The Actual Truth About The Fear Of Missing Out

Something that’s been weighing on my mind recently inspired me to write about this blog post and talk about the energy of the fear of missing out (also known as FOMO).

What does that mean?

Although it’s quite explanatory, a lot of us tend to experience this when we are comparing ourself to other people’s experiences.

When it comes to my writing, I like to give examples of my own in order for my readers to feel relatable and to remind them that they are not alone in this kind of fear that society tends to put out.

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So, for my example, I have started to make some changes in my career and although I am excited about my new endeavors, I tend to find myself comparing my journey to people who are already living their dream career.

I didn’t go to college because I could not financially afford it (even though a lot of people still go regardless), so I ended up working straight out of high school.

Now, this definitely pulled up some jealousy and insecurities because I was watching so many people my age going to college, getting their degrees, getting accepted into their dream jobs, and here I was (at the time) working at an entry-level job. 

And of course, there’s nothing wrong with entry-level jobs cause you got to start somewhere, right? But it made me upset because I had worked so hard in school in hopes of getting into a great college. I was programmed to get good grades and get a high paying job, which I thought that was exactly what was going to happen.

And boy did my life turn out drastically different (and honestly for the better)!

But that didn’t change the fact that I had the fear of missing out and that I thought I was falling behind everybody else. It turned out that everything truly happened for the best of me and I am extremely grateful for not going to college because it wasn’t what I truly wanted to even do with my life!

One of the most amazing things about this fear is that FOMO actually shows us the experiences we are capable of having ourself. Whether we are triggered or inspired, those qualities that are in the people we wish to be are the qualities that we have as well. And sometimes, seeing this happen around you can also mean that those experiences are coming closer to you.

It’s part of the Law of Attraction (one of the Universal Laws that structure our world) which I assume you may have heard about it if you are on my blog post, but if not, check out my manifestation section or even my spirituality section to go more in depth.

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Nonetheless, if you are someone who is experiencing this fear of missing out, I advise you follow some of these tips that have personally helped me get past FOMO and led me towards my dream life.

1. Tip #1: Limit social media

Social media is just a way where people only show the highlights of their lives, but many of us forget this when we’re scrolling through our phones. 

Unless you can use your social media as inspiration (that helps you actually achieve your goals mind you), I suggest limiting your social media usage.

I know this is pretty obvious, but I did this with Facebook quite a few years ago. I was a little anxious about it because my family and people in high school were on Facebook and I felt like I had to make sure there was a way to connect.

Honestly, best decision I ever made.

The family who needs to get a hold of me can easily text me or call me and I’m not even friends with the people at my high school.

Why would I care what they are doing in their lives?

And honestly, even before I really limited my social media, I would hear people at school look like they were having the time of their life partying, hanging out with friends, dating, whatever high schoolers do these days, but we’re actually the most miserable people behind the scenes.

Social media isn’t everything and it really takes energy away from more important aspects in our life. 

Limit your social media and take time to be present, even if it’s doing something chill like taking a walk. Sometimes, it’s in these moments where we discover the most about ourself.

Another way you can use social media to your advantage is to surround yourself with the kind of people you want to be around with. If you are someone who really wants to get into fitness, then delete the people that no longer serve you and only follow people who do fitness or record fitness workouts and see how your life will transform when you only surround yourself with people you want to be like.

I have heard from many successful people that we are like the top five people we hang out with and if you really want to get to know someone, ask them who their top five friends are and you’ll figure out pretty quickly what kind of person they are.

This is one way you can alchemize that fear of missing out.

2. Tip #2: Practice gratitude

A lot of us tend to not appreciate the things we do have until it’s too late: to the roof over our head, our significant other, or even our health.

I always say gratitude is the best attitude because if you are someone who is into manifestation, you know that gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you want to be in when you are manifesting.

So, to practice gratitude in the energy of FOMO, use gratitude to visualize (or meditate if you are a meditator) what it is you want that is creating the fear of missing out.

Do you want to travel more? Thank the friend who gets to travel wherever they please because they are showing you the capabilities of being able to do the same.

Want a healthy, long-lasting relationship? Thank the people you get to hang out with who are in healthy, long relationships because you get to experience the energy of being in love.

Don’t be like the people who choose to stay angry towards those who have what they want.

Because I can promise you, that this energy will not serve you and only make your FOMO more amplified.

3. Tip #3: Use people to reflect what you want

Now, you may not want every single detail that someone wants, but you can use the fear of missing out to reflect what it is you want in life.

Often times, we don’t even know what we want in our life!

We don’t even think about it because some of us get too caught up in what others are doing with their lives!

So, let’s say you see someone with a business make six-figures every month and you are someone who would love to make that kind of money, but maybe you’re not someone who’s into business. Maybe you’re a single parent who just wants to live life to the fullest with your kids.

Ok, awesome. You know you want to make that kind of money, but you don’t want to have to start a business to get it. Look into people who make that kind of money, but don’t have a business.

Doing these kinds of reflections are great steps into the right direction.

The more you reflect on the things you do want vs what you don’t want, you’ll be able to narrow down (or manifest if again, you love everything manifestation since this follows the Law of Polarity/Contrast) the right job for you to be able to earn this kind of money.

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Again, this will take some time.

The more you do this, the closer you get what you want.

Getting used to reflection is going to be the key into getting out of FOMO and getting into that main character energy!

Are you experiencing FOMO? How are you navigating it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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