How To Manifest The Life You Desire

Before I learned all about how to manifest the life you desire, I found myself manifesting the life I’ve envisioned without realizing it.

A good example I’ll be using is my relationship. I like to use this example because I was not dating at all throughout my school days.

Not even when I was a kid.

I think a lot of it is because I grew up around people who have been in really bad relationships. There was a lot of divorce in my family and even my friends would hop around from relationship to relationship. I saw a lot more damage in people’s relationships than I saw good, loving relationships.

I felt like I was able to take in the things I didn’t want in a relationship and get clear on the relationship that I did want. 

Someone who had similar interest to me.

Someone who was loyal.

Someone who wasn’t afraid to treat their woman as a queen.

And I get sooo many people who are just mind blown that my husband was my first boyfriend. But I guess I can’t blame them since it’s like winning off a lottery.

However, I didn’t feel like it was necessary luck. I just manifested the man I wanted, detached from the outcome, and it came into fruition. 

This is the concept of how to manifest the life you desire and here are some tips I used to do so.

Table of Contents:

1. Know exactly what you want

How are you going to manifest anything if you don’t know what you want?

When I ask you what you want in your life, I want you to be as specific as possible. Most importantly, I want you to dream big. The bigger the dream, the more you will realize that manifestation is no joke and no coincidence!

I don’t care if it’s to live in another country, make a million dollars a year, be a CEO, whatever it is that you want in your life, be specific

If you can’t be specific, try to find a general idea of what you want such as “I want a career that allows me to use my creativity” or “I want to find a way to travel all over the world for free”.

The Universe is infinite intelligence and can easily throw some opinions out there for you. Even if you manifest something and it turns out you don’t like it, it just means one step closer to figuring out what you do want. 

It’s not your job to know the how. The Universe is like your server. You order what you want, the Universe takes your order, and in due time, the Universe will give you what you asked for.

2. Visualize your dreams

I mean, who doesn’t love to daydream about the life they desire?

It makes us feel excited and hopeful about the endless possibilities for our future. And sure we all daydream the life we desire, so I really encourage you to dream!

This helps you know that what you want is the right fit for you.

And when you visualize, get really into the feeling. I know there are some people out there who genuinely can’t visualize, so try to get a feel of what it would feel like to get what you want. You have your other senses as well that can help you get into the feeling.

For example: if you can’t visualize having a lot of money, try leaving cash all over your home, so that way you are constantly reminded that abundance is all around you. Maybe feel the money in your hands if that feels good for you!

If you are someone who is great at visualization, think about some ideas on what the situation would look like. 

Ask yourself questions like who are you surrounding yourself with? What do you look like? What are you wearing? 

Basically feel like you have put yourself in a movie, except, this movie is your life.

People who manifest will also do so by creating a vision board, scripting, saying affirmations; the ways to help visualize are endless!

So, keep dreaming on!

3. Change your belief system

Well, now we are at the part where people “think” is difficult.

When you are manifesting big things in your life, you need to start changing your belief system.

What I mean by this is thinking that you can never make (insert amount of money) per year.

Or thinking that you are just unlucky in finding love.

Or that your body will never look like the way you want it because of x, y, z.

This is all bullsh*t. Your opportunities and your desires are limitless. Your success is inevitable. And you need to start realizing this now.

I have heard people around me talk about how they aren’t motivated enough to go to the gym.

Or ask why would anyone buy a million dollar home and not a lot of people could afford a place like that.

Or that they just have bad luck with relationships.

This is the belief system they have taken on because a part of them convinced themselves that they are not worthy of such desires. It can stem from childhood or just be a societal viewpoint that they took on and cultivated into their own belief system.

Therefore, the Universe sits there and assumes “If that’s what you think, then your wish is my command!”

Never listen to the people who don’t have what you want.

Would you listen to an overweight person for fitness advice? No.

Would you listen to people who struggle with their finances and are in financial debt for money advice? Also no.

How I have changed my belief system is strictly listening to other people’s success story that have done it before me. I blocked out anyone’s advice that didn’t have what I wanted in my life. That means I’ve read a lot of books, listen to a lot of podcasts, and have watched a lot of motivational videos.

I had to find people online who were success stories in order for my life to be a success story.

To this day, I continue to listen to these things that help inspire me. If they have done it, then so can I.

And you can do it too.

Don’t feel discouraged because literally anything is possible.

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4. Act as if

Ever heard of the phrase, fake it till you make it?

There is quite a bit of truth to this phrase; however, let me change this phrase a little bit and say faith it till you make it. I don’t want you to feel like you are faking anything, but acting as if you have it. It’s most beneficial when you already feel like the results of your manifestations.

So look at something and telling yourself you can afford it easily.

Buy flowers for yourself as if your future loved one bought them for you.

Create a morning routine makes you feel like a millionaire.

Buy some cute gym clothes for the gym even though you haven’t started working out yet.

You’re not deceiving yourself by doing this.

In fact, you are putting in the energetic vibration of being on the wavelength towards what it is you desire. There’s actually a lot of scientific proof on this because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not.

So, if you keep telling yourself that you make x amount of money per year, your subconscious takes this in and makes it to where your Higher Self will start to guide you towards ways to make that a reality. 

The problem with this is people get too much into their own egos and tell themselves, “Well, that’s not true” or “Well, I don’t have that”.

I need you to stop focusing on the things you don’t have. Focus on the things you do have. And dammit, have the patience for it.

You need to have the faith. Again, faith it till you make it. And by doing this, you are giving the Universe space to work its magic on you.

5. Feeling grateful that you have it

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you want to be in when you are manifesting. In fact, search on Google “emotional spiral chart” where you can find examples of what emotions are on a higher frequency. You’ll find gratitude to be one of them!

The Universe responses better when you are grateful for the things you have and the things you are manifesting. When you show more gratitude, the Universe will respond to this feeling and give you more things to be grateful for.

I mean, tell me a time where you had good things come to you when you were upset, frustrated, or angry?


You probably can’t think of anything good happening during those times.

Therefore, gratitude helps speed up the process of manifestation and lets good things come your way.

You can do this however you want, you don’t have to get fancy with it. Sometimes people list what they are grateful in a journal. Some people may pray about it. Some people just tell themselves they are grateful for x, y, z throughout the day. 

It’s as simple as that. Whatever helps you sit there and feel gratitude for your manifestations, do it. 

And don’t forget to feel gratitude for the things you do have. Often times, we tend to forget that we really are blessed with a lot in our life that we take it for granted.

So be grateful for the lover that the Universe put in your life.

Or the abundance and prosperity you get to make.

And that healthy, beautiful body you have.

Just be grateful.

What do you want to start manifesting in your life? Comment down below!

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