How You Know When You Are Manifesting Your Desires

I know what it’s like when you are manifesting your desires into your reality and you just want it so freaking badly that you might find yourself getting a little impatient about it. And sometimes, we may find ourselves overthinking the manifesting process and wonder if we’re really going to get it.

After all these years of practicing manifestation, I’ve found that there are definitely some signs that we receive from our Higher Power that help reassure us that what is coming to us will be ours.

You just have to be open-minded to the signs that you resonate with.

When it came to my really big manifestations, I look back at the entire process and can see now why things had to happen the way they did. All I kept focusing on were taking those small steps because deep down, I knew that I would eventually get there.

You just don’t realize that those small steps matter because you’re probably worrying too much on the “how”.

The “how” isn’t our job. The “timing” of everything also isn’t our timing. Its divine timing and divine timing will come as it pleases.

So, now you’re probably getting frustrated huh?

I mean, how can you know if you are manifesting your desires?

Here is what to look out for while your desires manifest.

Table of Contents:

1. You just “intuitively” know

It does take time to learn how your intuition works since we all have different ways of listening to our intuition; however, if you are someone who is heavily claircognizant or you’ve just always had that natural ability to sense that something is coming, you will just intuitively know that you’re manifesting your desires.

So, for example, after high school when I decided to not go to college after working for a year straight (I was thinking I was going to just take a gap year and ended up not going after one year of just working at my job), for some reason deep down, I just had this feeling inside of me that college just wasn’t for me.

This became a surprise to a lot of people around me because I worked so hard in school, got really good grades, and just decided that I didn’t want to go to college.

I never regret my decision though, because I had the best outcome out of not going to college. I met my now husband which we’ve been together for almost seven years now, I’m now in the best shape of your life since I didn’t have school to distract me while I focused on finding workouts that best fit me, AND I actually found a career that I truly loved and I’m passionate about.

This is what I mean when you just intuitively know that something is coming.

Take this example and use it towards your manifestations. Do you have a feeling that something is coming closer than you think? Are you getting nudges towards taking certain actions?

Make sure to be listen to yourself and trust that the first thought and feeling you have about your manifestation is your intuition talking to you.

2. You see synchronicities everywhere

This can be in the form of something that has meaning to you or it could even be angel numbers since I know a lot of the manifestation community loves to use angel numbers as a way to ask for sign from their Higher Power.

I would say if you are ever unsure if your desires are manifesting, try asking for a sign. Maybe try to give your Higher Power a challenge because that way, you know that what it is that is coming is actually coming.

If you are finding signs everywhere around you that relate to what it is you are manifesting, chances are, your desires are manifesting also!

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3. You don’t put it on a pedestal anymore

I know this may be a hard one to take.

But when you get to this point of total relaxation and you are just no longer stressed or obsessed about your manifestation, then that’s when your desires manifest the fastest.

I used the method of detaching from your manifestations in other post, but basically, I said you obsessing over your manifestation is like you obsessing over your ex. Your ex will not want you back if you keep obsessing about them, right?

Manifesting your desires is the same way. Just don’t put them on a pedestal anymore.

Make sure you are enjoying your life and don’t stress about it.

Trust me, your Higher Power heard you the first time!

4. You start to see stepping stones

What do I mean by stepping stones?

For example, let say you are trying to find your soulmate and you’ve been dating around for a while. It seems like each date you go on; you start to get closer and closer to the kind of person you want to be with, but it’s not quite there yet. There’s still some characteristics in those people that are missing before you can stay completely committed.

This is what I mean by seeing stepping stones.

It’s not to tease you or anything, but seeing stepping stones would bring you some kind of excitement, right?

Feelings like relief, excitement, gratitude for seeing these stepping stones will help bring your manifestations faster to you.

Now, there are times that you may have to take action throughout seeing these stepping stones, but in the end, you’ll end up where you need to be.

5. You are getting “trained” to receive exactly what you want

I know many people say that you are getting “tested” by the Universe, but one of my teachers has mentioned something about this type of wording that made more sense to me.

We are like children in the Higher Power’s perspective. Even in religions, they sometimes refer to us as their “children”.

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make here is that, you probably wouldn’t “test” your kid out to see if they are worthy of getting something right? I like the idea of training because when you are training for something, you are preparing and prepping yourself to go after what it is you want.

I’d like to give a personal example for this one.

So, when it came to going after my career, there were some people in my personal life that gave me quite a bit of backlash about my choices. I was told that I would “never make money online”, that “it wasn’t a job”, and that I needed to “get a real job”.

Common sayings when your work is online.

And I’ll be honest, it made me upset. I was angry and pretty bitter about it. I closed myself up and would never talk about what I was doing with my life anymore.

Luckily, I have learned the lesson out of those experiences and healed myself when it came to what people think of me. I realized that the Universe was training me to handle bigger situations such as handling criticism online from strangers. I know that’s a common reason why people get too afraid of showing up and being themselves online because they’re afraid of what people will think of them.

Versus my situation where hey, I already got major crap in my personal life, what’s a stranger’s comment gonna do?

Your girl had to build some tough skin already, so the things that strangers say to me go right over my head now.

But again, I was “trained” to handle criticism.

So, if you are someone who’s going through harder times, always remember that those hard times are training you for something even bigger and better than ever!

6. You see your manifestations around you

Let’s say you are manifesting a new car and wherever you go, you find yourself seeing the exact same car that you want.

Or maybe you desire being married and all your friends around you are getting engaged.

This is a good indicator that your manifestation is coming around the corner.

You can call it receiving a sign or just assume that you’re becoming so magnetic to your manifestation that you see it everywhere now. This is a common way you hear in the manifestation community that your desires are manifesting.

So, make sure you get excited about your manifestations coming into fruition!

7. Things are just falling into place effortlessly

Don’t you just love when things just fall into place? Where you are just going with the flow and things just come to you effortlessly?

Chances are, your desires are manifesting and are on their way!

I love when this happens. Actually, this happened throughout my wedding planning.

My husband and I didn’t have a hard time finding places and people for our wedding when it came to our venue, the catering, or finding the date that we really wanted for our wedding.

In fact, it just landed on our lap and it was absolutely awesome because I know those are things that people have the hardest time finding when it comes to wedding planning.

Main thing we did: just go with the flow. Even my Higher Self has told me before to just “go with the flow”.

So, if things seem to fall into place effortlessly for you, know that your desires are manifesting.

No need to worry about anything! Just continue to live your life!

Have any of these incidents happened to you while you were manifesting? Share in the comment section below!

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