to your environment and the people around you. This doesn’t mean you can’t manifest like a defined center; it just means you have a flow-y way to express yourself depending on your circumstances.

My advice for people with an undefined throat center, but still having gates highlighted in their chart should experiment with these affirmations pertaining to the areas of your life.

Check to see which channels your gate hangs (also known as the hanging gate) and see how they pertain to your life in any way.

There might be certain times where the energy behind these affirmations is useful and when they don’t resonate with as much.

For people with an open throat center

People with an open throat center get to experiment with all kinds of affirmations!

Allow yourself to really tuned into yourself on what resonates and what doesn’t. You might find yourself all over the place because you don’t have a consistent voice, but these types of people also make great channelers and can say the right things in the right space and the right people.

It’s important, especially for open centers, to allow themselves space to explore this area of their chart.

In conclusion…

I find that whether you have a defined throat center or an undefined/open throat center, there really is no center that is better than the other.

They each have their own gifts and their own way of expression.

What I found fascinating was that, if you find yourself saying an affirmation that aligns with your Human Design, then that might just indicate that you are on the right track.

For example, one of the gates that are highlighted for me is 35 which is “I feel”.

Quite often, I find myself saying a lot of “I feel like this is something I should go for” or “I feel like something is off about this person” and come to find out, I was right.

So, pay attention to how you say things.

And again, for all you undefined and open centers, you have a fluid and effortless way of words!

Allow whatever voice that wants to come out speak through you!

What affirmations resonate with you? Share in the comment section below!

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