4 Reasons Why You Experience Commitment Issues

Commitment to anything can be freaking scary.

And having commitment issues makes it even more challenging for us to navigate.

Trust me, I get it! I’ve also been intimidated when it comes to commitment.

However, putting in the commitment towards anything in your life, whether that’s your relationships, your goals, or even yourself is essential to your personal growth.

And yet, why is commitment so difficult for us?

Why do we avoid fully committing to the things we want in our life?

After all, there are many people out there in long, loving relationships, successful, fulfilling careers, and are literally living their best life!

So, it’s clearly possible for all of us to commit to anything we want in our life.

Well, my dear readers, I’m going to give you four reasons why you may have issues committing to whatever situation you may be going through.

Table of Contents:

1. You don’t trust yourself

Trusting yourself is so important. If we can’t trust ourselves, how can we trust other people? After all, the feelings we have within ourselves are a reflection of our outer reality.

If you have issues trusting yourself to do the right thing, make the right choices, or do what’s best for you, then you’ll find yourself attracting controlling people or people you can’t even rely on.

So, if you aren’t confident within your own choices, it’s going to feel pretty difficult to commit to anything in your life.

It’s important to build trust with yourself. Start with something small so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

So, I will leave you with an example of mine.

I’ve had many people try to warn me about the things I was doing in my life, when it comes to my career choices, to people trying to leave doubts about my marriage, to even when I start my fitness journey and people literally were laughing and scoffing at me that I would never get anywhere with my body (and were saying really crude things towards me and my body).

But you know what?

I trusted myself to get there. I trusted myself to make the right decisions that were for myself and myself only. I couldn’t take other people’s words personally because those people in my life couldn’t see my vision. 

And you know what happened? It all perfectly worked out.

Now whenever I make choices for myself, I can look back at the things I did and pulled through on because I trusted myself to get there. Now nobody can steer me away from what I want in my life. 

So, start with one thing you want to manifest into your life and commit to yourself that you are going to make the steps (even if they are baby steps) to get to your goals.

Remember, start small and then, work your way up

2. You don’t think you are worthy enough

Not feeling worthy is one of the most common reasons why people don’t commit to anything in their life.

They either don’t feel worthy of a good, healthy relationships or worthy of making more money or worthy of having nice things or whatever the case may be.

And I’d like to challenge you on that thought process.

I want you to ask yourself where this limiting belief came from? Who taught you that you weren’t worthy of the things you desire? Was it your parents? Society? School?

Is this the absolute truth where this applies to everyone?

Because I can give you many examples of people who make awesome money. I can name several people in beautiful, loving relationships. I bet I can list off many people who have nice things and feel great having those things.

Heck, let’s say you’re a parent.

If your child (or even someone you deeply love) came up to you and told you that they don’t feel worthy of the things they want in their life, what would you say to them? I assume if you are reading this blog post, you are someone with a good, loving heart so you’d probably tell your child or that person you love that they are worthy of having anything they want in their life, right?

So why are we so caught up in telling ourselves that we aren’t worthy of great things when we wouldn’t even say that to the people we love?

Question these thoughts as they come up.

3. You don’t want to be stuck in that commitment

I don’t know where we get this idea that if we are stuck in a commitment we may or may not want, that we will be stuck there forever. Life’s all about experiencing everything.

There is absolutely no rulebook that we have to stay in something just because it may be our first choice, or maybe because we are afraid that we may not like it.

That is perfectly ok.

See, when kids do this, we give them a lot of slack because as kids, we know they are experiencing life and figuring it out. So why, as an adult, do we become so hard on ourself when we change our minds about something?

My guess is because society trains us to get our sh*t together at a certain age, but you know what that creates more of?

People who are f*cking miserable.

My advice to you is to experience as much as you can while you are alive because you only have one life in this lifetime. There are many routes to take in this lifetime and for all you know, you could be choosing a better route to take in life that will be more fulfilling to you.

How would you know if you don’t at least try?

And if that commitment you took doesn’t feel aligned to you, big whoop.

Move onto the next. It’s not the end of the world. The world is still circulating just fine.

And don’t listen to what people have to say.

If people give you sh*t for not following through on things, then they probably got bigger issues going on in their life and are finding a way to distracts themselves from it by paying attention to what’s going on with yours.

Ignore them. Let them sit in their complaints.

After all, what you do with your life doesn’t improve the quality of their own.

4. You don’t know where to start

Not committing just because you don’t know where to start really isn’t an excuse anymore since we have been so blessed with free resources these days.

There is literally no excuse.

Don’t know how to do something? Google it.

Need to be shown how to do something? Go on Youtube.

Need advice on something? Find a mentor even if it’s online.

Seriously, start anywhere. I have learned so many skillsets and none of them I even went to school for.

I wanted to be a graphic designer, so I learned the programs used by graphic designer all through Youtube. I became a self-taught graphic designer and even worked with clients who literally didn’t give a sh*t that I didn’t have a degree.

I’ve learned web coding through Youtube.

I’ve learned proper weightlifting forms through fitness influencers on Instagram.

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I learned how to make a blog and learned business strategies through courses I bought online.

And do you really think I knew what I was doing before I made the attempt to start somewhere?

I had no f*cking clue.

So, I really don’t want to hear people says you don’t know where to start. Just pick a spot and make improvements with baby steps.

An artist’s work never looks great when they first start. In fact, it probably looks like something a child could do until they start working in all the details.

That’s exactly how getting started with a commitment looks like.

So instead of sitting around your house moping around on the idea that you aren’t in a happy relationship, start by going to events that you like and meet new people or maybe even sign up on a dating app.

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If you aren’t happy with your job, start doing some soul searching on what it is you were always passionate about and look up multiple ways on how you can get there and get started by just choosing something that resonates with you the most.

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Instead of sitting on your couch munching on potato chips and complaining about your body, just look up a workout on Youtube and just do the workout on your living room floor.

Start small and then work your way up until you make it a habit.

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Remember, just start somewhere.

What commitment are you making for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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