Why A Spiritual Person Should Attract Abundance

It’s no secret that more people are getting into the business of spirituality, whether you are a healer, a tarot reader, a shaman, an astrologer reader or any other spiritual worker. There have been times where I have heard people say that if you are working in spirituality, that you should not be getting paid for your services because spiritual work should be “selfless” and “free”.

And here’s the thing: any spiritual person who has a valuable service to offer should absolutely attract abundance for their time and work.

Here is the deal with why a spiritual person should attract abundance.

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I believe I heard these details from Sahara Rose’s podcast.

Back in the day, people who worked in spirituality got paid through their services, just in a different way. People got paid in the form of offerings, food, shelter (such as free living in a church or a temple) and yet, no one questioned this because these people provided a valuable service to those seeking assistance.

Nowadays, we have to provide ourselves through the form of money in order to eat and live nowadays.

So, my question for the people who believe that people shouldn’t be charging for spiritual services: tell me, what is the difference?

You are giving money to support someone’s spiritual services in order for them to support themselves.

Now, I understand that there have been people who used spirituality to scam and control people, but I’m not talking about the people with bad intentions. And unfortunately, no matter what the industry is, you’re bound to run into some bad apples.

For me, I have experienced so many awesome spiritual workers who have and are making an incredible difference in our society in their own unique way.

So, I really want to shift our perspective to these types of people who have genuine, good intentions.

Not only that, but let me tell you even more reasons why a spiritual person should attract abundance.

1. A spiritual person can do a lot of good with it

You might have heard of this common term where people believe “Money is the root of evil” right?

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’ve heard of this phrase from someone personally.

Here’s the thing: money is a tool. It is what you decide to do with that tool that determines whether you choose to use money for “good” or “evil”.

Just like someone can use a knife to cook a homecooked meal for their family, another person could use it for harm.

It’s the same as money. The person behind the abundance gets to choose what they want to do with it.

Generally, a spiritual person is aware that money is an energetic exchange and a true, good-hearted spiritual person will want to do good with it because this helps create a ripple effect to us as a whole consciousness.

I do advise that if you are paying for someone’s spiritual services. Be discerning and do your research before putting your time and energy into them.

Just know that a spiritual people just wants to help the world become a better place.

2. A spiritual person can create products that help others

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an object.

I know people who host retreats, offers courses on a variety of spiritual needs, and of course, people who sell products such as crystals, jewelry, etc.

Of course, it takes money to do these things and I can say, from my experience, that I don’t feel like I ever regret buying someone’s services or products (but I’m also very good at using my intuition and have been able to feel out what’s right for me and what isn’t).

In fact, it’s those services and products that have helped me grow and evolve as a person where I have furthered my craft and studies on spirituality.

A spiritual person can offer an amazing product that can help many others.

In fact, a great example I’ll use is Kathrin Zenkina, known as Manifestation Babe, who offers a wide range of manifestation content (which also mixes in spirituality) and she has helped thousands and thousands of people all over the world.

And it’s because these people stand behind her products, that she is able to serve and provide better services over time, which are proven through the testimonies that she receives from the people who have tried out her products.

This is a prime example of why it’s important for a spiritual person to attract abundance.

3. A spiritual person knows money is an infinite resource

Why is this important?

Because a spiritual person generally won’t be worried about losing out on money.

Sure, there are greedy people who aren’t willing to share their resources or abundance, but a spiritual people know that money is meant to go through a cycle and that abundance will always come back because it is an infinite resource.

A spiritual person can help charities or support other organizations that they feel called to support.

Of course, I do want to preference that a spiritual person has free will to choose who or what they want to put their money into, just like any other person would do with their money.

I know some of us working in the spiritual community may run into people that will try to take advantage of this, but do remember that we all have free will and it’s important to note that everyone will resonate with certain people or organizations.

A spiritual person does not have to force themselves to give.

It should come from the heart’s intention because if it doesn’t, giving out negative energy (aka money in this case) can cause a disruption to both ends of the parties.

It’s just not worth the risk for both parties.

4. A spiritual person helps inspire other spiritual people

For example: I have noticed that more tarot readers are opening up tips for their services. I’m not sure if this was a thing back in the day because I got into spirituality in 2018, but I heard from others that people didn’t use to do that back then.

You can see that when spiritual people start something, it inspires other to do the same.

Even nowadays, you see more people wanting to be healers and more people wanting to showcase their spiritual services. This wasn’t a thing back in the day.

In fact, people with special spiritual powers couldn’t even be open about it to the public due to the fear of being killed, taken out of society, shamed, ridiculed, you name it.

Now, with the power of spiritual people coming together and being more open about it, spirituality has become more mainstream and is more talked about to the public.

So, I always want to encourage any spiritual person to shine bright and offer your gifts to the world.

And for those who ever decide to pay for someone’s spiritual services or products, do know that it takes a great amount of time when it comes to perfecting our craft.

And if you are the spiritual person who needs to hear this: you absolutely deserve and should attract abundance for your services and gifts.

What spiritual services do you provide as a spiritual person? Let us know in the comment section below! Let your gifts be known!

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