Difference Between Inspired Action Vs Forced Action

So, there’s been a misconception on what it is to actually want to take action and forcing ourselves to take action. Of course, action is necessary in order to get things done, whether that’s manifesting our dream life, achieving goals, or even just creating a better version of ourselves.

However, I find that long-lasting results come when we take action out of excitement and curiosity.

All this hustle culture nonsense is what keeps people burned out. It affects our mental health and can actually do real damage to our bodies in the long-run if we push ourselves too much.

What people get confused is that there is a way to take action that is more aligned with us rather than forcing ourselves to do something that will just make you uninspired to reach our goals.

So, whether you are trying to get inspired to reach a certain goal of yours, I want to share with you the difference between inspired action vs forced action.

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What is inspired action?

Inspired action is led from the intuition and through our heart’s intention. If there is something that we truly desire and feel called to do, this is where inspired action comes from. Inspired action feels easy because instead of forcing ourselves to do something, we feel called to naturally do it which comes from the Higher Self (the version of us that knows us best and can lead us to a life of fulfillment).

When it comes to inspired action, we are usually doing it with no expectations of what will come out of that action. It’s kind of like thinking “I don’t know why but I’m being pulled to do this right now” or “I don’t know why, but I’d really like to get to know this person”.

It’s usually this feeling of not sure why you are doing it, but you feel like you really want to do something. This makes sense, since intuition never makes sense out of anything. You usually just need to go with the flow and not overthink when you take inspired action.

Examples of inspired action

I’ll be telling you a few stories of some examples of inspired action.

If you’re a new reader around here, we like to tell stories quite often.

So, I’ve talked about the fitness journey before on this blog.

I used to be a little overweight and came from a family of generational health issues. Therefore, I had no one to really look up to when it came to working out, eating right, or getting fit.

In fact, feel free to check out my other blog post about how I manifested my dream body!

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Anyways, I’ve tried so many “diets” from diet pills, calorie restriction, went vegan for a little bit, you name it.

Seriously, you name it, I probably done it!

So, none of this stuff was actually something I really wanted to do, but society pushes so much of these diet pills on us. Health classes at my school didn’t really teach all too much about the “proper way” of eating and working out (nor was it all that interesting to be honest).

If I recall (since it has been over several years since I’ve been in high school), it was your standard calorie diet of 1200 calories and not really talking much about ways to stay fit.

Clearly, I had to find other resources.

One day, I got randomly inspired to wipe out my entire Instagram of people I didn’t care about from my high school and replace them with people that inspired me from the fitness community. I followed them for the workouts they were putting out and was very open minded to what they had to offer even if it was just trying out what they had to offer.

This gave the Universe room to offer me ways to stay fit that I actually liked.

I remember coming across a few women on Instagram who were doing heavy lifting and had muscular, toned, and in my opinion, beautifully shaped bodies.

Never would I have thought I would be a heavy lifter, but I tried it out and absolutely fell in love with it.

I have done weightlifting classes in high school, but it wasn’t something I was very interested in back then and we weren’t taught all too much about the different types of workouts that were out there.

Anyways, all this was inspired action.

I didn’t force myself to keep going on fad diets. I wasn’t afraid to hit the weightlifting room and build muscle as a woman.

I did exactly what I was called to do and now I am the fittest I have ever been in my entire life. I broke my family’s generational health issues and am currently looking forward to entering bikini competitions.

Here’s another example of inspired action.

So, after deciding not to go to animation school, I was searching for my purpose career wise.

I’ve done a lot of different things in my life, from ghost-writing, to having a woodworking business, and eventually came to doing freelancing graphic design because I was good in the art field and I had an eye for creativity. People complimented me that I was so good at art and design, so naturally I gravitated to something in that field.

I genuinely thought I would be a graphic designer and although I had the ability to do it in a company, I eventually became miserable.

Clients weren’t paying me enough, I was doing way more work than what I was charging, I was becoming really resentful of the work, and eventually, I just had to call it quits and go back to a regular 9-5 job.

