6 Ways To Embody Your Goddess Energy

I’ve talked about energies before on my blog where we all embody masculine and feminine energy and what traits to find when it comes to the divine masculine and feminine energy.

But this time, since this is something I’ve literally been working through myself, I wanted to talk more specifically the goddess energy and ways to embody your goddess energy into your everyday routine.

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What is goddess energy?

Like I said before in the masculine and feminine energy blog post, our world has a polarity in everything which creates balance. Examples being:

-Sun and the Moon

-Day and night

-Light and darkness

-Yin and yang

-Positive and negative

It’s these types of polarity that we have within ourselves that create harmony and balance to this world. So that also means, anyone can embody goddess energy.

However, you don’t see it commonly expressed because society makes us believe we live in a f*cking patriarchy.

And this is literally coming from someone who’s a career woman. I find importance in my career and I’m manifesting for massive success, however, I will admit that I have been heavily neglecting my goddess side which took a toll on my mental health and very little progress in my career.

And while we are on this topic, the interesting thing I found when I was researching more about how to embody the goddess energy was that there were many examples of powerful, strong Goddesses that weren’t what you would expect from “feminine women”.

Not all goddesses are these nurturing, motherly figures. There are plenty of them who are powerful, strong, and some would say intimidating which is why I don’t subject myself to the idea of what being “feminine” means to societal norms.

I found that cultivating the goddess energy is way more than just embodying feminine traits.

Why should we embody the goddess energy?

Like I said before, we live in an age where “hustle culture” is praised. And although you do have to put in some work to get somewhere, it’s not necessary. In fact, you are more likely to burn yourself out (especially when you are operating to survive instead of operating to thrive).

We have been straying further away from being within ourselves as we chase our external circumstances, whether that be money, love, status, whatever you can think of.

So, embodying that goddess energy within yourself can help you identify who you are and create the confidence within yourself to move through life with that inner sense of freedom.

It’s like knowing you are worth it and you don’t have to chase or prove yourself to anyone.

Sure, I’ve listed off ideas on what feminine traits are, but it’s still more about the being than the doing.

So, here are ways to embody your goddess energy!

1. Surround yourself with nature

Just like there’s balance within us, there’s balance in nature which is why surrounding yourself with nature can ground you and just be in the present moment.

Nature gives off very feminine energy (ever heard of the term Mother Nature?), so if you want an easy way to cultivate your goddess energy, surround yourself with nature.

Even if it means taking a walk outside of laying in the grass stargazing, whatever works for you.

2. Start a self-care routine

Although self-care is essential and should be practiced anyways, starting a self-care routine can help you embody your goddess energy.

Like many goddesses, they were adorned with luxuries and took care of themselves. Although it’s not ideal for everyone to have someone who can spoil them or spend money on luxuries, you can start your self-care routine with simple ideas like having a little spa day at home.

If you don’t mind spending more money, you could get a massage every month, get your hair or nails done, or whatever way makes you feel beautiful.

Having a self-care routine can also extend to taking care of your mental health, so make sure you find ways that help you express your emotional capacity whether that’d be starting a journal practice or seeing a therapist if necessary.

Regardless, we all can use a break!

3. Have a creative hobby

Another great way to embody your goddess energy is to have a creative hobby (if you love being creative of course).

Creativity is known to be very much in the feminine energy. In fact, when you look at the chakra system, the sacral chakra (where feminine energy shines through) is known for sexuality and creativity.

So, having a creative hobby is not only fun, but help you thrive in your goddess energy.

4. Rest when your body needs it

Feeling yourself and what your body needs is of course important, but also part of embodying the goddess energy. Our emotions, feelings, and subconscious thoughts speak through our body, hence where illnesses can manifest.

Goddesses are usually very in-tuned with their body which could explain why they take good care of themselves. So, rest when your body needs it. I get that life gets busy and you probably have a million things on your plate, but please avoid serving others from an empty cup.

It will be far easier to take care of others when you first take care of yourself.

5. Allow yourself to receive

Speaking of taking a break, people who embody their goddess energy allow themselves to receive. This could pertain to receiving help, acts of service, receiving love, compliments, you name it.

Think about how powerful it is to just be and allow yourself to receive from others.

I know society likes to make it seem like this way is too “easy” and “lazy”, but sometimes working smarter and not harder is the key to getting what you want.

Seriously, why chase when you can attract?

Even in the manifestation world, you are more likely to receive your desires when you allow yourself to be open and receptive to what the Universe gives you. This is what it means to be magnetic.

This is the power of the goddess energy.

6. Bring beauty into your everyday life

If you aren’t someone cares about their aesthetics or luxuries, embodying goddess energy can also be about bringing beauty into your everyday life.

Think of this as romanticizing your life.

There are many ways to go about this.

Some ideas of this could be:

-Taking time to be present with your morning routine

-Lighting candles

Journaling and reflecting

-Beautifying the space in your home (maybe add some fresh flowers into your home)

-Reading a book

-Making time for family

-Going on a coffee date with a friend

And there are many, many more examples out there.

The most important thing is to define what bringing beauty into your life means to you and what makes you happy.

After all, life doesn’t always have to be fast-paced and productive.

How do you like to tap into your inner goddess? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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