Tips On How To Change Your Life For The Better

Everybody strives for a better life, but let’s be honest. Some people just talk the talk, but don’t actually walk the walk. And some may genuinely be unsure on where to start.

And hey, I’ve been on both ends. It took me a while to figure out how I can change different areas of my life without totally overwhelming myself. I get quite a few people in my life telling me, especially if you know me on a personal level, that I seem to have a lot of my shit together (I don’t. I’m just good at taking action and a loot of trial and error).

However, there IS a difference between what people do to better their life in the long run vs the people who just sit around literally doing nothing with themselves besides paying the bills and waiting for retirement. I assume if you ran into this blog post, you probably don’t want to live that sort of mediocre life, do you?

So, I’m going to tell you some of the key actions on how to change your life for the better.

Table of Contents:

Tip #1: Clean out your social media

If you find yourself comparing your life to other people, then do yourself a favor. Clean out your social media.

Every. Single. One.

And yes, even that distant family member you will never talk nor see in your life. And yes, I’m talking about those high school classmates that you don’t even give a shit about.

I don’t know where we get this idea that we have to be up-to-date on people’s lives that we don’t even care about nor inspire us.

Is this what FOMO means?

Anyways, when it came to social media, I found myself comparing my life to a lot of my classmates and not in the way where it was super inspirational. I got rid of Facebook, wiped my Instagram of my classmates, and basically disappeared off the Internet which was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself.

Now I only use my social media for inspirational content and my own work.

So please, for your mental health’s sake, unfollow people that you don’t really care about or that don’t inspire you. You can keep your friends and the family members that you are close with if you absolutely use your social media to keep in touch with them, but that ex you’re stalking?

Yeah, gotta go.

Tip #2: Ditched the tv and replace it with podcasts

Ok, ok, hold on before you take that TV remote away from me.

You don’t have to COMPLETELY ditch the tv, but try to limit yourself from watching too much mindless TV. Sometimes, if we’re not careful, our lives tend to reflect the TV we watch.

So, for example, if you are someone who watches The Bachelor (never seen the show by the way so I’m going based off of what I’ve heard), I have a genuine question for you, especially if you are a woman.

Do you find yourself not having great relationships with other women?

Do you find yourself competing with women?

Are you someone who compares yourself a lot to other women?

Let me tell you a better example.

My mom watches a lot of criminal justice shows (don’t ask me what the names are because I can barely recall what they were called). Criminal justice is something that I know she wanted to get into as a career (still to this day wish she did it). And for someone who isn’t some kind of attorney or lawyer, she seems to know quite a bit about the law than the average person.

So, for a lot of us, we really are a reflection of what we watch, so if you’re watching some sad love story, I really encourage you to either ditch it or change it because I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re one of those people who struggle in your love life.

Podcasts, especially dealing with personal development, are a great way of learning more things. I even have one of my own if you ever want to listen it!

It’s called The Inspired Podcast!

And if anything, for every show you watch on Netflix’s, watch something motivational. Make this a habit where you watch something inspiring because at the very least, you’re showing that you want to change your life for the better.

Tip #3: Read more personal development books

Now, I know we’re all not bookworms.

But now we have more audible books than anything. So, you really don’t HAVE to sit there with a book if you don’t want to. It’s so easy nowadays to just put on an audiobook book and go about your work.

If you’re someone who listen to music, try switching it up here and there. Try putting on an audiobook when you work out or even when you take your dog on a walk. Heck, I’ve heard people listen to audiobooks when they’re cleaning their house.

And this just may be me being biased since I’m in the personal development field, but if more people were to, at least, read one personal development book a month and actually implement some of the advice they learn, you will start to make drastic changes in your life.

When they say knowledge is power, they weren’t kidding!

If anything, if you truly don’t want to read books, you can always try watching videos on Youtube about the author. So many best sellers are now going onto people’s podcast and being interviewed and most of the time, they’re talking about the things they wrote in their book anyways.

