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Whenever it comes to manifesting certain things in my life, I personally love the idea of using manifestation tools, but I do want to point out that it’s definitely not a requirement.

After all, we are always manifesting our current reality 24/7. At no point is there an off switch when it comes to working the Law of Attraction as the law works with where we put our attention and focus on.

Now, of course, it’s not as simple as just thinking a thought and it just poofs out of thin air like a lot of law of attraction books word it to be. There are many universal laws in place where manifesting takes a lot more than just “thinking positive thoughts” and it depends heavily on what your limiting beliefs are in certain areas of your life.

I have talked about some of the universal laws in another blog post.

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But I know for some people, they like to have rituals or a routine to really get into the things they want in life and I just happen to be one of those people. These manifestation products are just tools to help you really get into the manifestation process and that’s all they are.

They are tools. It’s no different than if someone likes to use a planner to plan their day and others just like to tackle their to-do list without an actual list.

You get to choose whether you want to use these tools or not.

So, I wanted to share with you some manifestation products I love and want to share with you all!

Table of Contents:

1. Law of Attraction Planner

I bought this journal back in May of 2020, so since then the product has been revamped and updated to the current year.

This planner is cool because not only is it great to use as a planner, whether you use it specifically for manifestation or even as a to-do list, it gives you more information on the Law of Attraction. It also helps keep you on track towards your goals and gives great advice to reduce the overwhelming feeling of putting too much on your plate.

It has sooo many new features to it now and it comes in a wide range of colors and styles. The quality is NICE and the cover is thick!

I got the rose gold astrology planner, but now they come in a lot more styles and colors then when I got the planner!

2. Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a great way to provide you with quick guidance on whatever it is you are working towards.

I have this deck that can be used specifically for manifestation purposes and have loved it. And quite honestly, I love Yasmin Boland’s other decks as well, which I have recommended more oracle decks in another blog post.

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If you are into oracle readings and like to receive quick and up-front advice, this deck has been wonderful for me! Plus, the artwork is stunnnning!

3. Vision boards

Vision boards are the most popular ways people love to use to manifest and I personal have so many over the years that I have done myself. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the beginning of the new year and I really love to get into the process of making my vision boards!

My husband and I like to call it a “vision board party” where we jam out to positive, frequency music and make our vision boards together. 

Just a cute idea with your loved ones.

I’ve talked about vision boards before in another blog post on how they work and how to make one for yourself, but for this post specifically, I will be recommending some of the products I use to make one in case you are not able to get up and go to the store yourself (or live in an area with limited resources).

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Some vision board essentials may include:

Glue sticks (I highly recommend glue sticks because regular liquid glue gets messy and can possibly ruin your board and cause the board to concave! This has happened to my husband’s board and afterwards, glue sticks were just always the best way to go!)

Foam Boards (my favorite boards to use and you can easily get them in a pack whether you want to use the extras for next year OR use the extras to make vision boards for separate areas of your life such as your love life, money, career, etc.)

Cork Board (optional, but great if you don’t want to handle glue!)

Push pins (if you decide to use a cork board of course!)

You’ll want to use pictures that resonate with YOU so whether you get them from your favorite magazines, Pinterest, Google, whatever works for you!

4. 7-Day Prayer Candles

I get my candles from House of Intuition which was highly recommended to me when I was taking courses on manifestation. In my course, we had to get a candle that could, at least, last up to 7 days (also known as prayer candles).

I will link the one I specifically used for myself, BUT, please feel free to look around their website as they have many other candles to choose from.

I chose this green Venus one because one, I could write my own prayer.

Also, it worked perfectly for what I want to manifest into my own life since the energy of Venus is all about beauty, love, abundance, and living a comfortable and pleasant life. Venus, for me, is the embodiment of feminine, goddess energy which is something I’ve been working on currently in my life.

The point of these candles is to light them with an intention behind them (in my course, I had to write down my intention in present form on a separate piece of paper) and keep the candle lit until it goes out.

Now, obviously safety is important, so please don’t leave your candle unattended!

And of course, it’s not realistic to always babysit a lit candle so many people will either sit the candle in a bowl of water (in case it does happen to tip over) and put it in your shower/bath where there is NO WAY for your candle to touch ANYTHING and set anything on fire!

If you must give your candle a break from being lit, I hear snuffing out the candle is ideal instead of blowing it out. I heard it was because snuffing out gives it a pause and blowing out a candle blows out your intention.

Just make sure you remember to put your intention back into the candle when you get the chance to re-light it! Also don’t forget to sage/smudge your candle when you receive it to get any other energies off of it!

5. Manifestation Workbook

In general, whether these manifestation tools resonated with you or not, you can always download my FREE manifestation workbook for all your manifestation needs!

This workbook includes:

-Scripting sheets

-Manifestation checks

-Lack vs abundance worksheet

-Habit tracker

-Angel numbers cheat sheet

-Laws of the Universe sheet

-Monthly Intentions worksheet

-Dear Universe worksheets

-Two cup method instruction worksheet

-5×55 method worksheets

-Vision board worksheets

-Gratitude sheets

-Affirmations worksheets (in career/success, health/fitness, love/relationships, self worth/self esteem, and wealth/money)

What products do you like to use in your manifestation rituals? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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