Here Are Four New (Interesting) Ways To Manifest Your Dreams

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The more I deepen my knowledge around manifestation, the more interesting ways I learn how to manifest your dreams. I’ve talked about some of the most common ways to manifest from a previous blog post, but I know that not everyone will resonate with the same ways, even the most common ones.

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I continue to try my best to find out more ways you can manifest the life you desire and have found some interesting ones that have helped me sit in the energy of receiving my manifestations and embodying my authenticity of already having what I want in this lifetime.

Half of them are more ways to visualize your dream life and the other half is more physical since there are people out there who do have troubles with visualization.

So, let me share with you four NEW ways to manifest your dreams!

Table of Contents:

1. Plant an intention seed

This method is great if you are someone who has a green thumb or someone who just likes to have a better visual of your manifestation growing.

What you will do is take whatever seed you are planting (doesn’t matter what kind) and imagine that the seed you are planting is your intention (or whatever it is you are manifesting) and the soil that you are planting the seed in is your subconscious.

You can use multiple seeds for multiple intentions or you can even plant a tree if you vibe with that.

It doesn’t matter what you are growing or how big or small the plant is.

When it comes to manifestation, we know that manifestations come from the subconscious mind. You may hear in the spiritual community about “planting a seed” or “planting in your intentions”, so this method is pretty similar to those phrases.

Now, plant your intention like you would planting a seed and do what you would do when it comes to taking care of a plant.

You’ll obviously nurture and water the seed so it can grow, right?

And as you watch your seed grow, imagine that your manifestation is coming into fruition.

I figure it would inspire more people in this way if they have a physical representation of what it is they are manifesting since there are people out there who genuinely a hard time visualizing and may need something physically in front of them to understand visualization better.

You may find it easier to take inspired action, do the inner work (whether that’s shadow work or inner child healing), and even just find ways to rewire your belief system, especially as you are watching your seed physically grow in front of you.

2. Using sticky notes

Using sticky notes can be a great way for you to constantly look at your manifestations, since repetition is going to be important for something to stick (no pun intended) to your subconscious.

You’ll want to write affirmations onto these sticky notes and make sure they are in present tense.

Make sure to stick these sticky notes in places where you know you will see them, so maybe the bathroom mirror, on your fridge, in the corner of your computer screen, besides your bed, literally anywhere you will see it.

So, when it comes to certain business goals, I like to put them on my laptop because I use my laptop for my business.

Let’s say you are manifesting clear skin.

Well, it may make sense for you to put it on your bathroom mirror so that when you’re doing your skincare routine, you’ll see your affirmation in front of you.

Maybe you are trying to achieve your dream body. Try putting your affirmations on the fridge or maybe on your dresser if you have your workout clothes in there.

Try it out and see what happens!

3. 3rd person viewpoint (also known as eavesdropping method)

Now, here are the examples for people who are able to visualize in their mind.

So, this is probably one of my favorite ones and I believe Neville Goddard, who was a big influence in teaching manifestation, also taught this method which was known as the eavesdropping method.

One of the things I always think about is “What are they going to think of me?”, “What are people going to say about me having this?” You know, caring too much what people think (something I continue to heal and change).

Let’s be real. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be happy for us nor will they be supportive of the things we want to manifest in our life. But what if we put a different spin to these thoughts?

What if we visualize other people talking about our success?

Whenever you are thinking about the scenarios of what people are saying about you, what about imagining them in disbelief of you manifesting whatever it is you are manifesting? What about imagining them being jealous of your success? Or happy for you?

Choose whomever you may use in this exercise.

So, let’s say you are manifesting your dream body.

Maybe you’re worried about people making fun of you or snickering about you starting to work out. You may end up discouraged because the people around you aren’t very supportive of your new fitness journey.

Instead of focusing on your current reality, you’ll want to imagine yourself in the dream body that you have and visualize those people’s shocked faces. Imagine that they are talking about how shocked they are with how different you look. Maybe imagine them in disbelief that you actually went and got your dream body.

If you’re going to be worried about what people think of you, you minus well transmute that energy and use their energy to make your manifestations come to you quicker.

If people can take our energy from us in order to gain something out of it, you minus well gain something out of the people (who are obviously willing) to put in the energy to put you down and transmute that energy into something that will speed up your manifestations.   

4. Visualize before you fall asleep

This has been a powerful way to seep your manifestations into your subconscious and another way that people have been able to embody their new realities quicker.

So, what you want to do, is as you are slowly drifting off to sleep, you are going to visualize your dream life as if you are already living it, from what you look like, to your dream job, your dream partner, everything.

You can do this in 1st person or you can look at it from 3rd person.

And it’s important for you to feel the feelings of already having those things because that will help convince your subconscious that this reality you want is the reality you live in now.

I believe Neville Goddard has talked about this method before also, but I first heard about this method explained in books such as Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself and I think Becoming Supernatural talks about this too, but both books are by Joe Dispenza.

He talks about how when we fall asleep at night, our brains go into a state called the theta state. When we are in this state of trance, that’s where our subconscious mind is the most programmable, so it’ll be a lot easier to convince your subconscious mind of your new reality if you imagine it right before you fall asleep and enter into the delta state, where we are in the deepest sleep or REM sleep, I believe it’s called.

So, before you completely doze off tonight, imagine living the life of your dreams. Don’t forget to truly feel into this reality. Gratitude is one of the best attitudes for manifestation so really embody the feelings of gratitude.

Watch and see how fast your manifestations will come when you do this!

Which new manifestation method will you be trying? Have you heard of any other interesting methods for manifesting? Share in the comments below!

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  1. I just found you yesterday and I’ve been loving all you’ve shared. You are incredible and totally IMO living in your life’s gift. May I just say thank you for inspiring!

    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you so much and I truly hope my experiences help you live your life to the fullest!

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