5 Reasons Why You Should Take That Leap Of Faith

If you are contemplating on taking a leap of faith, wherever you are in your life, then this blog post is for you!

So recently, I have taken a huge leap of faith in my life and to be honest, this is actually my SECOND huge attempt at taking a leap of faith. And during those times of the unknown, uncertainty, and self-doubt about myself, I have learned a lot when it comes to taking a leap of faith.

I felt like it was fitting to put what I have learned from my leaps of faith in a blog post.

So, let’s talk about what a leap of faith is and my five reasons why you SHOULD take that leap of faith if you find yourself in this position.

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What does it mean to take a leap of faith?

To take a leap of faith means jumping into something without knowing what the outcome is. Some people call it “jumping into the unknown” or “jumping into the void” sometimes.

Taking a leap of faith takes courage and many people never really make that commitment to take that leap of faith out of fear, failure, doubt, and other limiting beliefs.

I mean, I can’t entirely blame them.

It can be scary when we fear so much about the unknown.

But ever since I started my spiritual journey, I have found that everything always has a purpose and everything always happens for a reason. Now, let’s jump into the five reasons why you should take that leap of faith, shall we?

1. A leap of faith is a great mental test

Taking a leap of faith is a great mental test whether that involves improving your mental health, emotional intelligence, and your mindset all together. I mean think about it, if you have the courage to take a leap of faith in your life, you have the courage to really do anything without getting obsessed about the outcome.

I feel like personally, taking a leap of faith gave me a strong mindset and showed me that I am truly capable of anything I set my mind to. It’s taking those leaps of faith that helped me create a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset that could have easily prevented me from achieving my goals in life.

I strongly encourage you, the reader, to take a leap of faith for the sake of developing a strong mindset. The stronger the mindset, the more resilient you become when anything gets thrown to you in life.

2. A leap of faith makes you bulletproof to failure

I’ve said this many times before that basically every successful person has gone through failure, in fact, even multiple times. And I get that the idea of failure scares people away from even wanting to take a leap of faith.

But I like to encourage you to look at failure in a different way before you decide to steer away from taking that leap of faith. I’d like to encourage you to look at failure as a redirection than just a barrier from achieving your dreams.

Most of the time, people only get intimidated by failure because society just has this impossible and false aspect that people never fail and everyone has to get it right and perfect the first time.

We don’t expect this behavior towards children, so why do we do this to ourselves as adults?

So, coming from someone who has taken more than one leap of faith (and has actually “failed” from taking a leap of faith the first time), I can promise you from my perspective that taking that leap of faith has made me one fearless bad*ss.

I don’t feel like I’m afraid of sh*t.

I feel bulletproof to failure and I encourage you to feel this way also.

If anything, even if taking a leap of faith doesn’t work out in your favor, own the fact that you just set yourself up to be bulletproof to failure and you will, for sure, get way farther in life than the people who chose not to learn that lesson.

Speaking of learning a lesson, that brings me to my next reason.

3. A leap of faith gives you valuable lessons

Taking a leap of faith gives you valuable lessons that you might not have learned if you didn’t take a leap of faith.

Life is like a whole school already and that involves learning valuable life lessons. Sometimes, the life that we desire can only be achieved by learning this life lessons and taking a leap of faith will sure help you learn those lessons.

I know not everyone likes to hear about having to learn a lesson, but it’s absolutely necessary to grow in your personal development and it’s a lesson that you can take with you throughout your lifetime.

I have learned so much about my leap of faith that it actually led me towards bigger dreams, goals, and ambitions. I got a lot out of taking that leap of faith and if I hadn’t made the leap of faith in the first place, I would have continued to be depressed and have a low self-esteem about myself.

The lessons I personally learned from my leap of faiths was to have confidence in myself, that nothing or no one defines who I am as a person (and that only I can define who I am), and that I am truly capable of anything my heart desires.

It’s taking those leaps of faith that gave me powerful and valuable life lessons.

4. A leap of faith is better than doing nothing

Honestly, a leap of faith is better than doing nothing.

Do you know how many people I find in the same spot they were a year ago? Five years ago? Ten years ago?

Seriously, it’s frightening to see how many people I know have never even attempted any sort of leap of faith in their life, especially when it comes to their desires. It’s the same people who are complaining about their life that they can literally change, but chose to do nothing about it.

And to me, if anyone ever wants to bring up my “failures” or that I’m too “risky” about my leaps of faith, I think it’s way more terrifying to be stagnant in life.

I’m more terrified to lay in my death bed and look back at the things I didn’t do just because I chose to do nothing about it.

I would be more upset with myself if the Universe, God, whatever you want to call the Higher Power showed me how my life would have looked like if I had taken the leap of faith and told me “This is how your life should have been”.

So, is taking a leap of faith still not worth it?

Because to me, it’s better than doing nothing.

5. A leap of faith deepens your faith

Obviously, the term “leap of faith” has a reasoning behind it.

I assume if you are reading this blog post, you are probably someone who follows some sort of Higher Power, whatever you believe in and whatever you want to call it.

I want to ask you: “How deep is your faith with (insert Higher Power’s name)?”

If you truly have a relationship with your Higher Power and have a deep, loving bond with it, then you would trust that you are taken care of when you take a leap of faith.

After all, that is why it’s called a leap of faith.

Taking a leap of faith will challenge your spirituality and for me, I have found that my Higher Power truly has my back no matter what I am going through in life.

If you have a deep, loving relationship with your Higher Power, know that you will always be taken care of no matter what. Even if life feels hard and you aren’t sure where you are going, trust the process and leave it in your Higher Power’s hands.

Your Higher Power will always guide you in the right direction as long as you are open to surrendering and following that guidance.

So just trust the process when you take a leap of faith.

What are you going to take a leap of faith on? How do you feel about taking that leap of faith? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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3 Responses

  1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you. It is why I am reading this article right now. I started with a leap of faith not knowing what blogging was about and here I am eight months into it feeling good, worthwhile and most of all enjoying what I am doing from the comfort of my own home. Thanks for this wonderful article. Love it.

  2. As someone in the midst of taking a leap of faith it’s a good reminder to read this. I struggle with a lot of self-doubt about my choices but am trying to stick with following my dream this time and seeing where it leads!

    1. Self doubt definitely gets the best out of all of us, but keep following your dreams and I’m absolutely sure you will get to your goals! After all, it’s better to know that you’re always willing to try again than to never try at all!

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