Five Ways To Create A Wealthy Mindset For A Richer Life

The number one thing that has made wealthy people actually wealthy starts within the mindset. Coming from a huge bookworm like myself, as well as someone who loves working in the personal development field, I found that successful people have a very common mindset when it came to building their wealth.

There really is a difference between having a wealthy mindset vs poor mindset and when you can find which traits you have and which ones you need to cultivate, having a wealthy mindset will become a reality to you; a reality where you’ll know how to access abundance and introduce more money into your life.

So, in this post, I want to give you five ways to create a wealthy mindset for a richer life!

Table of Contents:

1. Re-evaluate your beliefs around money

This is literally one of the most important ways to create a wealthy, abundant mindset.

In fact, this is usually the number one reason why people don’t live a richer life.

So, we grow up with a lot of limiting beliefs around money, generally it’s because of how we are raised by our parents, but it can also come from our environment and society itself.

You might have heard from of these phrases around money.

“Money is evil”.

“Money is “hard” to obtain”.

“You’re selfish if you want to make a lot of money”.

And the list can go on and on.

Yet, what these types of people realize is that money has no power over us. It’s simply a tool.

One of the examples my mentor has told me was that money is like having a knife.

You can take the knife and make a homecooked meal for your family or you can take the knife and harm someone with it.

Yet, no one blames the knife for hurting someone, it’s the person behind the knife that gets blamed. So why are we blaming money for making someone a bad person? Why are we demonizing money when money is literally just a tool. Why is there such a stigma around wanting more wealth?

Money just amplifies what kind of person someone is, so if they truly are someone who is evil because of money, then they were already an evil person to behind with before the money came along.

And like I said before, limiting money beliefs often come from how we are raised. So, if you had parents who were always saving every penny in fear of losing money, you will most likely become someone like that or maybe there are people who spend all their money out of fear of having it since they aren’t used to holding money long-term.

Of course, these are just examples I’m throwing out there since working through limiting beliefs depends on what each individual went through.

But what I’m trying to get at here is that having a wealthy mindset starts from re-evaluating your beliefs around money.

Once you start with the inner work around that, you will start to feel more confident around having an abundant mindset.

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2. Study wealthy people

Whenever we want to learn more about something, we obviously need to study the topic at hand and that involves studying wealthy people for a wealthy mindset.

The quickest way to actually get somewhere is to learn from the people who already have it.

After all, you wouldn’t get fitness advice from someone who doesn’t work out at all, would you?

So, I don’t recommend getting money advice from your parents or friends, unless they don’t have limiting beliefs around money and can walk their walk. Otherwise, you’re just getting advice from the source that caused the problem.

Don’t know wealthy people?

There are plenty of free resources out there on how to cultivate a wealthy mindset that people who actually build wealth put out there.

And better yet, at least you know you can research the proof that they did it themselves by searching them online.

3. Read books on having a wealthy mindset

There are plenty of free resources out there that will help you on building a wealthy mindset.

Fun fact, a lot of information I have learned and implemented through the years were from books.

We have access to so many great books on money mindset. I also want to recommend that you build financial literacy and not just how to have a wealthy mindset.

The mindset is definitely the best place to start because some people can learn so much about money, yet still have a very poor wealthy mindset. Hence why some people can’t hold onto money for very long.

Like I said before, there is so much demonization around wealth and money that if we truly learned more about it, not only would be see how money actually is, but we can learn more ways to grow our money, invest, and ideas on how to make more money.

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4. Use intuition to reach your financial goals

This tip might be a little confusing, but let me explain.

I want to encourage people to use their intuition when it comes to achieving your financial goals. I feel like our intuition is where the best guidance comes from and unfortunately, not many people know how to use their intuition.

When I read more on how people gained a wealthy mindset, a lot of them would intuitively feel out how to get to their goals and it had always paid off in the end.

So that’s why I say use your intuition when it comes to reaching your goals.

For me, I had built a wealthy mindset by following where my intuition guides me, even if it means just putting out to the Higher Power that I want to learn how to grow money, invest, make passive income, etc.

I would find myself meeting the right people who knew what they were talking about and many ideas on how to reach my financial goals, which solidified a wealthy mindset.

I naturally started to build a wealthy mindset because I learned the best way to get to my financial goals that worked out well for me.

And of course, everyone is going to have different financial goals, but regardless, I always want to encourage anyone who either has an idea sitting in the back of their mind or a curiosity about something that you want to try and make extra money, to follow your intuition, let it guide you, and be open to the process because you never know if you’ll hit a jackpot or not.

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5. Learn and implement the Universal Laws

For anyone out there who loves to learn about the esoteric or spiritual side of having a wealthy mindset, this tip is for you!

I’m not going to talk all about the universal laws since I’ve already talked about the laws in another blog post that you can check out.

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However, what I do encourage you to do is to implement the Universal Laws into your wealthy mindset.

We know that our mindset sits on an energetic frequency and that includes money itself.

However, we can’t have a wealthy mindset if we come from a poor money mindset already! I would like to encourage you to read about the Universal Laws and find which areas you can improve on to gain a wealthy mindset.

Do you need to raise your vibrations to an abundant frequency like the Law of Vibrations?

Do you need holding money like it’s going to run out and be more giving like the Law of Compensation?

Do you need to get clear in the Law of Attraction?

Learn and implement the Universal Laws to create a wealthy mindset for a richer life!

What ways make you feel like you have a wealthy mindset? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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