Freaking sucked. Imagine how bruised my Ego was.

So, since I’m trying to make a long story short, at the end of 2020, I had a download from the Universe to start my own business again. I thought I was crazy since I have stopped so many businesses before and had no idea what I would even do that would become successful.

Funny enough, the blog idea came up again which I later found out that some of my past journals from 2019 mentioned I wanted to start a blog, but never did.

I didn’t even know what the heck my blog would be about, but I put out there to the Universe to give me ideas and I would do it.

Flash forward to several months, one of my friends and I had a conversation about spirituality, which was very unusual for us. I remember spilling out a lot of the things I knew about spirituality because, at that time, I had been on my personal growth and spiritual journey for a few years now.

I remember her face being interested in what I have to say and it was really the first time I really caught someone’s attention on a topic I was passionate about. Then BAM, the idea for my blog came to mind.

When I realize this, I took the inspired action to create this blog. I found courses that helped me learn how to create a blog and the process was so easy to me, especially when I already had writing experience and knew how to make graphics effortlessly to promote my blog.

These actions were aligned with my heart and the Universe gave me a clear sign that I was on the right path.

A few months after I started my blog, it was time to renew my bank card for the next couple years so that I could keep paying for the programs I was using for my blog and an angel number appeared on the security code.

The angel number 888 is a common number for abundance (you can do a quick Google search as well and I also have a blog post on this as well).

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So, to me, this blog was the start of my career path.

As you can see, these are my examples of what I would consider inspired action.

Now let’s talk about what is forced action.

What is forced action?

This action is more logical and rational, which there’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes when we get too focused on the logical and rational, it blocks our intuitive guidance, which can make it feel more forced.

It could also feel like having to follow the “status quo” and not doing something in a way that feels more authentic and aligned with you.

Forced action is generally from the Ego, so if you find yourself saying “I should be doing this” or “I should be doing that” towards your goals, then these signs are clear that you aren’t aligned with your actions.

Forced action can also be doing something with expectations of what’s going to come out of the action.

Examples of forced action

I’m going to try to give examples of forced action now.

So, in order to get clients as a graphic designer, I would put in bids for clients on websites that cater to freelancers and I would be spending days desperately trying to get clients. I’d either be wasting a lot of my time or I would be taking clients that accepted my bid, but would pay below my worth.

Obviously, this is forced action because I was really forcing myself and putting in far too much energy to get clients in a way that was exhausting to me.

My desperate vibes would attract low-quality clients.

Are we surprised though? That’s how the law of attraction works. The energy you put out you get back.

I have also seen it in others where people will really push others to buy their products in whatever business they are in and this type of behavior really does the opposite of what they want. This type of forced energy puts people off and people can feel your energy.

You don’t have to be super into spirituality to realize this. It’s a natural part of our human experience. We read energy without realizing it.

And I don’t know about you, but if someone is trying to force me to do something I don’t want to do, naturally, I’m not going to want to do it.

Selling your products should be fun, easy, and aligned with your purpose.

So, for me, even though I don’t do graphic designing anymore, I ended up finding passions that were far easier for me and have the ability to make income passively. Now that I’m not wasting my energy chasing clients, I have way more energy for my creative work that has attracted people naturally towards me without having to force myself to get an audience.

This is a great example of what forced action is.

The overall lesson of inspired action vs forced action

So, let’s go over the lesson we learned about inspired action vs forced action.

Inspired action is:

-led by our intuition and heart center

-downloads that come from the Higher Power

-actions we don’t expect results in

-Easy, fun, effortless

-Go with the flow vibes

Forced action is:

-focusing too much on the logical and rational

-driven by Ego and guilting us to do something

-doing something just to expect results out of it

-tiresome, exhausting, not fun anymore

-rigid and not a lot of flexibility

So next time you are going after something in your life, always ask yourself whether you feel like it’s coming from inspired action or are you forcing yourself to do it out of fear, shame, or guilt?

Have you been taking more inspired action or are you forcing yourself to take action on your goals? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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