6 Signs That Show It’s Time To Uplevel Your Life

Since the new year, I’ve been going through a lot of shifts in my life where I found myself craving massive change in my life. It was like my environment didn’t serve me anymore, where I was at in my life was becoming outdated, and I was ready for new experiences.

And this isn’t my first time going through an uplevel in my life. I have upleveled my life so much over the years.

And honestly, you should be wanting to uplevel your life.

I find it odd when people don’t want more in life, especially when you only have one life to live. So you minus well live the best life, right?.

When I was going through this upleveling, I found myself seeing the same signs as I had with previous changes I made in my life.

I wanted to share with you the signs I’ve experienced in case you were ever wondering if you are needing to uplevel your surroundings as well!

So, here are signs that show it’s time to uplevel your life!

Table of Contents:

1. You start to want different things in life

One of the signs I’ve found in many others in need of upleveling their life is the fact that you start to want different things in life. You might find yourself wanting different things than your partner or maybe you find yourself wanting to live a different life than what you thought you wanted.

This happens in people who are craving a change in career or maybe your preferences change over time.

This is one way you will know that you need an uplevel your life when your desires start to change.

I find this happened the most when I realized that I didn’t want to follow the “safe route” by going to college and getting a degree that I may or may not even use. And this isn’t to discourage anyone from going to college, but in my case, I am a creative.

I love to create and I’m someone who loves to master many crafts, skills, and honestly, I really don’t care about to fail many times because I know I can just improve from there.

If you’re finding yourself wanting different things in life, it might be time to make some new changes in your life!

2. People fall out of your life

Have you been finding yourself not relating to your friends’ circle anymore?

Have they been acting strangely different around you without any reason?

Have people been falling out of your life recently?

Chances are, you might be going through an uplevel in your life.

See, in the spiritual aspect, we all live our life through different vibrational planes.

So, for example, if you are someone who has been trying to get their life together, but you surround yourself with friends who aren’t very ambitious, lazy, or maybe even really negative, they usually start to fall out of your life and not “resonate” with you anymore.

It’s because you no longer relate to them on the level that they are at.

And although this really sucks to feel like you are losing friends, just know that if people are truly your friend, they will ride with you through thick and thin, no matter what kind of changes you are going through in life.

If they were truly your friend, they would like you for you no matter what.

So, if you are finding yourself surrounded by people who are falling out of your life, it just means they weren’t meant for your highest good which makes room for the right people to show up in your friends’ group.

Just know that when you uplevel your life, be prepared to lose a few people, but try to remember that the Higher Power sends you the ones who fit your new vibrations.

3. Things aren’t working out in your favor

Have you ever heard of the saying “there is no failure, only redirection”?

Or that “God has better plans” or something along those lines?

This is usually a very clear sign that when something isn’t working for you, it’s time to uplevel your life because the things in your life no longer meet your true expectations.

I know it’s hard to keep your head up when you are finding that things aren’t working out in your favor, but what helps me get through the times where things aren’t working out for me is that “everything happens for a reason” and “either this or something better will come along” which is always true!

Your Higher Power always wants the best for you.

Even though we don’t realize it or wonder why it’s happening to us, your Higher Self is steering you towards something that is even better for you.

Your best bet is to stay detached from the outcome and wait to see what is in stored for you.

4. You are getting crazy synchronicities

If you are someone who loves to ask for signs, whether those are angel numbers or find yourself running into situations where things just line up perfectly, you might be getting crazy synchronicities because you are upleveling in your life.

Especially if these synchronicities are coming out of nowhere and you aren’t even asking for a sign!

For example, before I decided to work as an energy healer, I would get dreams about someone telling me that I had “spiritual powers”. This was waaay before my spiritual awakening, before I even knew anything about spirituality. I just happened to start writing my dreams around this time because I was always getting vivid dreams and wanted to know more about what they meant.

There was one time I was at a crystal shop with my husband where the casher was asking me what my name was for the purpose of their reward program and when I told them my name, one of the girls there said to me “Oh, my grandma has the same name as you!”

And I didn’t really think anything about this, all I remember saying was “Oh that’s cool.”

And she goes, “Yeah, you must be one heck of a healer!”

Out of nowhere this happens.

I never once thought about being any sort of healer.

I didn’t really know what that all entails. I wasn’t even sure what being a healer even meant at the time. But the same thing happened when I had a reading done in Sedona where I was told that I was a healer and reiki would be something that would suit me.

I tell you this story because this is a good example of crazy synchronicities. It was those signs that helped guide me towards my passions.

So, keep a lookout for these signs because these signs are guiding you towards upleveling your life in areas of your life that fulfill you the most!

5. You find yourself feeling low

If you find yourself feeling low, it might be good for you to upgrade your life.

Of course, we are all human and its perfectly fine to feel low, but if you are finding yourself feeling low around your relationships, your job, maybe even something about yourself, it could run deeper than just “having a bad day”.

People expect others to live a mediocre life and that feeling sad or low is just how life is and that’s the way it should be. That’s just not the case and just because they chose to live their life that way doesn’t mean you should also.

And if you especially feel low around your relationships, those people could possibly be energy vampires and you’ll want to stay at a distance from these types of people because they will suck the freaking life out of you.

If you find yourself feeling low, it’s time to make a change baby.

This isn’t something you have to deal with for the rest of your life.

6. You feel bored or dissatisfied with your life

Again, if you are feeling bored or dissatisfied with your life, it’s time to make an upgrade.

Upleveling doesn’t have to mean completely uprooting your life. To uplevel your life could mean bringing more spontaneity into your life, taking more time for fun, or maybe you just need to spruce up your looks.

Feelings of boredom and dissatisfaction is a clear sign that something needs to change in your life.

So, if you feel this in your job, it’s time to make a career change.

Dissatisfied with your partner?

You might want to start asking yourself what you want in a partner and have a conversation with your significant other about this. And well, if they don’t care to change their ways, guess you’ll have to make a decision on whether that’s the kind of person you want to spend your life with.

Overall, life is too short for you to live a boring life!

So, if you are feeling this way, this is a sign to uplevel your life and live the life you truly love!

What areas in your life do you feel you need to uplevel? Let’s share our experiences in the comment section below!

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