So you’ll get most of your knowledge one way or another!

Tip #4: Do new things, even if you fail or its short-term

Society has this stupid idea that if we fail at something, then we’re not good at it. And let me just say, when has ANYONE gone into something and we’re immediately good at it?

When have you ever taken a new job and you were just immediately good at it?

If you’re someone with kids, do you expect them to just be immediately good at it or are you going to expect them to hit some bumps and bruises?

And if you ARE someone who expects someone to be good at something immediately, you, with peace and love, have a problem….

In fact, if you’re someone who expects perfectionism, you have a bigger problem than the person who tries new things and isn’t good at them right off the bat.

And this does for the people who try new things out and only stick with it short-term. How do you expect to have much life experience if you stick with the same time because you feel like you have to?

In fact, you want to know what all the things I tried and sucked at?

I did freelance graphic design for two years and barely got by financially. Do I still do it? Nope. Am I glad I at least tried it out? Yup!

From the ages of 18-19 I was a ghostwriter for clients. Am I proud of my work? Nope. Am I glad I at least tried it? Yup! Was it long-term? Nope!

I had a woodworking business that made pretty decent money, but I found that I worked myself way too hard and couldn’t keep up with projects, especially with limited help. Did I make it my career? Nope. Am I glad I tried it out? Yup! Would I still do it? Probably not.

See how many times I’ve tried something and didn’t do it long-term? See how many times I’ve failed at the things I went for? At least I can say that I tried than not try at all!

It’s sad to see how many people feel like they have to stay somewhere because it looks good on their resume or because they truly don’t believe they are worthy of something better or whatever bullsh*t reason you can come up with.

How do you know for sure that something that you tried out could be a career that you love?

How do you know for sure that if you tried something out, you might have found your soulmate?

How would you know?

That’s why I encourage you to do new things even if you fail or even if it’s short-term because honestly, the more you face failure, the more you learn to overcome it.

Now THIS is the key to improve your life for the better!

Tip #5: Reflect on how your week went

This is especially true if you have goals in mind. I’m going to need you to look at reflection from a neutral standpoint and not make it a pity party on yourself.

This isn’t to make you bad about yourself if you didn’t do something you were supposed to all week.

What this will do, especially when you do it at the end of each week, is help you stay on track of your goals, even if it’s just baby steps.

So let’s say you’re trying to meditate each week and you only did it for two days out of the week, but you want to do it every day.

Ok awesome. Make it three days a week until you get into the habit of making it three days a week and then improve from there.

When you self-reflect on the things you want in your life, you are putting in the intention of wanting that thing that you want. Intention is very important when it comes to hitting goals and if you’re into manifestation, it’s also key to manifesting.

So maybe take a Sunday (or whatever day works for you) to reflect how your week went. What was your highs? What was your lows? What’s something you can improve on? Make small adjustments accordingly.

It’s even better if you have an accountability partner, so if you have someone you can share this with, by all means, do it!

Tip #6: Break your goals down

If you’re trying to get into healthier habits, you’ll probably struggle more if you went at its full force then if you break your goals down to smaller habits.

I’ve talk about this in a blog post before, but I do want to remind you to avoid overwhelming yourself when it comes to taking on new habits. I especially want to encourage you to have compassion for yourself when it comes to implementing smaller habits because when we’re hard on ourself, we are less likely wanting to do it anymore.

I know it’s easier said than done, but feelings like being overwhelmed and anxiety are just bottled-up energy.

No seriously.

So, letting out your energy through techniques like journaling, EFT which is emotional freedom technique, breathwork, and of course, many more, can help you rid these emotions out quickly.

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Obviously, I will have the blog posts highlighted in this section of the blog to assist you in ways to help you regulate your emotions so that you can have an easier time breaking down your goals into smaller habits.

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Feel free to check out the freebie library for free worksheets that can help you keep track of these habits!

What are you going to do to change your life for the better? Share your tips down below!

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